Friday 8 May 2020

Bergoglio Land

Pray for the heroic fortitude that will save our souls, so that we might endure all that Christ's enemies have in store for us, pray for the restoration of the public Mass and for the reopening of all the churches in the world, that the Church of God may enjoy complete liberty in Her worship.


  1. Good editing and slide composition, Bones. Nice work for an important and urgent purpose.

  2. The most important thing at this time is to maintain our own prayer lives. We can read the office, meditate silently, read the text of the liturgy as slowly and attentively as we feel moved to do, watch one of the many liturgies which are being broadcast regularly from throughout the world, or spend the time in spiritual reading. We can also use this time to prepare for the moment when we are able to go to confession and receive Holy Communion again.

    We might also reflect on the example of St Mary of Egypt, a notorious sinner who was converted, received communion and then retreated to the desert in prayer for 47 years, receiving communion one more time immediately before she died, when a priest discovered her and brought it to her. According to the ancient Christian tradition, it is necessary to receive communion only once in a lifetime in order to be saved.

  3. Great video and correct on all points about Francis.


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