Saturday, 4 July 2015

Will 'Mystery Worshipper' be attending the AMEX?

Is the Ship of Fools 'mystery worshipper' going to the Diocesan Jubilee at the AMEX tomorrow? It is the question on everybody's lips in the Diocese. I suppose the rating for the rather pricey celebration will depend on the quality of the Maris Pipers in the interactive prayer room on the day.

Given the track record for ratings of parishes, I would be mightily disturbed if the Festival 50 liturgy gets 10\10. If the Ship of Fools author's ratings for parishes that revere the Blessed Sacrament and take the worship of God seriously are so low then what would a high score mean?

Paul Inwood's banal music, 'airplane carousels', a veritable marketplace of stalls, floral displays and more volunteer welcomers than you could possibly ask for will be present at the AMEX, as well as plenty of entertainment for the 'knife in the back of the priest after you have been to Mass' ratings bandit. Personally, when I experience liturgy that does not reflect what I have been taught is reverent and dignified, and then write about it, I try not to name the actual parish Church and do so using my name. I am praying very much that the Lord Jesus will not be distributed in uncleansable plastic bags or something atrocious like that. I hope very much that the Divine Liturgy will, at the very least, revere the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

Still, so much of this carnival was not organised by the new Bishop, Bishop Richard Moth, under whose leadership of the Diocese, things are already beginning to look a little different.

The question is, will the mystery consumer of religion like the Vestments? I do, so I am guessing the Diocese might not score well on the Vestments front. Good lighting at the AMEX, though, I hear even if its not a Victorian building. Still, there are always the potatoes...and Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor and his friends. Is there a plenary indulgence for attending this event? I do hope so! A and B there! A full report following this week!


Pelerin said...

Fingers crossed for today! I just hope our fears will not be realised although my potatoes are at the ready should I need them to help me pray. Looking forward to your report Laurence and as you say the lighting should be good provided the sun makes its appearance. Wonder if there will be coffee afterwards - Fair Trade of course. I hope there are not too many Greeters there - so un-English. I want to sidle in unnoticed.

Delia said...

Looking forward to the review, when you have time!

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