Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Papal Insults Decoded in the Light Show


Liam Ronan said...

I have read there was an image projected on St. Peter's of what was purported to be the Hindu demon, Kali, aka 'The Dark Mother', on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, i.e. 08 December, as part of the Vatican 'light show'.

Is that possible? Is that possible? Does anyone have any information about this?

Unknown said...

There was a similar light show on the Empire State Building in NYC and Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, was depicted there. I don't think she was part of the Vatican display, but it would have been such a nice ecumenical gesture if she had been! (Tongue firmly implanted in cheek.)

Seattle Kim

Liam Ronan said...

@ Seattle Kim,

Thanks, Kim. I am greatly relieved. Not!

Anonymous said...

Yes it was, maybe card. Tauran suggested many pics. of Hindu sadhus, Buddhist monks and so on, Kali Yurga is the goddess of death and her worshippers were the famous Thugs who strangled their victims the right day for the right show......that's the NWOC, let's wait for the second coming and pray! God bless+

Anonymous said...

There is much more symbolism there: leopard - symbol of masons (by father Gobbi); red fish - chopped on three pieces... symbol of Christians (fish) in bloodbath of persecution (red color) and schisms (chopped pieces); smoke and fire - symbolism of destruction and Hell; huge ox with horns shaped like the the satanic goat; horrible toad - typical animal of witchcraft... - any many more pictures ... OUTRAGEOUS BLASPHEMY!

Lynda said...

Hello, Liam. It was the same evil organisation that was responsible for the Empire State Building show and the St Peter's Basilica sacrilege. Any chance you could send Laurence your email address? God bless. Your sister in Christ, Lynda

Liam Ronan said...

I haven't any idea what Lawrence's e-mail address is. I would be happy to provide my e-mail address to you were Lawrence able to facilitate the exchange. Cheers.

Lepanto said...

"Jones (who designed the Vatican light show), one of the world’s foremost digital painters and projection artists, specializes in portraying terrifying images of Greek, Roman and Eastern pagan deities. He said in an interview last month that he turns to these gods and goddesses by means of “psychedelic substances” (mind altering drugs) so that he can portray them accurately. He said the “deities” are “actively involved” in guiding his hand as he makes the work.

“These [drugs] are tools that grant portals and access into different realms that I still haven’t fully been able to grasp or say that I have uncovered all of their meanings. … They have evolved my ability to … discover new and interesting combinations of energy and matter. Some have … shown me greater nightmares than I could ever depict or wish to imagine ever again.”

“These spirits and the deities that [the images] represent [in India, Greece, etc.] are actively involved, enrolled, and contributing to humans reinventing the visual vernacular of these beings as time and technology evolves,” he said.

Jones said that good art connects the viewer to something “mystical.” He said in a 2010 video interview that a good reaction to his art happens when people “throw up, or urinate themselves, or [release] any sort of bodily excrement.”

Bergoglio used the Feast of the Immaculate Conception to turn the Petrine Basilica into a global stage for a satanist.

Anonymous said...

You guys like conspiracy of highest kind! Do not judge the people from the outside my parish priest preached today during the feast of the Holy Family.

Are you guys can show any respect for the Pope? Heretics?


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