I'm not saying Hurricane Sandy was an 'inside job', but its an interesting coincidence that in 1997 a simulation was conducted for the National Hurricane Center and that Hurricane was called, incredibly, Sandy.

The path of this hurricane of 1938 used to simulate what would happen in 1997 was rather similar to the path of the real 'Frankenstorm', Sandy. It's worth noting that Dr Frankenstein's monster was a man-made creation.

I'm not saying much more, because I will be derided as a first class loon of the highest order. All I'd say is it is important to keep an open mind about it. The technology to create hybrid superstorms is possibly there.

Weather modification technology can be used for warfare against other nations, population control and to win or cancel elections.

Don't you think its just a bit of a coincidence that a Category 1 hurricane has hit New York a week before the Presidential Elections?

Have you not noticed how elements in the media are crying out that this is Mother Earth issuing her terrible warning to mankind to stop breeding and polluting now?

It's not important to know or believe who or what gave Sandy its incredible and devastating power. It's important that we pray for the victims and those without power and clean water. It's also important to be aware that if this kind of technology exists, that it is not just the weather that could be manipulated, but voters also.


Andrew said…
I remember noting in the previous 12 months that a large number of so-called 'conspiracy theorists' were declaiming that Jimmy Saville was a paedophile, and his networks were operating at, and within, the highest strata of British public life and society.

The events of the last month have taught me not to dismiss the so-called 'conspiracy theorists'. So no, you're not a 'loon' for bringing this stuff up, not at all.....
Johm said…
Google hurricane names. They use a shortcuts of names over and over, it's hardly surprising 'sandy' came up twice in fifteen years! Andrew, jimmy savile was widely suspected to be a pedophile because he appeared on tv suspiciously close to young girls (see YouTube), that does not fit the definitition of conspiracy and hardly suggests there may be truth to the hurricane story. The technology to fake a hurricane 500 miles wide does not exist you madman!
The Bones said…
The technology does exist.

Look into HAARP.
Tim said…
Whether (sorry) the technology exists or not - and frankly I "hae ma doots" otherwise Iran (or more likely a commercial rival like China) would be flattened by tornadoes on a daily basis - the other flaw in this theory is the same as the one in the theory about the Falklands war being started to save the Tories' bacon in the 1983 election: the outcome could go either way and just as easily be fatal to the incumbent's prospects as helpful. Sometimes shit just happens.
The Bones said…
Oh I agree, Tim.

Just thought I'd put it 'out there'.

If the technology exists, and many believe it does, then we should know about it.
John said…
I did, I found an ad lib report from a single former defence worker. Why is it that the testimony of a single man takes precedence over the testimony of everyone else in a conspiracy theory? E.g. twin towers. You won't trust the thousands of structural engineers who say it is possible for a plane crash to make a tower fall but you are prepared to entertain the notoriety hunting lone scientist who argues otherwise. Can I try to sway you with three rational observations:

1) You also frequently raise suspicions about China (and Russia) being grave threats to liberty with their sophisticated ways of spying on us and such like. What were the Russian space stations doing when the US shot at the earth with a laser and caused a 500 mile storm to devastate the eastern seaboard? Did the Chinese not want to take the opportunity to embarrass their chief adversary? Did the Iranians not want to put egg on the face of a potential belligerent? Don't tell me - while the Chinese and Russians, with their multi-billion dollar spy stations, satellite networks, internet eavesdropping and general surveillance of every move made by an American soldier didn't have the technological capabilities to spot such a subtle act of self-annihilation, the bloke you read about on a conspiracy theory website somehow did.

2) Might I suggest that, if the Americans did want to rig the election, a fraudulent ballot might be a bit easier than using a laser to blast the earth's core and cause a 500 mile uncontrollable storm to rage over New York and cause billions of dollars worth of damage. Also, it might be more predictable too, since by rigging a ballot you can actually guarantee you win the election, while by causing untold damage you don't (the effects of a disaster which force the incumbent to cancel his campaign tour are ambivalent at best).

3) The reason weather experts were planning the likely impact of such a storm in 1987 is that tropical hurricanes do in fact move up the east coast of the US. They were planning to see what the likely damage would be from a category one hurricane if the causal conditions aligned in such a devastating way (as they did three days ago). The fact that you take prudent planning of a likely natural event as evidence of foul play says a lot about your mind. 'Funny isn't it, those Japanese scientists were using computer models to work out what the damage would be from a massive earthquake in Tokyo - which sits on a tectonic plate - then twenty years later there was a massive earthquake in Tokyo - when the tectonic plate shifter. Must have been the result of some secret laser weapon they used to win an election'

John said…
A side point related to this nonsense: Why 1987? Your conspiracy appears to finger Obama (I think - it's so ill focused that I can't even begin to fathom the motive). I know you think blackies are suspicious types who do things like blow up New York to win a 5 yearly popularity contest that basically means nothing anyway since the bureaucracy remains in tact regardless of the result, but how could it have been planned in 1987 if this theory is true? Obama was a college student then, was he calling the shots from Hawaii? Those blacks eh, they'll do anything to keep power. Or does it go deeper? Were the Illuminati planning this one for nearly twenty years? Hang on, don't most of them also run Wall Street? Aren't the jewish bankers part of the Illuminati according to you? The Rothschilds run the world, right? So why did they go for New York? Why not take out Texas, a hotbed of opposition to their east coast ways? Maybe their heat laser caused the drought this summer? Or maybe, as the vast majority of qualified experts int he field of climate research state, both were the product of global climate change. I know, I know, they're ALL in on the conspiracy, and they ALL want to keep mum about the laser beam death ray. Good job Laurence England, an unemployed man with an internet connection, is able to uncover a secret that no other powerful opposition group has been able to rumble. I would have thought Mitt Romney and his team of well-paid experts would want to blow the whistle on his rival blowing up the earth to win an election. After all, if all you needed was an internet connection to hit upon a website revealing the truth, surely their team of experts and muck rakers would be able to conclusively prove foul play. By sheer chance at least one person working at the Pentagon would leak this to the Republicans. I mean, with all the security surrounding the Manhattan Project the Russians still got hold of the bomb within a year through espionage and leaks. Yet they have mysteriously built a huge laser, an act which would have involved thousands of researchers and probably international collaboration, the purchase of rare metals which are monitored by the major powers (they know who is building what by looking at the import roster for certain commodities used in military techs), the launch and control of the satellite (involving NASA and thus hundreds of other people) and subsequent firing of the laser to potentially destroy the earth. All of this without a single person saying anything and all because they wanted to win an election. WHY??
The Bones said…
Why attack me?

All I'm saying is that as members of the human race, if this technology exists then we should know about it.

The Bones said…
Both Russia and the US have this technology. It was discovered by Nikolas Tesla. Both the US and Russia used his discoveries to build scalar weapons.

Look it up yourself.

I'm not saying they fired up a scalar weapon to help Obama win the election.

I'm just putting out information that's already available on the web.

Don't attack me for alerting people to things the mainstream media should alert people of.
John said…
Because I don't want fellow Catholics to be lampooned as mental! It does my faith no good. You clearly DO believe this theory. There are any number of conspiracy theories (most involving our church) you don't entertain, so you're hardly 'just putting it out there'. You aren't 'just putting out there' the one about the pope and the sex ring, for the good reason that it's not true, no matter how many people on conspiracy websites believe they have evidence. To repeat - this 'if it exists we should know about it' line is mental. Ask yourself - 'how and why do *I* know about it' and then assume that, if you could get access to that piece of information, so could powerful opponents of the president. The fact that they don't publicise it therefore means it's not true. Don't believe everything you read. Because one website says something is true, it doesn't make it so
The Bones said…
Of course, because this blog is just so influential that if I write something, all Catholics therefore believe it.

Good grief!

And you think I should get a grip!

It's not 'obvious what I think'. All I'm doing is alerting people to things that other people are saying on the internet concerning the US military's technology.

It sounds to me like you're just one of those people who believes that ideas are dangerous and so is information.

People can make up their own minds, John, and if people think I'm a fool and a madman for providing information already available on the web, then so be it.

John said…
Sigh.... look, the reason this isn't being put 'out there' by the 'mainstream media' is that it isn't true. I have a master's degree in physics and I can tell you that the people who go on about scalar field weapons don't know what a bloody scalar field is, let alone whether reports of such weapons are accurate. Scalar field theory is a hypothetical construct (i.e. a mathematical one) used to plot equations in astrophysics. It doesn't translate into reality. It's a bit like this hoakum science concerning 9 dimensions and so on. Yes, mathematical physics can plot n dimensional equations, but that doesn't mean they correspond to a given reality (in the same way that I can talk about pink unicorns without their existence being assumed).

Can I lean on my education here (you'll have to trust me but hopefully another physicist will chip in here) - those websites describing the weapons the Russians have built are a load of baloney. They use terms which have quite a precise meaning in physics out of context to try to baffle readers. Anyone who knows the science knows they are written by someone who doesn't know the science.

Nikola Tesla did not 'discover' scalar weapons, he hypothesised high-energy particle weapons. These now exist and are less powerful than conventional explosives. Tesla had hypothesised that humans would solve the problem of energy generation from atomic fission and would therefore be able to supply a theoretically infinite amount of energy to such a weapon at no 'cost' (in terms of energy conservation). We can't do this (and likely never will be able to now) so the weapons are pretty inefficient. You have to burn a lot of energy to generate the beam, it's better just to detonate a bomb if you want to attack a city (you could wipe New York out with a few hundred conventional rockets at a negligible cost to the attacking side).

There is a difference between the saying 'if we could release all the energy from a molecule we could set off a chain reaction engulfing the earth' (a hypothesis in theoretical physics) and 'the americans have a bomb that will engulf the earth' (the assumption that a) the theory translates into reality and b) someone has developed a weapon using the principle)

A scalar weapon is a theoretical possibility, not a reality. They don't actually exist.

John said…
On the military scientist who leaked the info you're relying on I point you to the following text:

"The principal public proponent of pseudoscientific scalar field theory is Thomas Bearden, a retired Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army. Most web articles about scalar weapons cite Bearden's writing as their principle source. He has often written under the guise of a Ph.D. purchased from an unaccredited "life experience" diploma mill. Most of his many books, papers, and web sites are about perpetual motion machines, free energy, magnetic motors, and other "over-unity" violations of the laws of thermodynamics. . . .Bearden's profound and uncritical belief in nearly every conspiracy theory imaginable is fairly typical among many proponents of scalar weapons, and it clearly clouds their judgement. . . hat's often omitted by Bearden's supporters is that this letter diplomatically concludes by emphasizing the need to "(1) demonstrate the strength of evidence that perpetual motion machines have worked as advertised, and (2) address how something works that appears to violate our present understanding of engineering and physics." He's wrong and has a lot of pretty crazy theories, but so do a lot of other good people. It's great to be well intentioned, but it's also equally important we better inform ourselves before propagating misinformation. And this is the reason to quarrel with Bearden. He is very well informed, but about a fantastical, non-scientific universe."

In other words, the theory he relies on hasn't been demonstrated to be true and no single experiment has ever shown these waves can actually be produced. It's sci-fi, pure and simple, and he is a notoriety hunter. You only ever pay attention to self-publicists prognosticating doom without considering the vast majority of voices who question their theories. Instead of considering WHY the weapon would be used to win an election (which, as I've shown, makes no sense, even to you) you 'put the information out there' as if it's likely to be true


"The first time most people hear about scalar weapons is usually through a YouTube video or chain email from some doomsayer. Whenever you hear such a wild, far-out story, you should always approach it with skepticism, and not just accept it at face value because the chain email was forwarded by a trusted friend. The proponents of scalar weapon conspiracy theories are not backed by any valid science. The idea makes for some fine science fiction, but at a minimum, spend five minutes on Wikipedia before accepting and repeating such wild stories as science fact."
John said…
People can't make up their own minds on a topic like this! At a minimum you would need a good 2:1 in physics from a decent university to even begin to understand the viability of the science supporting these weapons. This is my point. Anyone can write a website/publish a book saying 'the US has a secret weapon that can control our brains using K waves', but you can't 'make up your own mind' about its truth unless you understand the science they are citing. You haven't even begun to look at the science underpinning scalar theory, you just read a website saying it's true and uncritically accepted it because it fits your unpleasant world view where everyone is at constant danger from a government who apparently wants to kill everyone for no ascertainable reason other than to replicate the actions of a James Bond villain
Tim said…
John I think there are worse things for your faith than being lampooned as mental - insinuations of racism say. Obviously I'm not claiming Laurence isn't mental (he did vote for Caroline Lucas) but I think he's about as racist as Tracy Turnblad.
The Bones said…

For you, John.
Nicholas Dyson said…
Wikipedia John? How come a man of science as you claim you are advocates Wikipedia it is written by lay people

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