Thursday, 2 October 2014

Remember the days when...

"Most Sovereign Lord, I present to Your Divine Majesty another soul from 
the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton for Your All-Perfect Judgment..."
...popes, cardinals, bishops and priests believed their primary vocation was to prepare themselves and those in their care for this?

I reckon the poor Catholic chap undergoing Divine Judgment (left) gets a free pass on the grounds of invincible ignorance.

We can only hope.

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momangelica said...

Dear 'Bones'
Just heard from Sally the news that Richard ( Linen on the Hedgerow)has come home and not expected to be with us long. Some of his children are with him but two are traveling from London and Sally asked for prayers for their safe journey and, of course, for Richard in his last moments.
Sally was so brave and said Richard had been given the Last Rites by a young priest who has been Celebrating the Holy Mass for them in the Traditional Rite.

Sorry to send you the sad news but wanted you to know as Sally wished for many prayers.

God Bless.
Gail Mills (momangelica)

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