Friday, 16 February 2018

The Pope Doesn't Read Blogs...But Just in Case...

Who was he talking to? There can be no dispute this time. The Catholic community are now quite used to some insulting jibe from Pope Francis, and, sure, after five years of it, it has become generally quite obvious to whom he is directing his insults, but this time Francis was a little more specific in the intended direction of his barbed arrows of irritation and displeasure. Breitbart - and interestingly not many other agencies - have covered the story fully. (Update: The 'full disclosure' can now be read at La Civilta Cattolica / Masonica, whatever they call it nowadays...)

It has taken five years for the Pope to talk even indirectly about Catholic websites and blogs that are critical of his pontificate of massive upheaval and thinly-veiled revolutionary intention, but finally, after all the work bloggers and Catholic websites have put into analysing his documents and speeches, reacting to his gestures and actions, and writing and presenting lines of defence of Christian doctrine against the wiles of Pope Francis, they finally have the spoken recognition of the Pope.

Few bloggers critical of this notorious pontificate, mired in scandal upon scandal, can be surprised that the Pope regards them as enemies to be prayed for, but ultimately ignored, like a bedraggled Big Issue vendor outside a supermarket might be for much of his time. Some, but not many, will be surprised to hear that he 'sees them and knows them' and that it is unlikely that he sees 'spiritual goodness' in many of them. How could he? This is the man who threw his toys out of the pram at the end of the Synod on the Family and started hurling insults at those who blocked the vote for Holy Communion to be given to the divorced and remarried, labelling them as types who 'sit in the Chair of Moses throwing stones at others', or something such like. You'll have to check the book of insults if you want the actual wording.

'Gee...Chicago sure has changed since I last visited!'

Let's face it, the Pope is a little disingenuous when he says that there are some forms of 'resistance' that he approves of, the persons who express it being the kind with which he can 'dialogue', while others are just the kind of persons he has to ignore for the sake of much discussed 'mental health'. Only sad gossips would discuss such things, of course! No. There are, on the one hand, all forms of resistance he cannot deal with, because the resistance is expressed through firm disagreement and then there is on the other hand all other forms of obeisance he can deal with, because it is expressed through obsequious agreement. Five years has brought about two camps. The majority of bishops, however, are utterly silent and refuse to categorically say to which camp they belong...unless you've booked yourself into ++Cupich's conference in which case you've laid your cards on the table. The guys in the middle, the silent men, he can deal with quite happily. Just don't say, 'No!' that's all!

Lent is a good time - there is no better time, indeed - to stem the tide of depression, anxiety and vehement anger that are the fruits of this pontificate with something to take our minds off the whole source of confusion and dread, like hunger pangs, recollected and sincere prayer, meditation on the Lord's saving Passion and why not throw in a few acts of mortification for a new and holy Pope? The good Lord will act when He chooses and His timing is perfect, even if in our human sight all we see is destruction and decay, evil parading its vainglorious triumph before us and gloating over Christ and His faithful ones. Our confidence must be completely and totally in God. We do not know what further horrors await us in this vale of tears, nor what other scourges the Church must endure in our lifetimes, be they short or long. If you're the type with an imagination, its probably best used for now on your meditations.

Turning to the Pope's words, though, they are clarifying as to precisely where we stand with Francis, if we didn't already know, and are indicative of just how defiant and resolute he is in terms of his unique plan - which must be ancient now - to uproot Christian doctrine and morality and replace it with teachings of purely human, or perhaps of even diabolical, origin.

Image result for allo allo the resistance
'The fearsome resistance...'
Speaking of 'the resistance', the Pope used words similar to those he has used in his Curial Christmas addresses in the past...

“The famous saying ‘this is the way it’s always been done’ reigns everywhere; it’s a great temptation that we all have faced.”

What can one say? His Holiness pins upon those who maintain the 2,000 year Christian doctrines the fault that those who cling to Christ's own teaching simply do not like change for its own sake. And apparently, this fanatical desire to cling to Christ and Tradition (which as we shall see, borders on mental illness!) 'reigns everywhere'. Sadly, were it true that fidelity to Tradition reigned everywhere, there is no way the Pope would have gotten away with what he has hitherto successfully achieved, but would have been fraternally corrected, deposed and sent away to do penance some time ago. If fidelity to Tradition 'reigned everywhere', you'd be able, for example, to find the Latin Mass 'everywhere' and orthodox and sound clergy 'everywhere' all complaining that the Pope was trying to upend and turn upon its head the supernatural Faith of the Church for purposes that could never be justified as noble or good. Were his assertion true, Bishops would 'everywhere' and in great number be up in arms about the secular humanistic vision wrapped in a Vatican flag, masquerading as the Christian Faith, being trumpeted by Pope Francis, ++Marx, ++Kasper, ++Cupich and every unconvincing Bishop and Cardinal he clearly enjoys 'fruitful dialogue' with. The fact that His Holiness sees the reiteration of the teachings of his predecessors, even those he canonizes, as a 'temptation' is confusing to say the least. How can you be 'tempted' to affirm Catholics in the Truth!? Perhaps God does lead into 'temptation' after all! But He has left each Pope free will.

Image result for vatican II
It was the best of Council's, it was the worst of Councils...

His Holiness nips quickly onto Vatican II and gives us yet further evidence of just what a disaster the fruits of that Council have been, when responsibility for its 'deployment' into Dioceses falls into the hands of those who, let's be honest, do not even believe those inerrant parts of the Council documents which tie in harmoniously with the timeless and immutable Faith of the Church...

“The opposition after Vatican II, which is still present, has this aim: to relativize and water down the Council.”

We can talk about the problems - and I dare say that there are a few - with the Second Vatican Council documents, but do we seriously believe that the likes of Pope Francis see within the Council documents anything but some religious assertions that can be passed over (just as Christ's words, St Paul's words and Paul VI's words can be) and some gaping cracks to be exploited in the demolition process to bring the House of God down, only to erect a House of Man in its place? Make no mistake, Pope Francis is the Pope who is going to - and sadly this wouldn't be the first time, since deception is the hallmark of this pontificate - deceive the Flock of Christ into thinking that the goals of the Second Vatican Council were not merely as its documented aim says they were, but that the mysterious and ineffable Mind of the Council exists to this day, in a living way, that continues to evolve on a macro-level to finally embody an entirely new anti-Christian thesis.

This Catholic blogger thinks he has caught the Pope, but it's just a big shark...

Some will argue that such would be the most honest thing he has done or said, but I am not wholly convinced. Funny, isn't it, that the Mind of the Council continues to be a living and active thing for Francis, but that God's Holy Word can be discarded at whim, yet the Council exhorted Christians to fidelity to God's revealed Word. Whatever the merits or failings of that Council, Pope Francis is the Pope who is most likely going to take the Council with him when he is lowered into the his tomb. Yes, even if ++Cupich or ++Tagle replace him. Francis is making the glories of the Council as credible as the 'Great Deal of China' or his reputation for thorough marriage preparation on a plane. Perhaps, in doing all he is doing, and doing it in the name of the Mega-Council, he is in fact fulfilling God's purposes for and verdict on the Second Vatican Council and those who implemented it. Who can say?

Image result for pope francis heretical
Francis has form, according to his own words...

Yep, when Francis is lowered into the ground, he's taking the Council with him for good or bad. Trent and all previous Councils may yet survive intact above ground, to be treasured once again by the Church which has forgotten Francis and remembered her Lord. All those Popes who tried to recover some sense of order from the revolutionary 'spirit' unleashed by the Council, they were apparently 'watering down' and 'relativizing' the Event which brought about the 'rebirth' of the Church. Those stupid Christian Popes!

Image result for the mind
Again, Francis reveals that the Word of God and Sacred Tradition can be adapted to whatever agenda suits him and his strange coterie of friends, cut from the precise same cloth as those who propagated and championed the 'new dawn' of the Council in flower-power days, but woe betide you if you should consider the pastoral and ecumenical Council itself as being a useful but widely misused response by the Church to the post-war world and the outbreak of liturgical chaos that followed its wake to be a disaster. Really! How seriously must we take a Council when its own concrete assertions on liturgy, (Gregorian Chant, etc) were ignored by the majority of the Church? Oh, and its best not to believe strongly those things in those documents which firmly do adhere to Sacred Tradition (that's the vast majority of it) because that would be rigid and absolutist! You must only absolutely believe the Mind of the Council and that Mind is only knowable to those people who wish the Church to be completely secularised from top to bottom.

It was good for its time (during that time, we hated it)...

Does this make sense? No, but Francis isn't there to make sense. He's there to make a real mess and to be as rupturous and disruptive to the Christian vision of life as possible. Speaking personally, I don't even believe Francis believes in the esoteric nonsense espoused by those who consider Vatican II the defining moment of the Church's history. Really, what proportion of prelates such as Francis actually believe the contents of the documents? Francis cannot even bring himself to teach what is in the Catechism compiled after the Council. He knows it, he has read it but...he no likey! From Francis's own behaviour, one could be forgiven for wondering if Francis is in fact a militant atheist dressed in a white cassock who uses Vatican II and every official means possible as a fine excuse to destroy the Church Christ founded. To many in the Church, this is precisely what it is. Remember, Francis is probably going to canonize Paul VI - because he wants to and it is expedient, for there is little other reason - and then trash his teachings and order the post-natal abortion of Humanae Vitae. Is this the behaviour of a Christian believer or of a complete imposter grinning inanely and all?

“When I perceive opposition, I try to dialogue, when dialogue is possible; but some resistance comes from people who believe they have the true doctrine and accuse you of being a heretic,”

For this reasons cited above, one is unsure whether 'accusing' Pope Francis of being a 'heretic' is all that helpful even though very few people actually accused Francis directly of anything. Certainly, the Four Cardinals did no such thing, neither have the many blogs and websites documenting the effluence coming from the Vatican, despite the fact that the propagation of the Argentine Letter advocating Holy Communion to the divorced and remarried as an Acta Apostolicae Sedis should be enough to have the entire episcopacy in uproar, crying out, 'Heresy!'. What have Fr Antonio Spadaro and Fr Thomas Rosica been telling him? Heretics believe, firmly and willfully, Christological errors or deny articles of Faith revealed by God. I don't know whether apparent atheists masquerading as Christians who get off on duping the People of God really fall into that category. I don't know what Francis believes, my conclusion after five years is that he doesn't believe in anything, but he's a fine actor with a fine PR team. Well, I thought that, until he called abuse victims liars and slanderers and lost swathes of the world's media and then doubled-down on that unmitigated disaster by telling the world he was right but sorry to be so right.

Image result for pope francis heretical
Baptised Catholics do not 'believe we have the true doctrine'. We believe what you guard, Your Holiness, in the Sacred Deposit of Faith. We believe what you are called to teach! We believe in the teachings of the Church, we do not regard them as 'ours'. They are the Commandments of God and the precepts of the Church, the teaching of Christ the Lord! We will not accept some fraudulent imitation of these teachings from any man, even if that man comes dressed in angelic white. We are Catholics. We are not Bergoglians. Or Kasperites. Or even Burkeists. People would not talk of your documents and sayings as 'heretical' were you to simply teach what you have been mandated to teach: the authentic Catholic Faith handed down to you. It is not terribly difficult to teach. You will find it expressed eloquently within the Catechism that it is rumoured you would like to be changed to suit your own more palatable agenda - one shared by those who have influence over you. But rewriting the Truth and teaching a lie will not help you or anybody for Eternity. Is this really so difficult to understand? I fear rather that you do understand it. That is why your pontificate is so profoundly troubling. You know what the Christian teaching is, but prefer your own. You have truly come 'in your own name', not in the Name of our Blessed Saviour.

'When I do not find spiritual goodness in these people, because of what they say or write, I simply pray for them. It pains me, but I don’t dwell on it, for the sake of my mental health.”

As long as your 'mental health' is alright, Your Holiness, that's the main thing! It's not like there are a billion Catholics out there outside the walls of the Vatican who need Christian instruction and exhortation to true Christian doctrine for the benefit of their Salvation, or anything. You just stay in your cosy bubble, surrounded by your sycophantic cronies, while you unleash doctrinal chaos around the world and oversee the break-up and disintegration of the visible Communion of the Catholic Church worldwide. We're still praying for you, also, because we hope against all reason for hope and pray, against all reason to pray, that you will one day wake up to the reality and Majesty of God in this life - the One True God - rather than come in the next to the Lord's Seat of Judgement stained by the guilt of unrepented crimes against God's Church endangering the souls He has placed in your care.

Image result for i am going to say something heretical

You can do every wicked thing you wish to God's Church, see, the Lord is permitting all manner of perversity and evil to flourish for a time and a season, everything you see indicates that you will get away with it, but nevertheless, the true Church of Catholic believers will, in some form or another, survive you, but if you do not turn to God, you will not survive the Wrath that is to come. I don't know if you know who I am. I don't know if you would see spiritual goodness in this blog. I know you'll probably never read it. You are set firmly on a course of personal destruction of unspeakable suffering. It is not too late to turnaround! If you cannot endure criticism from abuse victims, or from bloggers or Catholic websites or even questions from Cardinals or bishops, or clergy, whose own mental health has, I expect, declined dramatically during your pontificate, I ask you, are you really fit to be Pope? More and more people are openly saying it, Your Holiness: repent or resign! Perhaps consider both!

Give it time, readers, give it time, no the time is already here, when faithful Catholics, for criticising this pontificate and its abominable fruits will be called "heretics" and "dissenters". What penalty will follow these accusations? The dictatorship of relatvism is well and truly established in the Vatican and there are enough willing executioners placed in positions of powers to purge the Church of those who would resist the destruction of Christian Faith and morals and love Christ enough to stand up and be counted as opponents of the plan we now see unfolding. We know the score by now. Pope Francis himself won't be leading the charge, not publicly at least, but he'll almost certainly be giving his benediction to the smear and its consequences from behind the scenes. But then again, who can say for sure? If the only information he receives is really from those who do his research for him, gathering the names for the list His Holiness has ("I know who they are"/"I've got a little list") then perhaps His Holiness is just ignorant of the arguments presented against his novel ideas that sideline Christ and exalt man for his own glory, without any requirement for man to know, love or share the immutable Faith necessary for his Salvation. I personally doubt it, but it is possible.

Related image
A Catholic blogger criticises Pope Francis

It is less possible to take away many positives from his 'conversation' with Jesuits made public by their official organ other than an open declaration of intent and one does also detect that in choosing to draw attention to his need to maintain his 'mental health' (boiling with rage, forgetting footnotes, mislaying letters and compulsion to media attention all seem to be a reoccurring problem for him) that the mad, schizophrenic or psychotic are to be found writing Catholic blogs and maintaining Catholic news and opinion websites. See those bloggers, over there, they are loco! You won't find such tendencies inside the walls of the Vatican, anywhere near Sancta Marta. Oh no! 

In my experience in 'dialoguing' with atheists, accusations of madness, mental health problems or religious psychosis were what drew the religious part of our conversation to a close before we cracked open another beer and recorded another song. Not in Lent, mind and certainly not on a Friday. I guess that's where are with our beloved Holy Father, 'you religious nutcases'. But one final thing, His Holiness must have known these words would reach bloggers, I surmise we are, in this case, his intended audience. The clear message, received loud and clear is this: 'Say what you want, I am not listening, you are wasting your time.' But it is never a waste of time, Your Holiness, to defend Christ and His Church from error and the seductions of false apostles, whether you choose to listen or not! If you do not listen to those irritating bloggers, someone else will. Perhaps that someone will clean up your terrible mess, some bright day!

To all readers, I wish a blessed and holy Lent.

May the Lord grant to you the victory that, like His Holy Church, belongs to Him. Your Holiness, that includes you. Not that you'll ever read this!

Just'll be Sunday soon!


  1. After reading this unsettling post I watched 'The Vortex - Queer as a Bell' on YouTube.
    If the desecration of the faith in Detroit is anything to go by, then the Catholic Church is in graver peril today than it was during the scorching heat of the Reformation.

    Calvin and Knox were excommunicate, no longer in communion with the See of Peter.
    But in taking a high view of Scripture, as well as in adhering to sound Christian morality, the Reformers were exemplars (in their own stern way) of a form of primitive Christianity.

    If Detroit is the future then the Church has abandoned basic morality (such as the sacrament of marriage) and is rewriting the Scriptures for the 'Sex and the City' generation.
    The purveyors of 'queer theology' are closer to witchcraft and New Age pan-sexuality than they are to the Early Fathers and the teaching of the Church councils.

    The instruction in R.E. at my Catholic primary school during the 1950s was first rate.
    We had a series of graded books under the title 'Christ - The Light of the World'.
    Confession, Mass, following the liturgical year, the reading of the Missal, the lives of the Saints and the reciting of the Rosary were the pattern of devotion.
    But at my Catholic comprehensive school (starting in 1963) the R.E. was poor and piecemeal; strangely there were no textbooks whatsoever, the first sign of the appalling decline ushered in by Vatican II.
    As a result, all of my friends fell away from the faith; we had no way of resisting the world, the flesh and the Devil.

    By God's grace I met the Rev. Stuart Borthwick, a strong church minister and industrial chaplain, who suggested I look into the Church of Scotland Bookshop, where I found Francis Schaeffer's 'The God Who Is There' and 'The Dust of Death' by Os Guinness.
    Then I started dropping into St Paul's Bookshop (in the same block) where I discovered a book on St. Vincent de Paul as well as Karl Barth's 'Outline of Dogmatics'.

    Both my Glasgow schools were named after St. Pius X.
    What would Pope Pius X have said if he could have had a stern word with the archbishop and priests who had allowed the 'little ones' of 1963 to go uncatechized?

    So the present apostasy has deep and poisoned roots.
    Satan is inside the Church and inside the heads of her bishops.
    You take an axe to poison roots and cut them away ruthlessly.
    You resist the devil and he will flee from you.

    We need to re-enchant the young with the lives of the fierce and holy Celtic missionaries like Patrick and Columba, men who withstood apostasy as they withstood wind and rain.
    We need to reconnect the laity to the teaching of the Magisterium because the disconnect is now so massive.
    How else can you explain that in once holy Ireland the well-meaning Mary McAleese and her 84-year-old mother both voted for homosexual marriage, an abomination so loathsome that it could only have come from the mind of Satan.

    The bishops who are in apostasy need to be outed and publicly disgraced.
    The faithful can break openly with popes, bishops and priests who are espousing antichrist.
    Indeed they MUST do so or risk judgment from our Saviour - 'Depart from me, I never knew you.'
    Will the Lord say it to Francis?

  2. Well said. God forbid Cupich as next pope. Once brother death comes for Frankie we will know where the Church stands.

  3. The Catholic blogosphere is simply "making a mess" as per instructions.

    What's his problem?

    And after all, "empowerment of the laity" is the essential "spirit of Vatican II", is it not? Well, then, rejoice Franciscus! This is the "spirit of Vatican II" in action.

  4. No, no, you misunderstand!
    Not that kind of mess! They are only making a mess because they want a holy Pope to restore order! And what is order? Nothing but the clearing up of mess!
    Do not trust them, those bloggers, they are scoundrels, you hear!??

  5. Our obedience must be to the fullness of the Catholic Faith. We must know our Faith and enter deeply into Christ for Whom the institutional Church exists. The purpose of the Church is to bring souls to Christ Who will lead them to the Father. We will travel the path of the underground church in China which now Bergoglio has taken steps to dismantle. Mass will be in homes and the sacraments will be administered secretly. Anyone who does not see this reality coming, even though it has been continually prophesied, is hiding from reality. Unless one has the deep intimacy with Jesus which the precious Sacraments nourish and humble prayer cultivates, he or she will be swept under by the tide of error permeating Bergoglio's works. On a human lev el the true Church will be obliterated.
    As far as Bergoglio goes, he is a degenerate Peronist. No moral fiber. God have mercy on his soul.

  6. Read online: The Anti-Church Has Come. Why faithful Catholics should not be afraid.
    By Father Linus Clovis (Life Site).
    Also: Scholar stumps Cardinal Cupich, asks if Pope's paradigm shift means radical doctrinal change. By Dorothy Cummings McLean. 2018 (Life Site).

    The Arian heresy of the fourth century dominated the Church for about 100 years, which means that the anti-church 'progressives' have roughly another 30 years or so (measuring time since Vatican II) to wreak their evil.
    The progressive-Marxist-feminist agenda inside the Church was well exhausted by the end of the 20th Century; the carefully planned agenda of the (secular) Gay and Transgender Revolution has given this anti-Church a new lease of life.

    What a boost for them that Francis gave permission for a naked homosexual figure to be placed in the children's Nativity Crib - even my fair-minded father would have had a few sharp words with Francis for allowing that obscenity.
    Watch 'The Vortex - Gay Seminarians' (YouTube) to understand why there is such psychological instability within much of the priesthood.
    Although I was much heartened to observe the real faith and hope of the American student priests in 'A Year in the Seminary' (YouTube) Beatific Films.

    With tears in my eyes I watched the video of 'Mother Angelica's chilling message to the liberals in the Catholic Church' - it is daunting to see such a gentle woman so angry and heart-broken.

    'When the church is absolutely different from the world, she invariably attracts it. It is then that the world is made to listen to her message, though it may hate it at first.'

    Those words were written by a Protestant (Martyn Lloyd-Jones) but they should make the posturing careerists in the Anti-Church think again.

    Christ gave a terrible warning to those who would scandalize 'my little ones'.

  7. How much more neo-pelagian can you get?!

    I think I say this with each of your posts: you've outdone yourself. Excellent post, and with such a cheery little musical finale. I laughed out loud. ;-)

  8. Nice of him to confirm that he has problems with his mental health. I have been saying as much since week 3 of this pontificate.

  9. 'Homosexuality is a sin but so is homophobia.' A wise remark of Dr. Rosario Butterfield's in a searching YouTube interview - 'Rosario Butterfield on the Christian Response to Homosexuality'.

    Dr. Butterfield is just the sort of balanced person Francis ought to be listening to right now, even if he doesn't read bloggers. She is author of 'The Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert'.

    Christians with same-sex issues are to not to be cold-shouldered, ostracized, demonized or diminished in their humanity. To behave in any such way whether by word or action, is serious sin.

    But those preachers of 'queer theology' need to understand that the lordship of Christ covers every aspect of our lives including sexuality.
    Our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit says the Apostle Paul who struggled against his own 'thorn in the flesh'.

    Christians are called by God to defend the sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman; this can never ever change. Jesus said so for all time.

    Read online '7 Ways Christians lost the gay marriage battle, and how we should (not) fight the war' by Nathan Campbell.
    Also: 'Christians have lost the culture wars. Should they withdraw from mainstream?' by Katelyn Beaty.

    On YouTube watch 'Michael Coren on his change of heart on same-sex marriage.'

    I believe Mr Coren is 100 per cent wrong on this central moral issue of our time, but 100 per cent right in his concern for vulnerable people.
    As John Piper says, it is not only gay people who are broken inside so are many straight people.

    We will all have to stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ and give an account of ourselves.
    Let us think remember it every hour of the day.

  10. May I recommend some more YouTube videos which, though highly subjective, have the ring of truth.

    Father Steven Scheier - What is Lacking in the Church Today.
    Father Steven Scheier's Judgment Experience.

    In the second video, Father Scheier was interviewed by the late Mother Angelica about his hopes and fears for the Church following his near death experience.

    However one feels about near death testimonials (I usually reserve my judgment) Father Scheier has been both shaken and renewed by his experience of judgment.
    He believes that both the Church hierarchy and many of the laity have lost the way.

    He is calling for a real conviction of sin in our hearts, and a turning away from heresy, shallow worship, wordliness and cheap grace - what Evangelicals call 'easy believe-ism'.

    You might also want to watch:

    Priest has near death experience and almost goes to Hell.
    Fr. Steven Scheier - A Priest is Called to Judgment.
    Priest Near Death Experience in Heaven, Hell, Purgatory.

    May this blog and others like it shake and vexate the souls of those bishops, priests and sisters who have been leading Christ's sheep into sin and false teaching.

    Get out your Rosary beads; as Hilaire Belloc said, recite the Rosary at every opportunity.



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