Wednesday 16 June 2021

The Vaccine Post (Part 1)

If you are determined not to be vaccinated against the symptoms of Covid-19 by request, friendly advice or belligerent threat of your Government, be sure you will be in for a fight that will be deeply unpleasant. I have spoken to many people, mostly Catholics, who are determined not to be vaccinated by the government come what may,  but what we say we will do, or not do, I cannot help but feel, is currently aspirational. This is because I expect the breaking down of resistance to the vaccine to be both relentless and relentlessly cruel.  As I have explained to others, I could not give just one reason why I've determined not to be 'jabbed' (so welcoming!) by the State, but I will endeavour to explain my position to the best of my ability. Because I have considered this vaccine and its octopus-like legs, I will be unable to write about it in a single post.

Over a period of time, I have publicly defended the Church's perennial position on the unborn child and the rights to life of the unborn. I don't consider my personal decisions to be separate to my public writing. I consider that taking a vaccine in which cells were harvested from an unborn child, while still alive and breathing desperately for life, to be a deviation from our Faith. That such material was considered necessary to the cocktail I consider to be a horrifying. I also consider it to be an extraordinary counter-witness to what we profess as Catholics to take it. You might find a multitude of Catholics, including Pope Francis, who disagree with me, but I expected there to be something palpably horrific about the range of vaccines on offer, because the Covid-19 pandemic has stunk to high Heaven since the very beginning. I suspected there may be something in the vaccine or in its origins that would amount to an abomination in the sight of God, since we are dealing with a world ran almost exclusively by diabolists of varying degrees in thrall to the Prince of this World, who is Satan. I suppose if nobody had informed me of the origins, by testing or by inclusion of murdered abortion victims cells in the vaccine, I would still consider the vaccine ill-advised, but I will consider those issues in another post.

As to the issue of whether my cooperation in the intrinsically evil act of abortion committed decades ago is remote or not so remote, for me is not the only or even the central issue. Personal cooperation with this historic evil is not simply about me and my personal choice, but about my personal choice set amidst the personal choices of millions of other men and women making a totality of choices that either ratify this barbaric act, which continues daily in this world on an industrial scale, or reject it. In 1930s Germany, Hitler won the popular vote but not everybody voted for him. Once in power, the vast majority of Germans permitted Hitler to commit many shocking evils, even convinced by propaganda that their evils were goods, but not everybody failed to resist him, the White Rose Movement being one group that determined not to let his racist and eugenic mindset prevail upon them or claim them for their own. Such figures were, though not in the long-term as history has judged them, short-term losers for not joining the Hitler train, though certain dissidents did end up on the train to Auschwitz.

While I cannot stand up and say that those persons who have accepted vaccines that originate or are tainted by the crime of abortion will be condemned at the Judgement Seat of Christ, I do believe that I will be, if I take it, because I am in full possession of the facts of the vaccines and while it is true to say I have something of a delicate conscience, I am actually allowed to have a delicate conscience that abhors the blood sacrifice committed against an innocent child and which wants nothing to do with it. I cannot say 'No' to the crime that took place against this child, it is too late for that, but I can say 'No' to sharing in any way in that crime by not giving my consent to a vaccine derived from it, tainted by it.  You, for your part, cannot say I won't be condemned for taking it, since you are not God and because every man must answer to his sacred conscience which is inviolable and where God's voice echos in the soul. Conscience is the voice of God, we can mix God's voice with our own and make errors, certainly, but if you are going to call me 'scrupulous' for wanting nothing to do with a vaccine originating in a murder, to be injected into my body, I will politely ask you to desist from doing so. You must answer for yourself to God. I, too, must answer to Him and render an account for this period of my life, like most periods, a period of my life already mired in grievous infidelities against my Creator and Redeemer. I do not wish to add this to those given that this decision has required much consideration and thought. My decision, or not, to ratify in my person and in my body the sadistic evils of an industry that lives off murdering babies is mine alone. I hope that is clear.

Furthermore, I hold that the ties of an abortion linked inextricably to the vaccines are a massive red flag for Christians everywhere. What 'angel' has convinced you that there will be no reckoning in this life, let alone the next, for accepting such a thing into your body? I struggle to see how those who accept this concoction will not inherit some kind of curse, be it mild or severe, but perhaps I am mad, perhaps my mind is not sophisticated enough to comprehend the intricacies of this moral question. The abortion tells me that Satan's fingerprints are all over the vaccine, perhaps it tells you something different, but I remain something of a simpleton, you may have come to some other conclusion that is more nuanced. I have not. God says, 'Behold I set forth in your sight this day a blessing and a curse: A blessing, if you obey the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you this day: A curse, if you obey not the commandments of the Lord your God, but revolt from the way which now I shew you, and walk after strange gods which you know not. (Deuteronomy 11:26-28)

The Vatican have helpfully informed you that you can in good conscience take this vaccine because your cooperation in this crime is remote. God, however, is not remote from our decisions. The Vatican have not told you whether the unborn child used, abused and destroyed by wicked persons will rise on the Last Day under the arms of Jesus Christ to pronounce a verdict on us depending on our decision. However, that child will rise again at the General Judgement. I, for my part, am not certain he or she will agree with the Vatican. Why are you so sure he or she will commend you, or be indifferent to your decision, or absolve you and not condemn you?

There may be a veritable host of reasons why a soul's guilt in this matter is lessened, such matters as fear, coercion, the need for security, the duties and responsibilities of life that mean there is little or no guilt at all for the vast majority of persons. I do not, however, consider that what may in the Divine Judgement apply to many people applies to me. Why? Because I have thought about it a lot. I was, in fact, thinking about it shortly after the pandemic broke. I have thought about this for two years. I have considered whether the Holy Family would submit themselves to a vaccine of this kind or flee. I was confirmed as a Soldier of Christ. What soldier of Christ would submit himself to a vaccine the Holy Family would decline, out of love for the commandments of God, including the Commandment not only not to kill, but not to consent to sin in any way, including counsel, flattery or silence. and the esteem and honour in which they hold the unborn, their hatred for evil, their constant affirmation of the Justice of God. 

If you hate abortion and its destruction of life, it strikes me as simple common sense that you withstand the culture of abortion in your body, with your body and if the only fortress you have in this world against the abominable crime of abortion is your body, use it, use it for Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Life and be assured that no good can come from your involvement in this cruel industry, not for you, not for the human race whether it is objectively remote or not. Do you want to fight? Perhaps not. Do you want to fight evil? Then do so! No, you didn't kill the child, but do you want to protest the killing of this child? Do you want to stand for Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother against the vicious onslaughts against nascent life in the womb? Then don't take this vaccine. 'It can't be that simple!' I hear you cry. I admit that the complex circumstances of this life are not simple and a thousand reasons render choice in this area most difficult for us all. You object to this vaccine but consider a small army incapable of defeating such an evil as we are presented with today? Is that what we were confirmed for? Were we not confirmed to fight evil? 

These are my thoughts, this is my writing, I own my words and my thoughts and I no longer hide them. You are welcome to think or to comment below this post as you see fit. I do not judge you if you have taken this vaccine, you acted according to the lights of your conscience and the information at hand, having deliberated the issues at hand, and given not only the pressures upon persons young and old during this time, but the anxieties of our age and our personal situation and duties in your state of life, I am in no position to judge you. I am, however, allowed to think for myself about this issue and write my thoughts publicly, yes I have my opinions, informed by the teachings of the Church. I may not be a moral theologian, I am just a Catholic who is deeply uncomfortable with a prevailing orthodoxy within the Church that somehow a variety of health factors in our troubled age mean we can dispense with what seems a most obvious way to fight gratuitous evil, that is, not to consent to it with your body, for your body, as you know, is the Temple of God.


Evangeline said...

A good explanation Laurence, of your particular thoughts about this jab, and we must all have our own particular thoughts about it, if we are thinking beings and not just drones doing as others bid us do, even if those others are such lofty beings as celebrities. What a terrible thing, to find ourselves in 2021, inhabiting a world where someone took away our nurturing and reasonable homelands and somehow inserted governments where we do not even feel we have sovereignty over our own bodies? We fear the long arm of the state is going to force us to have the jab? That is where we are, so we are to be pitied. Other nations in the world experienced such fascism and we in the West said, it is too bad to be them, and now it is us. Worse, we chose it. The West has a personal death-wish. Not everybody of course, just too many.
I had a hard time with the abortion link to the jab. I want nothing to do with abortion linked jabs but still do not know how "typical" the use of these cells is in the development of other drugs. It being typical does not excuse it but it does render my objection a little pointless if that is the case. That may not make sense but I know what I mean. I have many reasons for not wanting the jab. Many, and if people do not have reasons they may want to give Dr. Peter McCullough a listen. I had Covid, and trust God that my immune system is now ready due to antibodies and T-cells. I do not wish to override my immune system with one Bill Gates wants me to have. These people are diabolical, anyone with Christian discernment should be detecting that.
Thank you for writing Laurence. I always find your writing so interesting and you such an appealing individual. You love God and it shows. God bless you, and all trying to fight the good fight.

pattif said...

Well said, Laurence.

Tony Abbot's view from the sky said...

Hi I agree about not using AZ but there is a bit of more leeway with Pfizer and Morderna.
They were not produced using aborted cell lines although some historic cell lines were part of the research. US apologist Trent Horn, who is orthodox in is views, says it is possible to use this as it is the equivalent of using information from Nazi research ie those who did the research are no longer around.

Tim said...

Matthew 25:21

lorrie said...

I agree with everything that you have said - these are pretty much my thoughts too.

There is a great deal of debate as to whether this pathogen was the result of gain of function research but one thing seems clear - the outbreak has been over-stated and is not severe enough to warrant this draconian mass vaccination programme. Moreover, most deaths could have been avoided by use of existing treatments. But the world powers managing this situation seem intent on getting this (likely manipulated) spike protein manufacturing capacity installed in as many bodies as possible. In this way, as James Corbett said, the majority of the world's population has been coaxed and pushed over a line not only in accepting abortion-tainted bodily insertions but also over the 'ick' factor in allowing synthetic coding to be inserted into our cells - something that most of us are instinctively hesitant over.

I think this should be especially worrying to Catholics who believe that the soul is the form of the body. Synthetic protein coding begins to loosen the connection between the soul's God-given forming function and places it into the hands of man. It was the Elon Musk who said that once we take control of the mechanisms of protein synthesis we could turn ourselves into 'freaking butterflies.' The head of Moderna called mRNA the means to 'hack into the software of life.' This has fundamental implications for the order of God's creation and for our capacity to create all means of suffering for creatures increasingly divorced from God - a type of suffering that we cannot even really comprehend.

This 'vaccine' is a global experiment of an unprecedented type and I believe the first serious step to take control over God's creation at the most fundamental biological level.

May God help us all.

Physiocrat said...

Glad to see you back. There has been little discussion of this topic, which is part of a bigger issue: what is the morality of gaining advantage from scientific discoveries obtained by immoral means? A lot of scientists are using immoral means at this very moment eg causing unnecessary and wanton cruelty for which there will be a reckoning, and not just according to Christian teachings. The eastern religions call it Karmic reckoning ie there is a pay back for evil deeds.

There is an increasing amount of evidence to show that the virus originated in the Chinese laboratory where animals are subjected to continual torture.

Abigail said...

Thank you, admirably and movingly described. It is a dilemma and shouldn't be Abigail

Joe said...

thank you. great writing, which clarifies my own thinking on this matter.

i do not understand the rationale that declares an act licit because the evil involved is "remote." can anyone imagine such a position taken a vaccine were developed with the use of stem cells from persons killed in Auschwitz? Think about that.

Joe said...

thank you. great writing, which clarifies my own thinking on this matter.

i do not understand the rationale that declares an act licit because the evil involved is "remote." can anyone imagine such a position taken a vaccine were developed with the use of stem cells from persons killed in Auschwitz? Think about that.

Liam Ronan said...

Lady Alice - "Poor, silly man, you think they'll leave you here to think?"

Sir Thomas More - "When they find I'm silent they'll want nothing better than to leave me silent. You'll see." (A Man for All Seasons)

Unknown said...

the smoke of satan is all over this past year and a half
this is not the only vaccine tainted by abortion derived cells, but it is the most coercively handled vaccine
this alone tells you that something else is happening here and it is not about health-God gave us our imune system to keep us in good health
babies are taken out of their mother's wombs while still alive in order to have their organs harvested for the medical research/vaccine industry on an industrial scale
wake up true catholics-and educate yourselves about what's really going on!
and act according to Christ's Sacred Law!

Mary Kay said...

Thank you, Laurence. You stated my thoughts on this probably more clearly than I could have.

Kevin Stover said...

Laurence, Thank you for your excellent take on the 'vaccine' - you echo well Bishop Schneider's teaching but with a personal touch. BTW, so wonderful to have you back; from this end you are missed. If l may, we here in the US have a faithful science researcher by the name of Pamela Acker, who thoroughly debunked the 'remote' argument, and then Life Site news thoroughly backed that up with a previous interview with the world's leading vaccine researcher, Dr. Stanley ......, who confirmed that the HEK 93 line is regularly updated with newer aborted baby cells that are 'harvested' from a live person. It is so horrific!
God be with you, and hope to hear soon from you again.
Lord, please come and rescue your Holy Catholic Church.

Kevin S.

B flat said...

God reward your faithfulness Lawrence, and uphold your steadfastness with His grace. I am glad you have written. Thank you. There is no need to publish this.

umblepie said...

Good to see you back Laurence, I have missed your insightful posts. Keep writing.

gemoftheocean said...

With you 100%

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this clear explanation of your position. It is mine too. Can I say that a "delicate" conscience is what we all must have? I certainly never thought that I might be persecuted for any moral stand I took. Mostly in my life I have been allowed to practice my Faith in peace, but I think the time is coming - and in the near future - where my stand might mean no groceries for me - and that I might have to use some sort of government way to are right - what was I confirmed for! Thank God for our sufferings here and now, eh?

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