Power over Life and Death...

"Speakest thou not to me? Knowest thou not that I have power to crucify thee, and I have power to release thee?"

What power today is in the hands of those who like Pontius Pilate either ask, 'What is truth?' or who have no interest in asking the question! What power indeed and how unwisely is it used and with what dreadful consequences!

The unborn who were and are told, 'I have power to crucify thee, and I have power to release thee' by doctors and nurses, by politicians and the supporters of the destruction of innocent life! Then after they have dismembered the unborn body, wash their hands as if they are innocent of their blood!

To the elderly who are told by doctors and nurses, by politicians, 'I have power to crucify thee, and I have power to release thee'! Such people know the power that they have and like Pilate use it with devastating effect upon human lives and families, starving the defenceless to death!

To mothers and families under the constant reproach and condemnation of social services and of politicians, 'I have power to crucify thee, and I have power to release thee'! Knowing the power they have and of the consequences for human relationships and bonds, they have no hesitation in ripping new born children from their mothers' arms and sending the children away to new prospective parents deemed more worthy of parenting than their natural parents! To the women of China and other nations who have broken the unjust laws on family planning, too, they are told the same thing, only to be sterilized or to undergo forced abortion!

Yet on the Last Day we shall awake to the dreadful day of judgment when on mercy and love we shall be judged, when the true King shall return to make an everlasting judgment that is just. The rulers of this age and those who follow the spirit of the age, in showing no mercy to the defenceless and weak then shall see that on each occasion they spared not the lives and hearts of the poor, vulnerable and weak of this World, that they crucified Christ again and their might stands as naught against the Just Judgment of the King of the Universe!

The defenceless stand in the palm of the rulers of this age and the rulers of this age choose death and destruction, not appreciating that if they do not repent they seal their own eternal death!

May the Lord spare us and have mercy on us. May we too have pity on and show mercy to all our brothers and sisters from conception to natural death.


Jamie said…
Hear, hear.
And our Championess,
the highest Honour of our race,
understands this completely too.
See her Magnificat.

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