Friday, 28 March 2014

Same-Sex Marriage is Simply Red

If I had been on Question Time, I would have asked the question:

"What the **** is the guy from Simply Red doing on Question Time!?"

I'd have also asked the question:

"Diane Abbott maintains she has campaigned for gay marriage for 'all her political life'. How can this be when the campaign for gay marriage in the UK started as recently as 2010, with complete disinterest from the 'gay community' until well after that year?"

And finally...

"If Mick Hucknell is such a big campaigner for guys doing it with guys, then why are two guys falling in love absent from any of his music videos based on lyrics about romantic love?"

Same-sex marriage, let's face it is the ultimate oxymoron, straight out of some dystopic future novel in which truth is supplanted by falsehood under the guise of 'love' and 'freedom', only to be supported with vast reams of State-led propaganda that makes those who naturally recoil from it too afraid to speak out.

It's a well-known campaign tactic for the left, who seek to destroy the family unit and replace it with fidelity to the State. Ironic, therefore, it is, that one guy supporting it on Question Time was from a band called 'Simply Red'.


Anonymous said...

The truth is no longer permitted. Truth holders are to be persecuted in the name of a demonic ideology.

Patricius said...

The purpose of the introduction of this "same sex marriage" is to attempt to legitimate evil actions. As pope Francis is alleged to have said it is a work of the Father of Lies- Satan.

Genty said...

Given that the new legislation has come into effect on the weekend of Mothering Sunday, will the day now be known as Parent One (or even Parent Two)Sunday?
The sham would be risible were it not for the certainty that this won't be the end of it and there will be attempts to force Human Rights prosecutions against religious and others of good conscience.

Andrew said...

John Kerry and Bill Clinton once ran on a positively anti-gay electoral ticket.

Progressives are evil. They'll simply say whatever they think you want you want to hear. They have no convictions nor care for truth whatsoever.

The end-point of their dirty satanic game is, as I have been saying for decades now, the legalization of child-adult sexual unions. It is a core part of their demonic worship to institute this particular perversion as a norm, the normalization of homosexuality being but a stepping stone to this end.

The real fight hasn't even yet begun.

Genty said...

I am sorry to say, Andrew, that I believe you are correct in all your assumptions. The mystery to me is how this tiny percentage has managed to wield so much influence and fool so many people all of the time.

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