Poor Man's Dawkins

In the face of evidence and against reason, he believed an atheist 'for profit' university would be incredibly popular.

Look, AC, mate, we're Catholics and we have universities that aren't free as well and nearly all our Catholic children turn out as perfectly respectable atheists.

We have this atheist university market more or less cornered, so, really, you should have spotted a demand for the service you're selling.

Still, you've made a big song and dance about it and now even atheists are throwing eggs at your university door and you can't fill the vacancies for the courses that people are saying you nicked from other 'colleges of higher education'.

It's worthy of note that many Catholics set up wonderful schools and universities. They're so academically excellent that atheists want to send them there. In fact, one of the first things nuns, monks, bishops and priests did after the Catholic Emancipation in the 1800s (? sorry my history's terrible) was to start schools and colleges, often for the deprived so that the poor would get a good education and know the Faith. How telling it is that as soon as a rich atheist has the idea of starting a university he wants it to be for rich people who can give him loads of cash. How noble, responsible and clever. The opposite of respect, by the way, is derision. Catholics aren't meant to do derision, but...

The Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen told Catholics that if they wanted their children to defend the faith, not to send them to Catholic schools, colleges or universities. If you're rich and have £54,000 to spare, consider sending your theologically robust son or daughter to AC Grayling's 'for profit' atheist university for atheists so they can defend the Church, win merit before the Lord our God and make public celebrity atheists and their rich friends feel uncomfortable with their brutal theological reasoning. AC Grayling is a poor man's Dawkins. Well...he might be if this University thing goes astern. Watch out, AC! If I have kids, they're coming your way!


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