Saturday 28 March 2020

The Stage is Set

There is, I don't doubt, a thin line between suspicion, a healthy cynicism informed by observation of recent times and boggle-eyed paranoia.

The unique pontificate of Jorge Bergoglio has, almost every week, provided Catholics grounded in the perennial faith with an abundant harvest of reasons to have a deep mistrust of Francis, a trend which seemed to reach a crescendo with the veneration of an Andean idol in the churches of Rome last October.

I need not repeat the plethora of other Francis infidelities, unbelievable statements, nefarious deceptions, tyrannical moments or outright betrayals of Christ and His faithful to which observing Catholics have been witness.

In every way, Pope Francis behaves as an enemy of Christ and His glorious Cross, upon which He hung for the Salvation of the World. This Salvation won for the human race was eternal in its nature, by no means confined to temporal benefits, though temporal benefits are not excluded from God's generosity, for all good things come from Him, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Pope Francis has eyes, ears and words only for this earthly life. He has intimated as recently as yesterday that humanity has indeed offended grievously and needs to reform and repair the damage that has been done. Unfortunately for Catholics, this work of repentance and reparation does not touch upon the Commandments of God, nor does Francis touch upon the scourge of grievous, mortal sin by which we cannot doubt the One True God is offended.

Yes, even in a time of pestilence, when men and women are dying, dying without the Sacraments, of debilitating disease, Francis cannot bring himself to prepare a watching world for judgement or eternity, his focus is solely on invocation that pleads that temporal disaster may be averted. And even in this time of pestilence, Francis cannot invoke the mercy of God and lead the flock in penitence for our having offended Him, despite the fact that idolatry pure and simple took place within and without Vatican building walls last October.

Francis honors Jeffrey Sachs at ecological meeting
Francis with Jeffery Sachs at Vatican ecological meeting
Forgive me then, if I do not gush with praise at theatrical displays of piety in a deserted St Peter's Square in the pouring rain. Is there any reason at all that a man who has lived for the camera as much as Francis would do anything in the eyes of the whole world that was authentic and genuine now? Because of disease? Because people are dying? Even now, even with Italians suffocating to death, presenting themselves before the judgement seat of God after they breathe their last, even now, Francis cannot teach the flock of a God who punishes sin, corrects sinners and brings us to our knees that we may discover Him once more and die to sin, rather than die in mortal sin and be lost forever.

Francis, however, is doing something. He isn't inactive. What is he doing? Francis is setting a stage and out of the greatest catastrophe to befall the world since the Second World War, Francis is sketching a narrative, a grossly fantastical secular narrative devoid of any reference to true religion, one which he expects all of us, Catholic or not, to believe. It is, essentially, the atheistic, even communistic dogma with which we have been bombarded in what can only be called psychological warfare for years and years.

The pillars of the theatre stage being erected would seem to be, astonishingly, no public Mass anywhere in those regions affected by the virus (which is more or less everywhere!), not even in Catholic Poland! St Peter's is still open, but I am told that's just about it. Edicts have been passed down by virtually every Bishops Conference that Church doors are to be locked in the faces of Catholics. It is, apparently, the merciful thing to do, just as it is merciful to liberate Catholics from Friday abstinence because disease. Note that Francis does not entreat God that these buildings for the worship of God re-open and daily passes over the fact that the public worship of God has ceased, as if this is simply an irrelevance.

Instead, Francis points you, just like secular governments and media are doing, to the new (imposed, for you didn't choose this) reality of your domestic life, to the tireless and heroic work of medical staff, to operating within a 'non-essential', freedom removing lifestyle and to a pseudo-spiritual belief that the Earth is crying out to humans, who militant environmentalists consider a plague on that same Earth, to respect her authority and pay homage to her.

To Francis, it matters not whether even all the Churches in the world are closed, whether all Sacraments are withheld from the laity, all Confessions go unheard, the Sacrament of Marriage is completely abandoned, the sick and dying are left unanointed, no new priests are made or even whether any Baptisms take place! Nowhere has he lamented this cruel and tyrannical reality, the deprivation of the graces that make dead sinners live again! This, seemingly, does not concern him and to add injury to his gross insult to God, even suggests to God's people that this virus has shown us 'what really matters' and that God Himself and the life of grace are not included in his list. Incredible! And then, his work of shame is even applauded because the scene was 'moving'. Francis, I expect, is happy to use 'moving ceremony' as a vehicle to extend his false teachings if that's what gets people's attention.

Home | Bill Gates
'A global pandemic won't benefit me at all, oh no. How awful!'
Temporally speaking, Francis has not, as far as I know, protested, nor even lamented that the epidemic has caused virtually every government in the world to impose absolute tyranny on its people 'for the public good'. Can we imagine St John Paul II saying nothing about the fact that all of Poland was shut down but for pharmacies and supermarkets, that all of her churches were shut down, that no Sacraments were being dispensed, that all human freedoms had been removed from entire populaces? Emergency powers have been invoked across the Western world that involve a total takeover of civic and public life and nothing may happen without expressed governmental approval. Does Francis pray that freedom and democracy may return to the World and that citizens may once more enjoy the natural rights which have been taken away from them in the outbreak of a pandemic? No, he does not.

Therefore, please forgive me also if I retain just that quiet suspicion that the outbreak of this disease is just a little bit too convenient by far for incredibly powerful players on the world stage, for whom Francis is obviously at the very least an ally, if not an active and key particpant or agent. Everything he says supports the work of the totalitarian, godless, ecological, pagan and atheistic and even Satanic beliefs of the powerful men of this world. Francis is, in the midst of pestilence, giving a spiritual dimension to the agenda advanced by such groups as the United Nations and global governance advocates such as Bill Gates, George Soros, and nobody can protest it because everybody is imprisoned!

Skywriting and skytyping could return to UK skies | World news ...
Chemtrail activists be like: "Remind me...How did this virus get in our city, again?"

As time goes on, we can therefore thoroughly expect Jorge Bergoglio to give tacit, if not active, vocal agreement to the new and radical solutions which will inevitably be proposed or imposed on us, Catholic or not, in that brave new world, that heartless dystopia into which we already find ourselves plunged. If government drones start following us down the street, will Bergoglio protest? I think not. If our movements, puchases, habits are monitored, if men are arrested for seditious acts like visiting Grandma, will Bergoglio protest? I think not.

If this lockdown is deemed so 'successful' for the global environment and the health of 'Mother Earth' that it is suggested to be a quarterly occurence in the year for the Earth to 'heal', will he protest? I think not. If capitalism is deemed to have 'failed' and a system of communism is proposed or implemented because governments basically destroyed capitalism in order to 'prevent public health deteriorating', will Francis oppose it? I think not. Will he tell us, like he told Chinese Catholics to simply be 'good citizens' who obey every freedom-crushing instruction given to us by the secular authorities? Well, he has form, this is what he told the poor Chinese Christians whose Churches are locked, later to be most likely demolished. It is, I am afraid, the nature of the beast to do precisely this. It comes as second nature to the second beast.

Friends, do not be deceived. Be not deceived! Hold fast to what has been passed onto you, pray much for our deliverance, we all have much to endure, much tribulation to undergo, but just as you should not be deceived, neither should you be afraid. God is with us! Be not afraid! Jesus, our Leader and our Captain, will not abandon us, nor will He leave us all alone. Observe what the lawless one does during this time and pray for protection against the deceits, theatrics and falsehoods with which you will be presented, for they will surely come, they will come as surely as the Lord Jesus will come to rescue His flock as Chief Shepherd and Lord and King.

Come then, Lord Jesus! Jesus, I trust in You!

Viva Cristo Rey! 


Eleanor M said...

I can't entirely work out how much the tongue is in the cheek in this post (what with the chemtrails caption and all)...but I find myself largely agreeing wholeheartedly - the fact I was initially moved to quibblingly comment because of the words 'absolute tyranny' (let us use such words with care!) notwithstanding.

I was I admit very moved watching the H.F. in Rome last night (the pathetic fallacy of the torrents of rain being appropriate, and the drowning out of a siren by bells was theatrically perfect, though presumably merely fortuitous!). But by the time I woke up this morning something about it left me deeply uneasy.

Not that it was wrong, (indeed, it was/is welcomed, and the crowds appreciative comments even from those not exactly fans of Francis on social media would tend to agree)...the problem is it seems that's all there is (and all there is to come).

So, thank you very much for putting words on my own feelings (and those of many others, I imagine!) so eloquently.

Virginie said...

I agree with you and I love what Laurence has written here. Being familiar with his writings, I think there is little tongue in cheek involved.

Regarding the chemtrails, you may not be aware the the government has admitted spraying them. They claim it is to reduce the radiation from the sun. It is stupid beyond belief the things that scientists recommend regarding nature.

BrotherBeowulf said...

No irony here, I'm afraid. Bergoglio is a harbinger of the Beast. W. B. Yeats posed the question to which Bergoglio aims to give the answer: "And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?"

The Second Coming

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Physiocrat said...

Best to try to use this time for fasting and prayer.

Mary's Contrary said...

I was hungry for the indulgence so gathered my adult children around (they've moved in with us in Texas following the work from home orders) and I liked the photography, seeing the gorgeous doors to St Peters, the blue rain in an empty Piazza. The sermon was weak and worldly. What if he had knelt down and begged God's forgiveness and told us sinners to do the same... That would have been impressive. I went to bed thinking it was all quite nice.

But I woke in the night disturbed. It was the pope's face that disturbed me. Women are more sensitive to faces and especially eyes. His face as he stood gazing up at the miraculous crucifix looked... malevolent. I could not get it out of my mind and I tossed and turned and felt sad for our loving God.
Pope Emeritus Benedict has a sweet face and kindly paternal eyes; St John Paul was manly but with a noble, compassionate face. I'd happily call each man "Father". But that face, even sitting in front of the monstrance, brought me no peace.
But thank you for the indulgence, Holy Father. Let's keep praying for one another

luis_rcoelho said...

Great article in which I only disagree with a small detail: from the beginning, I never called Bergoglio a 'pope' nor 'francis' because he is no such thing; Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason who inaugurated the 'great apostasy' prophecized by Our Lady in La Salette - but who discerned it? Who pays attention to Heavens warnings ? [Amos 3:7] Benedict XVI us our true Vicar of Christ, and several prophecies prove it!! This exaggerated ' pandemic' has been engineered by the synagogue of satan which by now controls all earth governments, either directly or through its invisible weapon: freemasonry, the biblical Black Beast...which gives power to Bergoglio, the Wolves Dressed as a Lamb! The goal is to create a communist global dictatorship, communism being a Talmudic weapon for social control, the biblical Red Dragon that never died, but as a very common jewish trait, only changed names and colours: now its green, pagan green! Note that marxism collectivism is the same as pagan holism - both go hand in hand!
Dont allow yourselves to be vaccinated since soon government will force everyone to be vaccinated, with the excuse of fighting this virus; it's a ruse, since those vaccines will come with a nano-microchip inside them, the Mark of the Beast, Microsoft's "ID2020'!!!
Google "ID2020 Alliance", and realize that is already in circulation since last year! This is all a scheme for the synagogue introduce in the world all its radical changes: cashless society, smart cities, 5G, AI and a 'social credit system' similar to what China has in place for some time, which allows them to totally control each of its 1 billion and 332 million citizens through all modern technology combined!

Anonymous said...

Francis is an actor ..You can see right through his fake staged photo op of standing in the rain praying to God for the corona virus victims. This man Is beyond evil for feigning concern...God help his soul when he is in front of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Vox Leonis said...

I only watched some of the footage just now, having been made curious by comments here.

Let me go on record as saying that his expression throughout is CLEARLY and OVERTLY malevolent. I am male.

At the risk of bringing up the obvious--did he not either stand or sit throughout? That is, as we have seen before, did he not refuse at any moment to kneel before the incarnate God whose vicar he supposedly believes himself to be?

Finally, I have a clear and unambiguous reaction to his elevating the monstrance at the doors. He is declaring to the world: "see, I've GOT Him! No worries y'all, HE'S OUR PRISONER NOW!"

I have no other intuitive or emotional reaction than these. I'd find it difficult to even look at or talk to anyone who pretends that they do.

MyronM said...

The Phantom of the Vatican

This eery scenery like from Batman movies: evening, monumental architecture, cast iron cauldron with glowing coals, cemetery bowls with burning tallow used Jorge the Apostate to demonstrate his victory over the Roman Catholic church. He started his professional career as a bouncer at a nightclub in Buenos Aires. And so he ends his life as a bouncer in Rome. Churches have been deserted almost all over the inhabited land, there are no more faithful in them. It wasn't even necessary to call the police - it was enough to do wild panic in the media about the lethal threat of an imaginary brand pandemic* virus.
The Crucifix from San Marcello's church and Salus Populi Romani Icon from Santa Maria Maggiore, images made famous during plagues, were brought by the Apostate to the threshold of St. Peter's Basilica, so that Satan could publicly insult God: "Well, where is your Church?" Our Lord and Our Lady were to look at a completely empty square once crowded with pilgrims. All they could see were police cars with howling sirens behind iron fence and the Phantom of the Vatican in solemn white and gold robes** for the hour of Satan's triumph on the fifth Friday of Lent!
*To sell panic, it must have a brand, because it is difficult to stuff old regular flu on the market, that's why the 'Coronavirus' and actually the crown of Satan.
**Golden sun embroidered on the cope rocked on the celebrant's rump - no comment.

Anonymous said...

I do not,generally, meet or mix with many priests, but I am astounded by the fact that I have not met a single one who seems angry,worried, perturbed,sad that the churches are closed,no public Masses and in most places no Confessions. The only people who seem to be hurt/angry/sad are the laity and not many of them.
PLEASE attack me and tell me I am desperately wrong.

Anonymous said...

My comment was Anonymous because I work in a Catholic school and am terrified of being tracked down.

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