Reality Setting In

Reality bites. The poor sheep for the slaughter are the unborn, the elderly, political and religious dissidents and anyone that the eugenic left want to see sterilised or to undergo forced abortion, as well as countless other poor sheep caught in the middle. Obama's America may just be like the Jonestown massacre only on a national scale. You may retain welfare payments, but consider applying for a marriage licence now. Gays and lesbians, obviously, need not apply because the President is on your side. Try, if you can, to avoid being added to Obama's domestic 'terror' kill list and being in receipt of indefinite detention without trial. Watch out for the drones encircling your neighbourhood. Prepare yourselves for yet more perpetual war abroad and martial law at home, because if you thought Obama's first four years went a bit 'funky', you ain't seen nothin' yet...Within four years, Obama will have refashioned you in his own image. You will, unless you resist, become a corporate slave. Get ready to be microchipped in this presidential term. That is the answer to the crisis that is planned. You might think me a little eccentric. Come back in 4 years time and comment on this blogpost, as long as your country still exists and the internet isn't censored for anti-State material. America the beautiful, America the free, prepare yourselves now, for your own tyranny. Long live Pope Benedict XVI. Long live the Resistence!


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