Savita and the Case for Abortion

Poor Ireland. I have read, so far, just a few good articles on Savita and the case for abortion, so before you read anything else on this tragedy, including this blogpost, read Life Site News.

First and foremost, may she, they, rest in peace, Savita and her unborn child, may the Angels and Saints lead them into Paradise.

But else what can we say? This could be the case that breaks Ireland's resistance to abortion. Most likely, it will be. If you read media reports, Ireland is now in self-flagellation mode over Savita's tragic death. It should not be. Let us state it clearly - Ireland should not be hanging its head in shame.

I've read several pieces, including William Oddie's piece for The Catholic Herald in which he argues that doctors could or should have induced labour despite the fact that doctors would know that an unborn child of 19 weeks would certainly die outside the womb. As far as I know, the principle of double effect works for ectopic pregnancy where an infected tube is removed in which the embryo has developed and will stay. What is removed is the tube. It is known the unborn child will die but this is a secondary effect of the removal of the diseased part of the organ. In this case it is the organ being removed, the fallopian tube, not a direct attack on the unborn child. It is not the intention to target the unborn child in this procedure. The principle of double effect works only in accordance with 'therapeutic means' which do not directly attack the unborn child, surely.

In this case, either by direct abortion or by induced labour, doctors would be deliberately killing the unborn child. By direct abortion, this would be the case. By induced labour, doctors would have knowledge that a baby of 19 weeks would not survive outside of the womb. By performing either action, the doctors would have become deliberate killers, knowing the outcome. Doctors would have been playing God with who should live (the mother) and who should die (the child). Secondarily, I'm yet to hear of why it is that pro-abortion advocates insist that abortion would have necessarily have saved this poor woman's life.

What can we say? Ireland, stand firm. Despite what even Catholic commentators are saying, if this case happened as the media present it, these doctors did not deliberately intend to kill anyone. Insodoing, they have at least acknowledged that despite all medical and technological advancements, they are not gods who in holding life and death and their hands, choose that one life is worth more than another. Doctors are not gods who save lives. If doctors are able to, then they save lives as is their duty, but the principle from which doctors have traditionally worked is that they are employed to defend and uphold life, to preserve it when it can be and to cherish life - not to deliberately take it. It surely does not take a doctor long to realise that his life-saving powers are limited.

Ireland. Before you go down the road that we have taken here in the UK, ask yourself whether you want your doctors to become the kind of ruthless men and women that we have here. Ask yourself whether, as a nation, you wish to have 200,000 abortions a year. Ask yourself whether, as a nation, the fine maternity standards you now have, you wish to be obliterated by a culture in hospitals and clinics whereby in one ward a woman is giving birth and in another clinic or ward an unborn child is being killed. Ask yourself whether you want the Downs Syndrome children that are protected under Irish law to be killed by the Irish State? Ask yourself whether Savita's death is the catalyst for change in Irish law to accept the preservation of women's health or the excuse for the depopulation of your country too.

Ask yourself, Ireland, whether the media around the World make this much noise when a woman dies during or after an abortion and why if they do not then why not?


Genty said…
Having read more than one version of this tragic story, I can't make head nor tail of it, not least from the standpoint of double effect. The obstetrician's comment taken on face value makes no sense at all.
The information lacking (because, quite rightly, the hospital authorities have so far not released any patient information) is the reason why the lady was miscarrying and whether the septicaemia was the result, not of action/inaction by the hospital, but something catastrophic prior to admission.
This will all come out in due course and I suspect that the real story will be far more complex. In the meantime, the pro-abort lobby have been given the gift of a husband and potential father lashing out in shock and grief and in utterly cynical fashion is making the most of it.
Unfortunately, the facts, if they are different, won't receive half the coverage. It may well be the classic story of a lie travelling halfway round the world before the truth gets its shoes on.
RIP the poor mother and the baby boy or girl.
Lynda said…
This case has NOTHING to do with abortion or its legality or illegality. This sad case involved a miscarriage, and we do not yet know all the facts or if there was any medical negligence regarding the death of the mother (May she rest in peace). The pro-abortion politicians, pressure groups work closely witht the pro-abortion Media here in Ireland to try to get abortion legalised here. Disgustingly, this sad death was hijacked by coordinated scheme on behalf of the pro-abortion groups and the pro-abortion Media. The pro-abortion campaigners were told about this patient's private case last week, presumably by their associates in the Media, to allow them to organise protests and spin the story to their agenda as soon as the pro-abortion Irish Times published the story (with a dishonest pro-abortion headline). Ireland is small, especially the pro-abortion group which has powerful positions and support among politicians, Media, and have control of various NGOs and other agencies. The international abortion giants (Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes) have operatives in Ireland, working with these people to subvert the law, Constitution and ethos of this nation. The IFPA is an affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation, which funds, advises and helps organise its attack on Ireland's pro-life laws, which they ignore. IPPF, with IFPA, was behind the ABC case brought to the ECHR, and which is being misinterpreted to justify legalising abortion. Ireland is a world leader in maternal medicine - and that is why she is such a target for the abortion industry, for decades. Ireland has had the lowest maternal death rate in the WORLD for about 30 years, now. It is a shining example of obstetrics, and maternal medicine, and not having abortion is a huge factor in that. On the other hand, countries with high rates of abortion have a much higher rate of maternal death, e.g. UK. Recently, an International Symposium on Excellence in Maternal Healthcare was held in Dublin. Among its conclusions, in the Dublin Declaration, it confirmed the incontrovertible fact that abortion is never necessary to save a woman's life. Abortion is never medically indicated; it is the opposite of medicine. It kills an innocent, defenceless baby, kills many women (the causes of most of these deaths is suppressed), permanently mutulates many (e.g. by perforated bowel, etc.), renders many infertile, and many many more psychologically injured, and all with the loss of their child for life. The MO of the pro abortionists in order to get abortion legalised in a country, has always been to confuse and mislead people by conflating abortion with medical treatment, which in a certain, few rare cases, such treatment to save a woman from a life-threatening condition, may result in the unintended, undesired, but unavoidable death of her baby. Everything possible is done to save the baby in such true authentic medicine cases, and it is only rarely that the baby cannot be saved. The whole abuse of the Galway case is a contrived, cynical, dishonest, ploy by coordinated pro abortionist groups who have no respect for human life, and are using the sad death of a woman and her family's grief to further their diabolical agenda. Wake up and see the truth beyond the actively pro-abortion Media. PS: The international Media, for the most part, just regurgitated the dishonest reports of the pro-abortion Irish Times, etc., without question, either in ignorance or because it suited their ideological bias.
Neil Addison said…
The fact is that we do not know what caused the death of Savita Halappanavar and we certainly do not know whether the Irish Abortion Laws have the slightest relevance to her death. Even had she been given an Abortion immediately she asked for it it might not have made the slightest difference to her death, we simply do not know. She may have had a pre-existing condition she may not have been given the correct Anti-biotics or she may have been given the best possible care by Doctors and Nurses who did everything humanly possible to save and who followed all the established medical guidelines and procedures, we simply do not know at this stage.

The only comment I have heard so far stating that an Abortion would have saved her life is from her husband who is undoubtedly still in a state of shock and who is also not medically qualified. Despite the lack of any supporting medical evidence or opinion the Doctors and Nurses in this Hospital are being routinely villified and they cannot say anything until the investigation is complete and then after the investigation there will be an Inquest. Surely the media should wait until there is at least some medical evidence available ?

According to the WHO figures Ireland has one of the lowest Maternal Mortality Rates in the world routinely coming in the top 5 or 6 countries and ahead of Britain so the facts would seem to show that women's lives are at less risk in Ireland than they are in other countries such as Mainland Britain. The facts therefore do not support the idea that womens lives are being put at risk by Irish law.
The Bones said…

Will that be the same India that has aborted 12 million unborn children for the crime of being female?

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