Saturday, 23 August 2014

He's Back! The Co-Prophet of the End Times!

I don't think I go along with all that the Third Eagle and Co-Prophet of the End Times is telling us. 

But isn't he wonderful!?

What I can say is that the 'poor Church for the poor' seems to think that ordering in a truckload of absolutely naff vestments and truckloads more naff liturgical caps for those participating in the Beatification ceremony of the Korean martyrs sounds to me a bit strange, perhaps a little inconsistent.

For a 'poor church for the poor' we do seem to like squandering a load of cash in order to make liturgy look ugly, don't we?

I'm not sure what to make of the symbology. I'm not a symbologist, but for future reference, the Vatican can buy some lovely cheap beautiful vestments at Ornaty

They could save a bob or two and then give the savings to the poor.

I don't know why the Co-prophet of the End Times is saying all this now. Haven't terrible vestments that detract from the holiness of the Sacrifice of the Mass been a feature of the Church for about 40 years now?

Who's the other prophet of the end times?

Leave your name in the comments box, I'd love to see your YouTube videos.


Tereze said...

For me a true prophet of this End -time is Maria Divine Mercy:

I think the Third Eagle is calling himself "co-prophet" to share this spot with prophet Daniel and St. John of the Apocalypse. However this is a great exaggeration.

None the less, he is doing important job to show this symbolism even if this is stretched to far. Or is it?

The true nature of masons is hiding behind the God's true symbolism.

susan said...

maria divine mercy is a charlatan and a fraud; don't be deceived....

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