Tens of Thousands Protest 'Same-Sex Marriage' in France

Meanwhile, here in the United Kingdom, The Telegraph today reports that, 'Liz Truss, an education minister, refused to rule out the possibility that teachers, even in faith schools, could face disciplinary action for objecting on grounds of conscience.' At the time of counting, The Telegraph article has attracted 3085 comments and counting. Readers are not amused.

And who can blame them. The redefinition of marriage will turn mothers and fathers into progenitors A and B. 'Husbands' and 'wives' will become merely 'parties to a marriage'. The entire landscape of the post same-sex marriage is totalitarian in its application to society. It has already been proved so by the experience of Canada and those states in the US where it has been brought in, like Massachusets. Parents will be unable to pull their children from lessons on homosexuality and marriage as the State takes away from parents the right to be primary moral educators of their children. It will eventually see Priests being punished under the law in the ECHR for not ministering to gay couples the 'rights' to marriage that have been won under marriage equality legislation.

Perhaps now is the time for us to follow the lead of the Church's eldest daughter and take to the streets, but the French are just so much better at that kind of thing, aren't they!?


pelerin said…
I am glad you have mentioned the march in Paris on Saturday. I was curious to see what coverage the media gave here and by late Saturday night I could find not a single mention on any of the major newspaper websites here and no mention on the tv news either.

The BBC web page got round to mentioning it on Sunday morning - nothing on Saturday evening.

I watched one of the French news bulletins on Saturday evening and of course it was fully covered and showed the extent of the participation. The Paris march had at least 70,000 (official figures often underestimate) whilst that held in Lyon had 22,000 participants. The Primate of the Gauls, Cardinal Barbarin, took part in the latter together with the rector of the local mosque - the latter being omitted from any of our sparse comments here. In Paris members of parliament and mayors took part - in France civil weddings take place in front of the mayor so if the law is passed there will be trouble there. Will they refuse and risk losing their jobs?

There were other marches in French cities and the official figures were 100,000 throughout the country.

The marchers protested against the up coming change in the law which if passed will allow same-sex couples to 'marry' and also to adopt children.

Yesterday there was a second march in Paris of some 9,000. This was composed of those known as 'traddie Catholics' together with the ultra right, and royalists - unfortunately in France these are linked. I think it is a pity that they did not join the same march although their religious banners might have led people to believe that it was only the 'religious' who objected to same-sex marriage.

Other marches are planned in January and more than 65 French Bishops have now publicly declared their objection to same-sex marriage and said why it is not possible.

What a pity there have not been demonstrations organised here in England for us to show our support for real marriage and our opposition to changing the law. As you say the French are not afraid of taking to the streets - Parisians joke saying 'it's Saturday, I wonder who is demonstrating today?'
Lynda said…
If a school is faith-based it ought to be independent of the State. The State is not the educator of our children. However, in Ireland, the State has already set the stage for the takeover of children, transferring the arbitration of a child's "rights" and "best interests" from the parents to the State. Totalitarianism is well and truly upon us.

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