Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pope Francis Speaks of Heaven

The new look Catholic Herald today reports on Pope Francis's recent remarks to the Roman crowd on Heaven...

“More than a place, it is a ‘state of being’ in which our deepest expectations will be fulfilled in abundance and our being as creatures and as children of God will reach full maturity. We will finally be covered with the joy, peace and love of God in a complete way, without any limitations, and we will be face to face with Him! It’s lovely to think of this, to think we will all find ourselves up there! All of us in heaven. It’s good, it gives strength to our soul,” Pope Francis said.

So for those who on Sunday heard of the wine press of God's anger or who are concerned by Our Lord's parables on foolish virgins, men who hide talents, those who the King brings before Him to be slain in His sight, those who sang dirges and danced but the Lord knew not, weeping and gnashing of teeth, outer darkness, or hear of stories of goat and sheep dividing, don't worry yourselves because, "We will all find ourselves up there! All of us in Heaven!" That said, it is good to hear His Holiness say something about Heaven.


Anonymous said...

It would be infinitely better were he to say nothing than to clearly imply that all go to Heaven (or at least anyone who'd like to). One cannot speak of Heaven without speaking of the Four Last Things and in the context of the Church, and its mission to save souls from eternal damnation.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

On another point. Is it perhaps time to add to 'The Little Book of Insults'? I was most upset about the remark in Strasbourg about Europe being compared to a tired old Grandmother, infertile, lacking in was somethig like that. The Holy Father clearly hasn't met my Great Grand Mother, Grand Mother and indeed Mother- Grandmother to my children!! And when I think of the life of prayer of those Grand-mothers at daily Mass, Rosary etc.- the lifeblood of the Church! Sorry Gentlemen, but it's much more often the Grand-fathers to be caught dozing in the chair ;-)

philipjohnson said...

Lawrence.The Bishop of Romes inanities and falsehoods go on and on!!Philip Johnson.

Anonymous said...

All for one and one for all.....I'm wondering whether Adolf is in Heaven....neither fr.Martin Luther would have told similar crap.In te speravi, Domine, non confundar in aeternum. God bless+

Andrew said...

There's something very masonic about this Pope.

And as to the infiltration of the Church, I recommend you read this piece from a 1936 edition of The Catholic Gazette. It is rather interesting:

Genty said...

Well, that puts pro multis back in its box.

Eccles said...

It would be better if he said something about Hell, surely?

Dymphna said...

The grandmother crack was cruel. Those of us over 40 already know that society holds older women in contempt.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more Dympna. On holiday, in Spain, my family and I went to Sunday Mass in a town near Barcelona. The ONLY people there, other than us, were the Grand-mothers. Thank God for them! Without them there would have been noone. No wonder many of them go to daily Mass. They are praying to get their whole family to Heaven. And it's often quite a job!

Anonymous said...

An apostate priest I know, when he wanted to stress how despicable a certain aspect of the Faith or moral law was, would make reference to the fact that it was adhered to (stupidly, of course) by "those little old ladies" in the most derisive tones he could muster. He even described how he would directly mock these people he so classified if he were saying a Mass on a weekday in the church, where such loathsome types attended Holy Mass daily. In fact, I knew several apostate priests who would sum up the wretched faithful in the totem of "the little old lady" that seemed to be something of a bogie man for them. Perhaps, their conscience trying to get their attention. When I would hear these "enemies within" scornfully allude to these mythical creatures from their exalted positions in Church institutions, it made me want to be more like those "little old ladies" whose faith aroused such hatred in these priests whose energies were consumed by attacking the Faith, the liturgical life and the moral life.

Lepanto said...

Pope Francis says something that contradicts Catholic teaching! Wake me up when it stops, I'll just assume that it happens everyday until then.

Nicolas Bellord said...

Well I suppose that he may be a universalist in the footsteps of Cardinal Cormac so anything goes!

But Cardinal Cormac is now in a spot of bother. A must read is:

Of course nothing will happen.

Anonymous said...

The show goes on - all day, every day. Lord, have mercy!!!

Anonymous said...

Bones, I'm looking for Christmas presents at the moment, and surprised that you don't have your own page on Amazon?! I googled "That the Bones you have crushed" and found a book about the power of something called "Kabbalah". Is there something we need to know? Are you moonlighting as a new-age mystic? I never really trusted you, actually.

Long-Skirts said...

Cathprogrocker said...
"I never really trusted you, actually."


For neurotic-psychotic
“Attached” to the old
We give you a hireling
To take care your fold.

No need for the shepherds
Who seem so much keener
They’ll tempt you with dreams
Of pastures much greener

And say not to mimic
Past tolerant-barters
So heads were cut off
Who could dialogue with martyrs?

The shepherds tell fables
‘Bout a man, hated, hailed,
Like you just “attached”
Don’t believe He was nailed!

rosaMaria said...

Yes, many of us wouldn't even BE here if it wasn't for our grandmother's prayers. When my maternal-grandma passed-away, I felt as if blessings and protection were leaving and then gone. I couldn't see it with my eyes, but felt it 'around' me and in my heart and soul. Perhaps, those were the blessings that her grandchildren were receiving from her daily prayers and sacrifices!! So, God bless you, Grandma Isabel and Grandpa Nino, as well!!..

Nicolas Bellord said...

Cathprogrocker: "That the bones..." is a quotation from Ezechiel. Kabbala is a rather strange cult which claims esoteric knowledge is encrypted in the Bible - particularly in Ezechiel. I think you can be certain the Laurence has nothing to do with Kabbala just because they refer to the same text!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but he's a male, from Brighton, and what's worse, I'm a Palace fan, I still don't trust him.....
(I'm joking, obviously).

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...

If we are all going to Heaven there is really no justification for Francis to go anywhere at all.

Why use money for all of his trips and appearances - money that ought to go to the poor - when he could just broadcast the gospel of universal salvation right from St Martha's?

Are these unnecessary trips all about egoism?

And why is ISIS a problem? It isn't. ISIS just speeds the person to Heaven as does abortion. Besides, Religious Liberty requires we acknowledge the good in, and show respect for, all religions; that is, all religions are sorta the same even though there has ever been only one religion - (Bond with God) because God Himself established it and God does not change

What's that you say? Jesus said this -

He that heareth you, heareth me; and he that despiseth you, despiseth me; and he that despiseth me, despiseth him that sent me.

O, come on, That doesn't mean that those who hate Jesus and also hate His Father will not go to Heaven.

Listen, Dawg, all dawgs go to Heaven especially those who hate Jesus and His Father and one thinks that may be what the Bishop of Rome may be talking about when he describes God as a God of surprises.

So, relax, man. The Four Last Things - Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell?

PFFFFT. That is so pre V2 and no longer exists for the V2 rocket- launched without infallible fuel - has destroyed the past and left us with a new pentecost in the civilisation of love of universal salvation Per omnia saecula saeculorum,

Anonymous said...

Masonic influence...look at the picture displayed to the world after Pope Bergoglio was elected There he is with the hidden hand. Look up hidden hand and see who else posed that way pray

Felix M said...

I liked the Johnnie Cash song, and think it a little unfair to couple it with il Papa's quasi-universalism.

BTW, I thought that il Papa said that Mafiosi wouldn't get to Heaven. Unless they are gay, of course.

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