They left for their own country by another path...

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Nothing quite so cheery, heart-warming and festive as sacking staff over Christmastide, is there?

So much for 'dialogue', 'fraternity', 'accompaniment' and the rest of it.

Happy new year to you all.


John Fisher said…
Jesus Mary and Joseph are the perfect model for refugees. They returned back to their own country!
From the peripheries to the Priests. Franciscus is extending his circle of mock mercy.

But if we now move from poetry to prose, we look at the protest of the five hundred people who have been dismissed from working for the Office of Papal Charities. They are the calligraphists, the painters, and the printers who from January 1st 2015 will stop producing on behalf of the Vatican the decorated parchments for the Papal Blessings “for specific persons” ordered and sold in bookshops and stores that have been licensed by the Vatican whose proceeds have always gone for the benefit of the Office of Papal Charities afor their donations to charitable causes.

Next year, in fact, the Office of Papal Charities will arrange on its own initiative, with other calligraphists, for the production and selling of the parchments, either directly from the Internet, or through the nunciatures throughout the world. The one who gave notice of the imminent termination of their contract to these nearly 500 men and women who do their job for the Church from outside the Vatican was the head of the Office of Papal Charities and Pope Francis’ right hand man, [Papal Almoner] Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, in a circular letter of April 12 2014.

On June 29 the five hundred sent a letter to the Pope in which they begged him to not “cast hundreds of families into economic poverty and precarious situations.”

And they concluded: “We are placing our future in Your holy hands, and our plea to revoke this decision, which will have the effect of diminishing the charitable work done by the Office of Papal Charities in the course of years and still being done today, also by means of work offered by so many devoted people.”

More than four months have passed, and there has been no response to this appeal to the Pope.
People who are considered 'rigid' or 'traditional' get booted out but for those who are not there are jobs for the boys. And you don't even have to be a Catholic. Here
big benny said…
The reason these people's services are no longer required is because they were making a profit (and often an exorbitant profit) from the sale of these parchment blessings in their shops around the streets of Rome. Of course, the blessing was free but the parchment was €100+ none of which went to charity. It was an abuse that needed to be addressed. These people will still make a living selling their religious exorbitantly priced religious nik-naks and trinkets.

A long over due reform, well done Pope Francis!
viterbo said…
Heresy is not Catholicism/Christ. Mystery is.

Big Benny. Yes, quite.

Perhaps the Bishop of Rome worries about a shortage of those on the peripheries and he was engaging in some supply side ecclesiastical economics.

Sure, the poor folks who have been fired will be sad, depressed, and feel put upon, but that just increases their opportunities to carry their Cross like Christ did.

No, this all makes sense and A.B.S. doesn't care what any extreme conservative right-wing reactionary rad trad lunatic meanie says for the Bishop of Rome loves the poor with such intensity that he is growing their numbers as firings are a rising tide that lifts all homeless flotillas headed for Lampedusa.

O, and his non response to the repeated pleas of those he has sacked even though he is known to call his old shoemaker back home, his old friends back home, recent divorcees, etc?

It prolly is just an example of the Bishop of Rome's tough love; he is prolly preparing them for life on the street as the unemployed - perhaps even as the homeless.

But, on Oct 11, 2013, didn't the Bishop of Rome say that youth unemployment and loneliness among the eldery are the most serious evils in the world?

AH-Hah. Goctha.

The persons being sacked are not youth but they are married and, thus, no loneliness can be claimed.

It's always all good as the kids say...
Vatican austerity "threatens 500 jobs"

VATICAN CITY – Hundreds of calligraphers producing Apostolic blessings may lose jobs after the Vatican decided not to renew their contracts, claims a Calligraphers' association.

The Vatican was quoted as saying that by ceasing to outsource the work to produce the official blessings a higher proportion of the sale proceeds will go to charities supported by the Catholic Church. In a letter to the calligraphers dated April 12, Bishop Konrad Krajewski pointed out that the Vatican's intention in authorising the sale of blessings had always been to raise money for charitable work.

However the multiple small businesses who have carried out the work for many years say that a percentage of their sales go to the Vatican under their current contracts and subsequently to charities. They claim that the decision not to renew the contract is motivated by the Vatican’s wish to monopolise the specialised industry. Furthermore, they allege that the Vatican stands to capitalise on the positive reputation that these external companies have built for decades.

As many as 500 people are due to lose their livelihoods in two months’ time including calligraphers, shop-workers and painters, it is claimed. A petition addressed to Pope Francis by the group in June has so far received no response, they say.

The group want to draw particular attention to the pontiff’s multiple previous comments on the importance of work. Francis in a Sep. 3 speech said that who, “for the sake of money or business, or to earn even more takes away work, knows that he is taking away the dignity of a person.”

The petitioners add that, “focusing on the sensibility that Pope Francis has shown regarding social issues as well as for those living in poverty, we petitioners hope for a prompt reply, that may put an end to our discomfort and fear for the future for many families.”

Apostolic Blessings are issued for special occasions such as baptisms, marriages and significant wedding anniversaries and birthdays. They are currently available either directly from the Vatican, or specially approved shops.

However, beginning Jan. 1 2015 the Vatican will undertake the production of the blessings internally, with their own team of calligraphers. They will also become the only official point of sale for the scrolls, selling directly to clients worldwide over the internet.

As the Jan. 1 deadline rolls closer the group of workers still have faith in the pope. They reiterate now the appeal they made to Francis in June, saying, “you, who have encouraged and revived new faith in many Christians, may unwittingly cause our despair and throw in poverty and precariousness several hundred families depriving them of work.”

The Vatican Press Office did not immediatly reply when Italian Insider emailed the Holy See to ask for a comment.

Dear Bones. ABS understands if you do not want to go further down this road but it is useful for Christians to see the work of mock mercy and its ramifications. Now just imagine if a CEO of some company abruptly fired 500 workers (during Christmastide) and not only refused to meet with them to hear their concerns but did not make any attempt to help them find other work. One might imagine such an action would be the subject of a Casa Marta homily concerning the abuses of capitalism.
Pelerin said…
Attending a sung Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the Feast of the Epiphany this year whilst in Paris, I was interested to see the following in the accompanying leaflet:

'Conforming to an ancient tradition the procession today will return to the Sacristy by a different route from that normally used in order to mark symbolically that the Magi, having been divinely warned, returned home by another route.'

I do love these ancient symbols - I don't remember ever having seen this in Britain so perhaps it is only done in continental Europe.

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