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Sympathy for Ken

'You're suspended!'

I've really no great admiration for Ken Livingstone but suddenly I do have a little sympathy for him. Before British entrepreneur Lord Alan Sugar or anyone else lining up in the politically correct and outraged queue formed in a sudden media storm condemns the Labour politician for 'antisemitism', he and they may want to examine at least some historical research and evidence from the Shoah Resource Centre, that is The International School for Holocaust Studies, which, in its paper on 'The Transfer Agreement and the Boycott Movement' asserts in its introduction:

In the summer of 1933, the Jewish Agency for Palestine, the German Zionist Federation, and the German Economics Ministry drafted a plan meant to allow German Jews emigrating to Palestine to retain some of the value of their property in Germany by purchasing German goods for the Yishuv, which would redeem them in Palestine local currency. This scheme, known as the Transfer Agreement or Ha’avarah, met the needs of all interested parties: German Jews, the German economy, and the Mandatory Government and the Yishuv in Palestine. The Transfer Agreement has been the subject of ramified research literature.

Many Jews were critical of the Agreement from the very outset. The negotiations between the Zionist movement and official representatives of Nazi Germany evoked much wrath. In retrospect, and in view of what we know about the annihilation of European Jewry, these relations between the Zionist movement and Nazi Germany seem especially problematic. Even then, however, the negotiations and the agreement they spawnedwere profoundly controversial in broad Jewish circles. For this reason, until 1935 the Jewish Agency masked its role in the Agreement and attempted to pass it off as an economic agreement between private parties.

And which concludes...

The Jewish boycott against Nazi Germany waned over the years and slipped off the public agenda as Nazi Germany consolidated its economic and international status. The German-Polish non-aggression treaty vitiated anti-German initiatives in Poland, and in the economic treaty between the two countries in November 1935, Germany obtained a Polish commitment to take action against the anti-German boycott committees in Poland.

The Transfer Agreement remained in effect throughout these years, although difficulties in implementing it emerged. The root of these difficulties was the inability of the fledgling economy of Palestine to absorb Jewish capital in the form of goods. Consequently, an attempt was made to expand the sphere of trade from Palestine to the entire Middle East. This gambit ran up against many obstacles, including the anti-Jewish boycott in the relevant countries. Despite efforts to expand the scale of the boycott, many German Jews did not succeed in making use of the capital that they had freed under the Transfer Agreement. An accord similar to the Transfer Agreement, known as the Clearing Agreement, was worked out between the Jewish Agency and the Polish Government in the second half of 1936 and signed in March 1937.

Its purpose was to enable Jewish emigrants from Poland to transfer their assets to Palestine despite Polish currency laws by purchasing Polish goods. Unlike the Transfer Agreement, the “clearing” was supposed to be reciprocal, i.e., to create the possibility of transfers of capital and goods from Poland to Palestine and vice versa. The path to this agreement was complicated, because the Jewish Agency had to protect itself against Polish demands to dictate policy, through the agreement, in the distribution of immigration certificates. Additional difficulties stemmed from internal struggles on the Jewish side. The Revisionists, after having formed a broad front in opposition to the Transfer Agreement when it was being drafted, evinced great interest in the Clearing Agreement and attempted to conclude separate arrangements that would circumvent the Jewish Agency, from which they had seceded by this time. The Clearing Agreement began to coalesce as the condition of Polish Jewry deteriorated and debates on “evacuation” became more frequent. Gruenbaum led the negotiations on behalf of the Jewish Agency, thereby implementing his gloomy prophecy concerning “flight and organized exodus.” These subsequent developments in Poland thus proved the sorrowful impotence of the boycott movement in contrast to the practicality of Zionist formula. 

Translated by Naftali Greenwood
Source: Yad Vashem Studies
Vol. XXVI, Jerusalem 1998, pp 129-172
The Transfer Agreement and the Boycott Movement:
A Jewish Dilemma on the Eve of the Holocaust
Yf’aat Weiss 

Thoroughly interesting and moving, thought-provoking and now clearly...


Is the Holocaust Remembrance Center an 'apologist for Hitler' as well Ken Livingstone then?

Is this Jewish Historian, Edwin Black, who wrote a book entitled 'The Transfer Agreement' also wrote a book entitled 'IBM and the Holocaust' on that prominent company's role in the genocide of Jews, also an 'apologist for Hitler'?

Or is the historical truth just 'antisemitic' and offensive?

The idea that 'Hitler founded Israel' is plain wrong. The idea that - for reasons quite different to the Zionist movement - he tried to establish a homeland for the Jews in  the place then known as Palestine is the subject of much historical enquiry, from which some incontrovertible facts have emerged. 

I'll let the 'antisemitic' Jewish historian fill you in.


Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The holocaust is the Pluperfect Salvific Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, on Calvary, where His burning love replaced the material fire of the old testament types which pointed to Him as Saviour/Messias and it alone is worth of that word. The Mass also is holocaust whereas the war crimes committed against Jews was not a holocaust and catholic lay men must lead the fight to recapture the word, Holocaust, from those who reject the Messias and use it to speak only about Calvary and The Mass.

Nosce te ipsum said...

I thought the issue was the ad-lib way he said that Hitler "went mad and ended up killing six million Jews."

The Bones said...

Yes, I think 'Hitler went mad' and 'ended up killing 6 million Jews' might just not do justice to Hitler's evil.


I don't have a problem with the Holocaust being named as it is, but I am unsure how the murder of 6 million Jews became a 'Sacrifice' which is what the word Holocaust connnotes.

Andrew said...

Some more hate facts:

1. Sir Winston Churchill Never Mentioned The Alleged Holocaust: In his monumental six volume The Second World War Sir Winston Churchill, British wartime Prime Minister, never makes any reference to gas chambers or a planned mass extermination of European Jews. This is despite the fact he goes in to great detail about virtually every facet of World War Two including many atrocities committed by the Nazis.

2. None of the Western Allies ( Britain, Canada, USA, Australia, France etc. ) liberated any camps that had gas chambers, or other systems of mass murder in them. All the alleged death camps with gas chambers were liberated by the Russians.

3. Using some of the World’s first computers the British Secret Service had cracked the German top-secret Enigma code and had access to most German Military communications by 1942. Sir Frank H. Hinsley, in his book British Intelligence In The Second World War ; It’s Influence On Strategy And Operations, stated “The returns of Auschwitz mentioned illness as the main cause of death but included references to shootings and hangings. There were no references in the decrypts to gassings.” The numbers of dead in the decoded messages tallied exactly with Red Cross and German Military records of the time. The British Secret Service also monitored various atrocities carried out by the Germans across the rest of Europe – why would the Germans report these to Berlin but not the alleged gas chambers at Auschwitz and other camps?

4. The French Resistance Denied The Holocaust.

5. It was widely reported during World War One ( 1914 to 1918 ) that the Germans, and their allies, were using gas chambers to kill thousands of prisoners. However after the end of the War Stanley Baldwin admitted in Parliament that it had been propaganda and no such gas chambers had existed. He also apologised publicly to the German People for this racist slur on them.

6. The whole World has probably seen the film of the liberation of Belsen concentration camp, it is horrific to say the least. Human skeletons are walking round with dead bodies covering the ground. This film was shown Worldwide at the time to show the evil of Nazi Germany. However Belsen was liberated by the Western Allies, and was never alleged to have had any gas chamber or be part of a systematic mass murder programme. The victims are in fact all dying from typhus which is confirmed by German Military, Red Cross and British Military medical records – this is never pointed out whenever this film is shown. Ironically the deaths were mostly due to a lack of Zyklon-B, at the end of the war with Germany collapsing, leading to a mass typhus outbreak in the camp.

.....etc, etc, etc.

ps. Lawrence, you don't have to publish this comment if you're not comfortable doing so. This is still almost a taboo subject for a lot of people, whatever the truth of the matter may be.

C&M said...

Thanks for this info

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

Dear Bones. Maybe the Jews believe the Nazis were Christians who were sacrificing Jews in an act of worship of their father, Satan - if that is what they indeed believe - but, irrespective of what it is they do believe, the war crimes of the Nazis was not a holocaust which had, until only recently, only one definition of multimillenial existence.

A Holocaust is not a war crime anymore than a ballon is a door stop.

If Holocaust is susceptible to such a definitional elasticity then it has lost all of its true meaning; and one wonders if that too is not part of the reason for its use for if you asked any of your catholic friends - What is the Holocaust- you'd not know one Catholic friend who would tell what the true meaning of Holocaust; rather, your hear anthropocentric polemics entirely divorced from Divine Action.

The Bones said...


I don't doubt the veracity of what became known as the Holocaust. Indeed, I think the world has much to learn still from the tragedy, horror and the evil that emerged from the Second World War.

Edwin Black's historical enquiry over the punch card system used by the Nazis makes it very clear that prisoners were processed according to Jewish, Polish, Catholic, Protestant, their trades etc. It was very much like a Facebook account. All vital information on each prisoner. I recommend people read Black's thorough investigation of IBM and the Holocaust and he warns very clearly that everything is in place for it to happen again - with the help of the same companies at work in the Holocaust.

I expect that certain facts regarding the Holocaust have been 'introduced', but the basic principle is true - that Hitler wished to see the destruction of Germany Jewry and was well in the process of doing so on an industrial scale.

What I find frightening is the media's lynchmob attack on a man who I don't really like, but who is stating in public some things that even Jewish historians profess to be true regarding the mutual pact between the Nazis and the World Zionist Congress.

That no newspaper is prepared to accept the reality of the Transfer Agreement is horrifying since it is to deny facts established even by the various Holocaust memorial centers worldwide.

We don't really know 'the mind of Hitler' from beginning to end regarding the Jews. We don't need to know. It is clear he was an evil man intent on purging Europe of its Jewish population - by any means possible and advancing his own uniquely evil racial ideology within Europe and beyond.

The Bones said...

The Bones said...

He also wrote another investigative book called 'War on the Weak'.

Sadie Vacantist said...

I'm afraid the first victim of war is truth. It's going to take decades if not centuries for the full truth to emerge. My own hunch is that only the collapse of the American empire and economy will precipitate a wholesale revision of the war. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church will continue to collapse. "Go figure" as the Americans would say.

Rural Catholic said...

You're absolutely mad! I remember the photos in 1960 in Life Magazine of the vast death camps etc and Eisenhower made them take lots of picture so people couldn't lie about it in the future, like you are doing!Hitler had the Egyptian Mufti advising him and there was a large contingent of Muslims in Berlin.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The FBI ink is great, Bones, but the continual use of holocaust to describe what most definitely is not a holocaust plays directly into the corruption of thought, the end point of the corruption of language ; and all of this was warned against by Orwell;

Catholics routinely speak about the Holocaust as though its multimillenial year meaning has been extinguished and so you could not find one out of one hundred millions Catholics who know the real meaning of Holocaust (On Calvary and in the Mass) because we have allowed political polemics to thrust a rhetorical spear into the side of truth and the truth has drained down into the memory hole only to be replaced by anthropocentric politics and if me and thee do not resurrect its right use, who will?

Certainly not the Hierarchy.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

The One True Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is mystically and sempiternally standing before some Caiaphas in whatever age it finds itself and the verdict is always the same - guilty.

What is novel is that now we enter a plea of guilty even before the trial begins because we no longer act on what we have always believed and we surrender to the demands of the Messias-Deniers, who, by dint of an existential irony, are also Holoaust-Deniers.

That is, the faithless Jews do not accept that Jesus Christ is the Messias/Saviour nor do they accept that the Holocaust on Calvary is the Salvific Sacrifice of Jesus Christ that fulfilled and perfected all of the Old Testament Holocausts pointing to it so as to help the once chosen people accept the freely-offered Salvation and so when the Messias-Deniers accuse others of being Holocaust-Deniers they are actualising a mysteries iniquitatis psychological projection about which they remain entirely unaware.

Pray and work for the conversion of the Jews for to abandon them to their own superstitious religion is to consign them to hell and it is impossible to imagine a program more deserving of the description anti semitic.

Liam Ronan said...

I may have misread you, Bones, but when I saw "Sympathy for Ken" and what followed, I immediately thought you were having a bit of fun with the title of the old Rolling Stones' song "Sympathy for the Devil". Am I wrong or shall I forever wonder?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Pick your grand scale atrocity. The three centuries of viscious murder of Christians by pagan rulers. The equally barbaric 'chastement' of arrogant Protestant taking up their pedestals. The The Armenian death March. The USSR. The expatriation to the West of plague-rats by the Moslems in the Middle Ages (yep, germ warfare way back then). The trenches of WWI, or the camps of WWII.

Whoever's version of the creation of the State of Israel is accurate we have the world we have and the great apostasy we have. We have the conflation of so-called Catholic prayer to the Holy Trinity, with Rabbinic prayer with a Rabbinic entity, and Moslem prayer with a Modem entity on ground that once spoke the Truth, by a chap/heresiarch who will call any lie a truth when it suits his purpose.

What have we to learn from Hitler's grand agenda? Nothing different than satan's.

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