Monday, 5 November 2012

Praying for the United States of America

A couple of things bug me about this US Presidential election. The first is that the US media are, apparently, still besotted with Obama despite a not particularly impressive first term in office. It is as if the media's critical faculties have been absorbed by a Government department or something. The second thing that bugs me about it is that I've just got this nagging feeling that if Obama wins this election, the US may not see another election again. The HHS mandate reveals that there is something tyrannical about Obama. It's as if he doesn't understand that American psyche which is, traditionally, anti-big Government.

The next thing that bothers me about the election is the voting machines. They are, apparently, more vulnerable to election rigging than paper ballots. Among the other things that bother me about Barack Obama, like his deep love of abortion, for instance, is this comment that he made to the then Russian President, Dimitry Medvedev. I understand that US Presidents can only serve 2 terms in office, but isn't the phrase, 'After my election, I have more flexibility' just a little bit presumptuous, as if it is a foregone conclusion or something? And how happy are the citizens of the USA with a president who promises 'flexibility' after 'his' election with the President of Russia, a country which still has an interesting relationship with elections itself?

I am really not a fan of most Republicans and certainly not of Mitt Romney, but the media in the US, from what I've read, are so biased towards the current President that you get the feeling that demons from Hell will scream with diabolical anger if he isn't re-elected.


Chris O'Brien said...

Your last sentence is probably truer than anything that's been said so far.

As for the machines, I will be working as an election judge at a polling center on election day, and the ones we are using are ones I trust. It's really hard to commit voter fraud in my state with our new photo ID law.

That being said there's always that possibility.....

I am counting on an Obama win; I don't want to be disappointed. If Romney wins, I will celebrate by going to Chick-Fil-A. But thanks for keeping us in your prayers.

God's Will Be Done!

PJ said...

Why do you hate most republicans? Have you met any of them? By saying that you are falling into the same narrow mindset of most of the liberals that like Obama

The Bones said...

Sorry, did I say I 'hate' Republicans?

No, I said I wasn't a fan.

I'm not a fan of most Republicans (the politicians, that is) because of their scorn and indifference to the poor and love of war.

That said, I can see where entrusting the State with more responsibility leads in the democrats ideology and it is not good.

I like Ron Paul and Alan Keyes.

Hector said...

Your argument is (as usual) just a mess.

"the US media are, apparently, still besotted with Obama despite a not particularly impressive first term in office" - Some are, some aren't. Is Glenn Beck 'besotted' with the man he openly accuses of being the devil? Is Fox News? Is CBS? Is News Max? These organizations have been convincingly shown to act in Republican and corporate interest by journalistic whistle blowers. See 'What Liberal Media?' and 'The Republican Noise Machine' for evidence. Both journalistic accounts show how the mainstream US media is controlled by a few super-corps who use the constant criticism of a phony 'liberal bias' to fool people into thinking it's true. Why do you use the phrase 'liberal media'? Why is it the same phrase THEY use is on your lips? Yet you take this phrase, put out there by billionaire organizations and which is on the screens of millions of US televisions every night at prime time, as some sort of secret truth that you have discovered. The idea that the 'liberal bias' is a secret that makes you worried is funny - if it's such a secret why does Fox, the biggest TV network in the US, have a liberal bias hour TV show on prime time! Face it, you've been manipulated by the same phony billionaires. P.s. Alan Keyes, loyal to billionaires, is funded by a libertarian crack-pot group who want to repeal all welfare payments, even for the disabled.

"I've just got this nagging feeling that if Obama wins this election, the US may not see another election again." - Yes, you got it from Glenn Beck. He is part of the mainstream media too you know. Because someone in the popular media SAYS they are telling a secret doesn't mean they are not part of the popular media! It's a trick they use to fool the masses. Anyway, would you be prepared to put it to a bet? If there is another election then will you admit you know nothing about politics and what you do know is third-hand conspiracy site stuff (owned by the mainstream media anyway to get people to vote for business. Notice how it's always 'the government' that are at fault, not the f*cking evil companies who act like parasites and enslave us. See Alan Keyes loves those corporations, they're like the fuel int he tank of your car he says, it's the government that spoil everything, so if we just stop regulating big companies everyone will be happy

"The next thing that bothers me about the election is the voting machines.") -Mitt Romney's son owns most of the voting machines and the Republican party have previously (see George Bush) been involved in a vote rigging scandal. yet you go on to say "mong the other things that bother me about Barack Obama", as if the fact that voting machines are owned by the Republican candidate's son incriminates the president!

Media bias indeed! Yes, there is a media bias, and it has worked a wonder on you, since you repeat, word for word, all the propaganda the mainstream capitalist media puts out there to get 'their guy' Mitt Romney to win the election

Mike said...

Republicans love of war?
Wilson (Democrat) took the USA into the First World War.
Roosevelt (Democrat) took the USA into the Second World War (OK, strictly speaking he didn’t start it but he was giving the UK all the help he could until Adolf and Hirohito gave him a helping hand.)
Truman (Democrat) took the USA into the Korean War
Kennedy and Johnson (Democrats) took the USA into the Vietnam War
What have the Republicans done? In comparison, two tiny wars, or three if you count Afghanistan.

As to Obama having more flexibility in a second term he has some justification for this but he may also be wrong. Firstly, he cannot be re-elected in 2016, bar an extremely unlikely constitutional amendment. That means he does not need to worry about keeping in the voters’ good books. So, in a sense, he can do as he pleases. On the other hand his party will not have control over the House and may not have control over the Senate. This will give him much less flexibility.

Just remember, everybody, if Obama wins you can say goodbye to religious freedom in the USA. No more freedom for Catholics to provide hospitals which do not provide contraceptives for employees and do not carry out abortions. Time also for Biden, Sibelius and Pelosi to get the heave-ho. As for this ‘love of the poor’ thing can somebody please provide figures showing the number of people in the US living in poverty in Republican and Democrat times. I don’t know what the figures would show but I’m not persuaded that people who shout the loudest about poverty necessarily do the best job at reducing it.

Remember Tony Blair’s ‘promise’ to reduce child poverty in the UK by half by 2010? It didn’t happen and in fact the position at one point got worse.

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