Friday, 10 July 2015

A Bad Day at the Office

There simply are no words.

The Communist Crucifix was designed by a Jesuit.

What a surprise...

Shall we just say a bad day at the Office?


FrereRabit said...

I see that the liberated green campaigner Leonardo Boff has an interesting take on this:

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

The indoctrination into something that is anything but Catholicism continues unabated from the hierarchy of jorge, who has some pretty sizable blasphemer-boots to fill if we're gonna be honest. But, clearly, he's determined to do his bit for the Cause.

"A document was purportedly issued by the Masonic P2 Lodge in Italy just before Vatican II (March 1962). Whether this an authentic Masonic document or not, it conviently summarizes exactly what the New Order did starting at Vatican II to suppress the Roman Catholic Church. We summarize its list of items here."

1. Remove St. Michael, the Protector of the Church, from prayers and veneration.
2. Stop Lenten penance, Friday abstinence, and fasting.
3. Assign Protestant ministers to write a new "Mass" that conforms to Protestant theology.
4. Remove Latin from the Mass, devotions, and songs.
5. Ignore the biblical prescription for ladies humbly to wear a head-covering at Mass.
6. Stop communicants from kneeling to receive the Host.
7. Stop sacred organ music and replace it by profane instruments such as the guitar and piano.
8. Replace traditional hymns mentioning love of God with new ones promoting love of creatures.
9. Remove all Saints' relics from altars, and then replace altars with tables.
10. Remove tabernacles from the altar.
11. Remove Saints from the Church calendar, a few at a time.
12. When introducing the Gospels, drop the word Saint and simply call them by their common names.
13. Destroy all personal prayer books and replace them with throw-away paper "missalettes."
14. Remove all statues and pictures of Angels.
15. Eliminate the Minor Order of Exorcist for expelling devils.
16. Teach that Jesus was only a human, who had brothers and sisters [the old Arian heresy].
17. Close convents and dismantle religious orders.
18. Burn Catholic catechisms and teach a New One-World Religion.
19. Close Catholic schools, and until this is accomplished, use secular teachers, not religious.
20. Close Catholic universities, or secularize them.
21. Set an age-limit on the functioning on how long clergy can serve in order to remove traditional clergy faster.
22. Establish Protestant-like national bishops' conferences and international synods so that the pope becomes a mere figurehead.
23. Reduce priestly vocations by introducing as many scandals as possible.
24. Close churches, claiming lack of priests, economizing, and good business practice.
25. Engage the laity's mind in new "apparitions."
26. Reorganize the Roman Curia every time a new pope is elected.
27. Elect a pope who promises to allow Protestants and Jews into the Catholic Church as equal members.
28. Eliminate Confession.
29. Establish eucharistic ministresses.
30. Reject former Church doctrine. ( )

Whatever the authenticity of the purported origins of this list, the reality of what is on this list is, as they say, history.

Pelerin said...

To be fair to Pope Francis, he looks decidedly uncomfortable accepting the gift of the so-called Crucifix and his face is a study when receiving the chains around his neck. You can tell he is thinking 'what on earth are they going to give me next?' Whatever they were he would have been castigated by the secular press if he had refused any of the gifts. However I would have thought that any gifts presented would have been vetted by his entourage beforehand.

It is a pity the sound is so bad that I understand even Spanish speakers do not agree on what he actually said.

Just a thought - could the so-called Crucifix not represent the crushing of Marxism by Christ?

umblepie said...

Me thinks that you are a tad too critical. The icon is beautiful, the vestment looks
very traditional, and whilst agreeing that the design of the crucifix is not exactly traditional,to me it is striking and inspires devotion to the crucified Christ. I don't like the ornamental chain-wear, but I don't know what it signifies, and from the Pope's puzzled expression, perhaps he is not too keen on it either! I imagine this presentation was made during the Pope's recent visit to South America,and what is beautiful there may not be seen as such by us 'sophisticates' in Europe?!

Not That Guy said...

Something about the errors of Russia comes to mind.

The Bones said...

I am not criticising.

You can have a bad day at the office because things happen to you that are not in your control.

Lynda said...

I presume your tongue is stuck firmly in your cheek!

Lynda said...

All "gifts" exchanged in a meeting of Heads of a State are agreed in detail beforehand. Every last detail of papal meetings are worked out by officials (who do this all day, every day) in advance. The pope would've signed off on the content of all such high profile meetings. Nothing is left to chance. Nothing is spontaneous. There are no surprises. This is how things at this high level operate.

The Bones said...


If true that worries me.

The stage-management of this papacy is kind of sickening.

JB said...

I'm sorry but any normal Catholic, baseline Catholic, would have recoiled visibly at Jesus being presented on top of a hammer and sickle. Horrible. We have a bad, bad pope.

torchofthefaith said...

This image is blasphemous and therefore wrong in its very essence.

Subversive and reductionist signs are being used very effectively against the Faith and they must be resisted in the will.

We were shocked and distressed yesterday when it seemed that Holy Communion had been distributed in Latin America from white paper bags. Though it now seems that some kind of ciboria were in fact used - seemingly white bowls which are themselves problematic - at the very least it is not immediately clear to observers that the utmost devotion, reverence and awe are being given to the Blessed Sacrament.

The use of a Burger King for a sacristy by Pope Francis and seeming, white paper bags - even if over ciboria - for the distribution of Holy Communion, associates the Holy Mass in the popular mind with mere fast-food. This reception of such symbolic association is deepened further when such images are spread by the mass-media.

It is distressing to read that the BBC reported that the Altar and Throne from the Holy Mass were still being stored in the burger-joint after the Mass when the store re-opened for business later on.

Even before the Mass had ended, wherein Pope Francis preached against consumerism, Burger King were using his 'visit' as an advertising coup.

There have been so many compromised and even blasphemous signs given this week - in words, actions and things - that observers could be forgiven for thinking them programmatic.

Indeed, the ambiguities, errors, heretical-sounding statements and irreverences have now reached a point where they are almost daily occurrences. Sometimes they are more frequent than that.

May we console our Our Lord and Saviour with reparation.

Elizmary said...

When you come to realize that Pope Francis is the false prophet everything falls into place. There is worse to come down the line so let's all pray for the Catholic Church

Anonymous said...

IMHO Lynda is quite right, he knew it beforehand, he went to the place where was found the corpse of marxist jesuit Espinal who first made the so called crucifix, and prayed for him.... truth is sometimes awful, but true.

Damask Rose said...

In some way, I think Heaven is in control. They're being shown what they are in front of the whole world to see. Paul VI's Vatican II denied that absolutely millions were killed by the Bolshevik-Judaic/Communist regime as this hideous Crucifix reminded the Pope that Communism/Socialism is still crucifying Christ today. And these Marxists can't see it.

Andrew said...

That the Pope should be privy to such a public blasphemy like this is shocking. To my mind, this marks a crossing of the Rubicon as far as his papacy is concerned.

Liam Ronan said...

Bones, you said:

"You can have a bad day at the office because things happen to you that are not in your control."

However, you can have a bad day at The Office as Ricky Gervais did week after week knowing it's all scripted for you and will be broadcast for a considerable viewing audience.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

In the wake of the hammer and sickle blasphemy, here is a challenging article on the issue of someone in clericals promoting Marxism:

"After the Reformation [one could easily insert 'the Second Vatican Council' in here and it would still make perfect sense], and deprived of the Holy Sacraments, the common mind darkened and the truth above became obscured by a cloud...Today, as more and more truths are pushed out of the modern awareness, we have to look to the past to find them...not everything old or traditional is good, but there’s nothing good about liberalism...There is no real difference between philosophical or political liberalism and Christian liberalism. They are both faithless. Don’t be fooled...The Church has four marks: it’s one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. If you use these marks to discern what is or is not the Church, you’ll find it’s usually not where people say it is. Most ‘catholic’ people and institutions simply do not demonstrate most of these four marks...Communism, which is the advanced end of Liberalism or worldliness, can also be discerned by four marks. These are lying, cheating, stealing, and killing. A communist society descends upon men in the name of ‘justice’ or ‘social justice,’ but it is in no way just...[Francis] is what the American socialist establishment likes to call ‘a transformational figure.’ In short, Francis demonstrates the four marks of communism quite well..."

Andrew said...

This is slightly off-topic, but it fits in with Viterbo's post above re: the march of liberalism:

"Germany urges paedophiles out of the shadows"

Looks like the opening gambits of the liberal establishment's plan to normalize, and eventually legalize, paedophilia has begun. Didn't we all warn of this, and weren't we all condemned as mad for doing so?

As H.G. Wells wrote in Star Begotten:

"There are bad times ahead for uncompliant sane men. They will be hated by the right and by the left with an equal intensity.

Don'tFretAboutTheWicked said...

Well, don't worry - have some coke...

That'll give you back your energy!

So you can repeat your mess over and over and over again!

Anonymous said...

Update from CNA/Rorate: Francis says commie-crucifix was not offensive.

Francis: For me it wasn’t an offense, but I had to do this hermeneutic, and I say it to you so that there aren't any wrong opinions.

Vistas: Did you leave it there?

Francis: No, it’s traveling with me. Maybe you heard that President Morales wished to give me two honors, the most important of Bolivia and the other of the Order of Fr. Espinal, a new order ... The two honors will be in the Shrine of Our Lady of Copacabana, the Madonna, while the Christ is coming with me. Thanks.

John Vasc said...

[Portuguese interviewer on the plane] "Holiness, what did you think when you saw the hammer and sickle with the Christ on it, given to you by Evo Morales?"
[Pope Francis] "It’s curious, I didn't know this, nor did I know that Fr. Espinal was a sculptor and also a poet. I learned this in these days. I saw it and for me it was a surprise."

The Pope 'didn't know' about the Espinal hammer and sickle?? But it was an object widely notorious even outside South America during the 1970s - and its presentation to the Pope cannot surely have come as any surprise as it must have been pre-arranged, as it is with any official visit by a Head of State.
And he didn't know about Fr Espinal's biography or occupations? But that's all in Wikipedia, for any Vatican researcher to stumble across.
Fr Espinal's revolutionary sympathies and his activism in Bolivia and his death in 1980 was fully reported in Buenos Aires: and it coincided with Pope Francis's time as the Jesuit Provincial of Buenos Aires (1973-80).

But in any case, the Pope has taken pains to stress that he 'took no offence' at the symbol of a hammer and sickle instead of a cross.


JB said...

I'm sorry but any normal priest would have removed the corpus from that evil piece of junk and then thrown the stupid hammer and sickle in the garbage, or burned it.

Unknown said...

Viterbo, I do wonder if we haven't been deprived of the sacraments since the Vat 2 council changes in the ordination and consecration rites and in the Novus Ordo. It's a question that gnaws at me all the time.

Seattle kim

The Bones said...

Certainly we have valid Sacraments.

Unknown said...

Hey I'm no Francis fan, don't even recognize him as the pope anymore, but coca leaf tea got me through a week in Cusco, Peru.
Also the guinea pigs were very tasty. The Cathedral's Last Supper painting shows Jesus with a guinea pig on his plate. Surprised there wasn't a bowl of coca leaves on His table too cause they're freakin everywhere you go down there.

Seattle Kim

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