Saturday, 18 October 2014

Michael Voris Confirms that Cardinal Raymond Burke has Confirmed What We Already Knew


Anonymous said...

Thank God.

Lepanto said...

The US bishops decided to exclude themselves from being considered at the Conclave, possibly to stop Burke as most of them despise him. I sometimes wonder whether that move somehow made the Conclave invalid by hampering the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

What a relief after the nightmare and torture of the last 18 months! Thank God for Cardinal Burke! Now all Catholics with any common sense at all should rightly back him as he is so obviously a loya son of the Church.

Prayers to Our Lady and St. Michael for Cardinal Raymomd Burke!

I might add, that it is great to hear a high prelate confirming what I have been thinking - Pope Francis is not a good pope at all.

I hope now that a lot of prelates will tell him this to his face.


Jacobi said...

Yes, it’s as we all suspected.

The Synod on the Family is being used by the Relativist faction in the Church led by Kasper. Their objective was to push through acceptance of sex, hetero or homo, outside of marriage as acceptable and to deny the indissolubility of marriage.

Their “Coup” failed but rest assured, having learned their lesson, they will be pushing this agenda all this coming year and will no doubt have some tricks ready for next year.

The counter to this is that all true Catholics must use every opportunity in the coming year to confirm Catholic teaching on Marriage and the sinfulness of sex outside of marriage.

This should include letters to your diocesan representative bishop at the Synod, copied to your own bishop.

Unknown said...

Burke for pope!!

Finally Michael Voris says out loud what he's been thinking for the last 18 months----by quoting Burke the Brave.

BTW Burke was my bishop when I live in St Louis 2003-2006. He was fantastic. He wouldn't let pro-abort politicians take Communion and he wouldn't let Sheryl Crowe give a concert fundraiser for a Catholic children's hospital there because of her support for embryonic stem cell research and abortion. He was equally loved and hated by many.

Seattle Kim

Bemused said...

Theme song for Cardinal Burke, from Alan Parsons Project:

And a Monty Python sketch for Cardinal Pell:

Unknown said...

Doesn't play anymore. Wonder why?

Seattle Kim

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