Jubilee Babies

God save the Queen. Long may she reign over us. I was thinking maybe this country needs a Monarchist revolution to remove all power from the State and return it to the Queen until Her Majesty finds a group of parliamentarians who will defend life, liberty and the Christian Faith of which she is Defender, because the current lot can't defend unborn babies or even marriage.

Not 'Anarchy in the UK', because that's already here, but 'Monarchy in the UK'. On day 2 of the Monarchist Revolution, first in the Tower, I hope, would be Polly Toynbee, Queen of the Fabian left in the United Kingdom.

In place of the Monarch, whose tradition and Christianity Toynbee despises, just what kind of State-ran tyrannical liberal-left, joyless, Godless storm-trooping 'Little China' would this country be?

I didn't watch much of the Diamond Jubilee today, but was a little surprised that the BBC were covering the births of 'Jubilee Babies' at St Thomas Hospital, London, while only weeks ago the same BBC were on the radio talking to ladies going into abortion clinics about how fab aborting your unborn child is and doing their usual anti-baby propaganda. I think that little abortion plug may just have been in response to the enormously successful 40 Days for Life campaign.

In order to be truly faithful to their remit to 'educate, inform and entertain' its audience, especially in these times when abortion is such a readily accessible service - part of British life - really the BBC should have also been stationed at BPAS covering the Jubilee babies being executed either medically or sugically in their mother's wombs as well as the ones being delivered to the joy of their mothers and fathers at St Thomas's. Or did BPAS get a day off work today?

I know that would have been terribly bad taste for such a grand and joyous day for the people of the United Kingdom as today...but hey, at least it would have cheered Polly up a little, because there are few things that makes the Queen of the liberal-left as happy as knowing there's one of her sisters out there killing her sprog (possibly another of her unborn sisters) and one less (probably poor) baby not making it into this World. See, Polly's both a feminist and on the side of poor people (when she's not living it up in her second or third home in another country and enjoying the lifestyle that comes with being the beneficiary of enormous privilege).

Yes, a Monarchist revolution. What with our parliamentarian's popularity going through the floor and into a fiery pit while the Queen goes from strength to strength, it could be a flyer. I know its been tried before, of course, but...


Anonymous said…
Polly is snotty and tries to hide it behind a feigned concern for the poor. She's totally false as far as I'm concerned. She's one of those people who seems to love doing her 'good works' in public. A sort of secular Pharisee.

More than anything she seems to enjoy lording it up and berating people of her own class. She seems to get a kick out of moralising and being sanctimonious towards them. Harriet Harman and Lynne Featherstone are more of the same type.

Anonymous said…
Just got sent this youtube video by David Skinner. Its about the black churches, the hijacking of civil rights and gay marriage.

Its the sort of uncomfortable subject the Beeb, ABC, Fox News and the Polly Toynbees of this world don't want to discuss because its the one thing more than any other that puts them on the spot.