Sunday, 19 May 2019

Well...We Can Dream...and Pray!

YouTube says there are copyright issues in 267 countries. So I have uploaded it to Vimeo as well. Let me know if it doesn't play in your country.

aFRIA from Laurence England on Vimeo.


  1. Lovely video, thank you.
    'Our Lady of Africa', pray for us.
    God bless Cardinal Sarah.

  2. YouTube video AFRICA is blocked in the USA. Is it aailable on a different platform?

  3. Is there any way I can watch this video outside of youtube? It won't play in Australia due to copyright issues.

  4. What we are praying for. The best.

  5. May 2019 at 13:47

    How lovely. How truthful. God bless you all the days or your life!

  6. More reason to hope: "Cardinal Sarah Endorses the 'Notes' of Pope Benedict, 'Martyr For the Truth'"

    See here:“notes”-of-pope-benedict-“martyr-for-the-truth”/

    (I would love to know, however, how Cdl. Sarah reconciles his mention of both "Pope Benedict" and a "Pope Francis" when there is but one Peter, who has but one Chair, and who is but one Rock. And are rocks ogranisms that change and grow like plants? They remain constant and unchanging, the same today as yesterday.)

  7. It works in Europe, thanks, Toto couldn't sing it better :) Cdl.Sarah calls Pope Benedict without Emeritus, it speaks volumes. Good job Laurence.

  8. Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre.

    'Always something new, out of Africa.'
    Pliny 23-79 A.D.

    'All news out of Africa is bad,' Paul Theroux wrote. 'It made me want to go there...'
    From his haunting book, Dark Star Africa.

    Hope for the hopeless. Faith for the faithless.

  9. Correction.

    Paul Theroux's book is titled 'Dark Star Safari - Overland from Cairo to Cape Town' and was published in 2002.

    On page 330 of my Penguin paperback edition Mr. Theroux tells how he returned to the village in Malawi where he had been a teacher, some 35 years before. Much had deteriorated. He left feeling he would never return, weighed down by the corruption of government and the arrogance of so many Aid workers.

    My late brother-in-law grew up in Malawi with his Scottish parents; on the last occasion when I had dinner with him at his home in Cheltenham, he talked about his childhood there.

    Perhaps he knew that his time in this world was drawing to a close, and so he was seeing again those happy days more than half a century before.

  10. Not playing on New York

  11. Wonderful, Lawrence! Thank you! Might God give us Sarah for our next pope?? Jo (The video played on Vimeo here off the coast of Washington state.)

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