'I'm Colonna!'


'I'm Colonna'
  It is frankly unforgiveable that I forgot to place a slide of 
Fr Thomas Weinandy into this song.

But you have to understand that one day nearly the whole Church woke up to find itself Colonna...


Terribly sad that this is so darned funny. But laugh better than cry. Thanks for your cleverness and sharing.
Is this based on this by any chance?
anomnomnomaleez said…
It would be nice if Frankenstein would view this. It just might feed into his pa-pa-pa-paranoia!
"Je suis Marcantonio Colonna. Guy McClung, Texas"

Guy McClung Texas
sorry bout that-it is Dec 7, 2017 [not 2016] Guy McClung, Texas
Mary Kay said…
Great fun! Thank you for this. I have added my name to the list of Colonnas, as I am for real. But I'm too humble to make a fuss about it.
Keep up the great work!
Laura Yunque said…
This is great fun - thanks for the laugh. By the way, I'm Colonna, too! LOL.
Lepanto said…
Francis, I am not Collona but I will point him out to you if you promise to promote me. (Said on behalf of the many religious, priests, bishops and 'Catholic' journalists who would 'drop him in it' given half a chance).
Anonymous said…
I was reading about Francis admitting that Dutch politican to the Society of St.Gregory or whatever it was. Unbelievable!
How is he getting away with it?
So far I haven't read anything about it on The Catholic Herald website. These things need spreading far and wide. How did this man ever ascend to the throne of St. Peter?

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