Thursday, 12 November 2015

Pope Francis Should Be Thankful for Those Who Respect Law

"Were you looking for this?"
I suppose that as much as Francis has recently been railing against the 'keepers of the law' and the 'doctors of the law', he should be thankful for people who think law should be respected.

After all, it would be both against the letter and the spirit of the law for a group of now labelled 'conservative Catholics' to storm the Domus and forcefully oust the Pope, in some manner depose him, or for some of his enemies in the 'conservative' camp in the Curia to poison the Pope.

Despite a litany of thinly veiled insults towards the crystal clear and eternal truths held and proclaimed by the Catholic Church, as well as those who hold them, even the most vociferous of Bishops and Cardinals still uses very respectful words about Francis and nowhere does it seem this is a trend that will cease.

What Catholics, lay and clergy, are enduring at the moment is like feeling compelled to use polite, deferential and charitable and respectful language while watching someone loot your house, go through your drawers and steal whatever takes their fancy, saying, "Now, you know, perhaps some friends have put you up to this, we assume you do not understand what you are doing, but its really not cricket. Please could you stop and reconsider." The thief just continues rifling through your stuff and taking what it pleases him to take and says, "We're in a new era now."

The patience and love of Catholics is being tested to breaking point. Fr Ed Tomlinson talks today about the parallels between the prevailing view Francis will take post-Synod - and I think we had a few clues while he was in Florence - and the Anglican Synod in the 1930s. The sense of dread and fear is palpable and, of course, Francis will know that, as will his advisers. I don't know what the 'plan' is should Francis do or say something that will crystallise, concretely, his intentions for the Church that will be in some way completely 'unacceptable'. I'm expecting, should that be the case, that vociferous clergy and bishops will seek to 'muddle through' the mess that Francis will have caused, but who knows what is in the pipeline?

He might rail against law-keepers and those who seek to uphold Church teachings, but one Church teaching that Catholics seek to uphold is the law of charity, love of enemies and prayer for them even in times of what can feel like warfare or latent persecution. Pope Francis should be thankful for those who take Jesus's teachings seriously, rather than wanting to throw them out.


DJR said...

I think there should be a preemptive strike, accomplished by Catholic layman, to directly address the pope and hierarchy. It should be along the lines of the Synod Walkout Petition, signed by thousands, and entitled "YOU DO NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY."

The aim of the letter will be to alert the pope to the fact that he does not possess the authority to change the perennial practice of the Church in regards to who is eligible to receive Holy Communion.

It should make it clear that any change in this regard will be publicly labeled HERESY and that the laity will oppose the change and act to convince clergy, including members of the hierarchy, to combat it.

The pope should be given to understand that the letter will be translated into other languages, notably, Polish, so that he's aware that the letter is being given wide circulation.

It should also be forwarded to people like Ross Douthat, who can give the letter more publicity.

Laymen with their heads screwed on straight need to act BEFORE the pope issues any statement on the synod so he can be put on notice that any action he takes that will contradict the Church's teaching will be met with vociferous opposition.

Anybody interested in getting together and drawing up such a letter?

Barbara Jensen said...

We are fast approaching the time when those Catholics who are loyal to Jesus will have to admit that this present 'pope' is destroying the Church, is advocating heresy, and is hell-bent on 'change' that is not originating in the Holy Spirit. I am waiting for someone in ecclesiastical authority to say out loud what is obvious to all who are willing to see. This truth must be engendering dread in those prelates who know that if they do not speak out the will be failing Christ mightily. Let us understand that the true Church will soon be underground and prepare ourselves accordingly. Mother of Jesus, be with us in this dark time.

A PINCH of incense. said...

Whose law are you respecting? Many need to reconsider whether not respecting "men" or their own convenience when they continue to follow a false shepherd--I don't mean just Francis, but B16, JP2, JP1 and P6. So many continue to attend the P6 "mass" while still insisting that Lutherans (or any other protestant sect) or divorced and remarried must not be admitted to "communion". It doesn't matter what the facts are, as long as someone somewhere gives you a fig leaf: bad bishops, two good bishops, or the gates of hell or JP2 said something in this elocution. JP2 didn't want altar girls, was prolife, was against sodomy, but WHO appointed these bishops and cardinals? Who did nothing to stop the abuse? Who met w/pro-abort and sodomy politicians? Francis insists he is NOT changing the law but simply welcoming ALL to what has long been a 'pastoral abuse' for the few Blairs, Pelosis, and Bro. Rogers. Now did you walk out because there was a transvestite "parish" in Soho? Did you walk out because Tony and Cherie Blair rec'd communion and believe in abortion and sodomy and artificial birth control? Did you walk out because Tony Blair got communion when he was a protestant? Well, are you going to walk out if a sodomite or divorced couple start serving at your local parish mass? How many have walked out because Rocca served at papal NY Mass? If one person is allowed why not all the protestants? What difference does it make how many times, the LAW has already been violated. Almost every epistle in the New Testament insists have NOTHING to do with bad teachers who preach false gospels, yet I know of only three Catholic blogs that declare themselves not able to be in communion w/Francis (don't have his pic in the church!). After the synod disaster and the entire past week of heresy, Rorate is applauding itself today that "Traditional Catholics have a voice and it's more powerful than we often believe." Meanwhile this "priest" who's going to be buried in the "traditional rite" having turned back to it after he "retired" (whoever heard of priests retiring?), what PUBLIC penance did he do for leading how many souls to VC2 hell and offending God w/VC2 rite? Does someone w/the Catholic faith hide their light under a bushel? Do shepherds save themselves (or do hirelings!)? I want the "trad'l" requiem for myself, but Lutherans can have their rite, Hindus theirs and Satanists etc-- EVERY ONE of my former parishioners was buried as a sAint VC2. It's all about MY i-funeral. My RIGHT (not God's RITE).I can see this priest already burning in hell (along w/Rorate and all its readers!).

Jesus is very clear--better you enter life maimed than go to hell as part of a body that is going there. Sin will take over the whole--from the gay soho mass to the whole church; from the adulterous politician to the whole community! "The light of thy body is thy eye. If thy eye be single, thy whole body shall be lightsome. But if thy eye be evil thy whole body shall be darksome. If then the light that is in thee, be darkness: the darkness itself how great shall it be! No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." But "on high" is now the chancery: "Today I went to Mass at a parish that will remain unnamed. In the bulletin I saw the above event being announced. Knowing the priest to be faithful, I've no doubt that the announcement is in his bulletin only because its inclusion was dictated from "on high"; that is, orders came from the DC chancery and probably from the USCCB."

Well they only collect for CCHD once a year. They only have the rice bowl during Lent.

Liam Ronan said...

Yep. R-e-s-p-e-c-t finds out what it means to me.

"Can. 335 When the Roman See is vacant or entirely impeded (the Pope has become sui non compos), nothing is to be altered in the governance of the universal Church; the special laws issued for these circumstances, however, are to be observed."

Anthony said...

Oh dear, Mr Bones, what company you do keep.

As a disgraceful apostate, what I and many of my kind would find persuasive is a confident mysticism in the Church. The Traddie case should be perfect for this but is very badly harmed by the sort of rambling tosh that so often lands on here about Lizard Freemasons and how nothing has been right since 1789 (at the very latest).

The Old Mass and the common rituals of our lost (English) Catholicism are a startling delight because they are so revolutionary and subversive of modern despair and what we are taught to think of as the "real world". The people ache for reverent silence before God, which leads to Love.Traditionalists have that to offer but you fail at almost every turn because you are caught up in sour condescension. Why don't you all make the radical case you have at your disposal? It's not about "Bergoglio" or bad vestments and music, it's about your own entirely wondrous claims.

Get your heads up, stop moaning and start showing the power of the treasure you claim to be guarding. Otherwise, some may think you prefer the exquisite pleasures of thwarted righteousness and perpetual discontent.

Jacobi said...

The Holy Father keeps changing what he says. I was beginning to be quite comfortable with being a Promethean Neo-Pelagian, but after reading his latest, it seems I am not after all!

Anonymous said...

**No you moron. Fidelity to Rome is fidelity to the deposit of faith in the catechism. Not the people. **

You mean the catechism that teaches "THE DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON" and the Virtue of "CHARITY"? The same Catechism that probably forbids calling people "morons"?

**Fidelity to Rome is fidelity to the deposit of faith in the catechism. Not the people. Fidelity to the Chair of Peter. Not a person enthroned who attempts to steer his people away from it.**

The call to "Fidelity"! It started with a few kook priests and Carol McKinley telling people not to follow them, but to follow the local ordinary (Cardinal Law) who carries the authority of Rome here in Boston.

Then they took away Cardinal Law..and replaced him with Bishop O'Malley. Carol Mckinley had high hopes, but soon found out that O'Malley wasn't to Carol's liking. Carol told people, he's only a Bishop...makes sure you are following a Price of the Church...a Cardinal! They are the only ones that carry the authority from Rome....not just any "Bishop".

They, guess what? They made O'Malley a CARDINAL! (Just like CARDINAL Law! SO he must carry the authority of Rome to Boston, no?)

But...we quickly found out that even a Cardinal Archbishop....a "Prince of the Church" didn't have enough authority for Carol. Now, she claimed "Fidelity" to the Pope...not Bishops, not priests, not Pastors, not Cardinals.

THEN..The pope retires...and is replaced by another Pope. And quickly Carol McKinley finds out that possibly she has been wrong all along...and her claim of "Fidelity" as just a "cover" to follow only her own desires and really not submit to any authority. So much for "Fidelity", eh?

All this talk of "Fidelity"...had to change, because it became clear that she was only Faithful to her own thoughts and ideas. She had "Fidelity" to anyone that agreed with her. With all her blogging and busybody work, she realized onething...that, in effect...SHE wanted to be a pastor, a bishop, a cardinal...SHE wants to be the Pope! The arbiter of what is allowed, what isn't. Carol wants to be the disciplinarian! All this is at odds with someone who claims to follow Spiritual Authority and has "Fidelity".

So we have seen through the veneer of, so called, "Fidelity. (Notice the old "Magisterial Fidelity" blog has gone fallow.) We have already pointed out that this claim of fidelity to the Catechism is flawed as well, calling people names, etc., no talk of charity, respect or the worth of the individual The fidelity to the Catechism is only in effect when she agrees with it.

I don't see any indication that the Catechisms teaching of humility and pride are being adhered to. Do you?

I Think we've pointed out the fallacy of Carol McKinley's "Fidelity".

As far as Magisterial or the Magisterium, Carol here is a refresher course:

"In Catholicism, the Magisterium is the authority that lays down what is the authentic teaching of the Church. For the Catholic Church, that authority is vested UNIQUELY in the POPE and the BISHOPS who are in communion with him."

Sorry Charlie....err...Carol.

Get on thy knees and meditate of the teachings of Humility and Pride.

Charlesdawson said...

I am reminded of a remark made many years ago by Clive James, on the subject of the Oz trial I think it was (I don't have his book of essays to hand to check). Anyway, he said what was ironic about the defendants' shock at their plight was that, in abusing the state they were living in, they had taken for granted that it would exercise just that permissive tolerance which they relied upon to exprss their dissent freely. (Only, it didn't.)

Pope Francis should get someone to translate Robert Bolt's A Man for all Seasons for him, as Bolt says it far better than I could. The Holy Father might find that the winds that will blow when he has encouraged all laws to be disregarded, might blow the Papacy away as well. So many "revolutionaries" have suffered such a fate throughout history.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

How quickly it goes. Hands up everyone who admit that VIINovusOrdo supports the promulgation of lies that permit that the next, of many - and theatrically(Friday 13 planted) east of Hagia Sophia V west of Hagia Sophia massacre are 'beautiful'?

Read the Popes - as in Catholic pre-masonic punch-card pretenders. There is nothing 'shocking' happening if you are Catholic. Likewise, 'it's all good' if you are Novus Ordo.

Lynda said...

The Catholic Faith does not change, cannot change as it was given us by God Who is Immutable. Truth cannot change and the Faith is true!

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