Thursday, 16 October 2014

Vacant Diocese in Angola

News just in: a Diocese in Angola has just become vacant. 

Rumour has it that the Pope is considering Cardinal Kasper for the exciting post.

Oh, he could learn so much.

Real news from Fr Z: The uprising has begun.


Marie said...

The Pope was silent and looked serious. Even Fr. Z thinks Francis was not very pleased with the "uprising." I should think so, too. And why not? - the Pope might be holding the "smoking gun."

Two recent separate interviews that seem to point to Francis wanting to do away with faith and moral doctrines:

1. His niece, Cristina Bergoglio, an "spiritual-but-not-religious" new ager, expects her uncle to "update" the "stagnate and outdated" Church. I won't be surprised if that's what the Pope had promised her and himself, too.

2. Cdl. Kasper's most recent interview where he claims the Pope sees the problem of divorce everywhere [and want it relieved.]

"When I speak to lay people, also old people who are married for 50, 60 years, they never thought of divorce but they see a problem with their culture and so every family has a problem nowadays.

“The Pope also told me that [such problems exist] also in his family, and he has looked at the laity and seen the great majority are for a reasonable, responsible opening."

So...the Pope wants the "opening" for his own family's personal use. And he has the Synod as the tool to do it. When some Bishops stand their grounds, Francis must keep quiet, but appears very serious.

The Pope does not own the papacy. He does not own the Magisterium. He does not own the Church. The Church belongs to Jesus Christ. Francis Bergoglio can't "update" Church teachings to please his family.

Lepanto said...

Ha! Francis and his minions now know that it is all going 'belly up'. Suppression, manipulation and demoting a few outspoken opponents to error (pour encourager les autres) must have looked good on paper but it hasn't worked because apparently there are still some brave and principled men in the hierarchy.

What will they try next? I think that some members of the Synod will be hearing about plum jobs that will soon be available but only to the right types of course.

Zephyrinus said...

Surely it is Teheran that dodgy characters are sent to, when they queer their patch ?

John Vasc said...

It'd be surprising, but something along those lines (banishment from Rome) isn't unthinkable.
In my organizational experience [adopts Reggie Perrin worldly-wise half-smile] those who sell their souls to undertake assassination attempts on behalf of senior management, if they don't succeed in making a kill are usually themselves fed to the crocodiles - and then, as the Psalm says 'let another man take their place'.

Are there crocodiles in Angola? If so, it would be the ideal promotion for Cdl K.

Other aggressive aquatic reptiles and remote sees are available.

Sadie Vacantist said...

@Marie I must admit that her paintings look quite good ...

What's of interest is that she is a bog standard lapsed Catholic with all the associated rhetoric.

The impression I am getting from this Pope is that he is intellectually weak, disorganised and lacking dipolomatic skills. On the plus side he is healthily heterosexual and normal. I suspect he made a mistake in accepting the papacy and failed to read the signs of the times. South America is not ready for the papacy and the growth area is Asia and Africa. He should have recognised that reality and declined.

Unknown said...

Let them distort the truths. We can just go underground. It might be kind of exciting. I'm sick of all the milquetoast lukewarm and sometimes outright heretical Catholicism I keep encountering. Am ready for schism . Sounds awful doesn't it? Maybe I don't really mean it, I don't know. As a convert, I just get so emotional about all this.

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