Tuesday 23 December 2014

New Reforms for Curia Expected in 2015

After the stunning and very public Christmas 'dressing down' of his staff yesterday, 2015 is expected by some to bring some rigorous changes to curial life modelled on the US Marines. I apologise for the now familiar Hollywood film's dishonouring of the Holy Name contained within this movie snippet and for any swearing, but I couldn't help but think it portrays quite well in what direction the Pope's staff must feel things are going.

I guess that's the Vatican Office Christmas party cancelled this year then! This is that time of year when parish priests thank the many people who contribute through paid work and volunteering to maintain the running of the parish. Remember, Fathers, after you've thanked them to remind them of "the importance of not becoming clique-forming, hoarding, existentially schizophrenic, gossip-mongering, sufferers of spiritual altzheimers who are dominated by theatrical severity and sterile pessimism....and that's just the choir...Now for the altar servers..."


Cesare said...

Pope Francis has seemed to make this constant, over-the-top, shallow, negative criticism one of the hallmarks of his pontificate. I am honestly growing more than a little weary of it, because it seems to me just a way to bring attention to himself.

gracem said...


Annie said...

"I guess that's the Vatican Office Christmas party cancelled this year."

Au contraire, mon ami. That *was* the Christmas party.

philipjohnson said...

New Reforms affecting the Bishop of Rome 2015.The curia-much criticised by his humbleness- will gather together and place a Roman Catholic as Pope.The present one can then return to South America and continue to cause mayhem as he has done for many years!!Why is this man in Rome?Philip Johnson.

TLM said...

Remarkable how His Holiness is able to keep a constant mantra of downgrading and negativity and still able to keep his 'Joy'.

John Vasc said...

Criticizing the 'fuddy-duddy establishment of the Catholic Church' is always very popular with lukewarm Catholics or anti-Catholics. And these were surely the Holy Father's intended audience, not the Curia themselves.

Anyone who has worked for a large corporate organization knows the subtle art of memo writing.

1. The name 'Subject' is never the true subject.
2. The 'From' line contains the imposing job title of the writer, and is there to remind the addressees who is the boss.
3. The person or persons being addressed are never the true addressee.
4. The real addressee is to be found among those copied in ('cc.')
5. The contents are virtually incomprehensible to those addressed, but generally begin with the words 'As you know...' followed by some piece of news that comes as a complete surprise to the recipient. There is also a firmly delivered but vaguely worded threat to crack down hard on some approach or trait so vaguely specified as to be applicable to almost anyone and everyone.
6. The memo is then deliberately leaked to all the junior staff and even the press so as to complete the discomfiture and confusion of the whole administration.

The Holy Father seems to have ticked all the boxes.

Jacobi said...

"clique-forming, hoarding, existentially schizophrenic, gossip-mongering, sufferers of spiritual altzheimers"

Yet a further crowd of sinners who should not be trotting up, routinely, with all the others already mentioned, to receive Holy Communion, and smiling at their friends on the way back to make sure they are spotted.

That should bring the numbers of receivers down to about 15% now!

lucidmimi said...

LOL, Annie! Thanks for the laugh ' I really needed it! :)

lucidmimi said...

Totally agree:)

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