How to Passify Your Electorate: Legalise Cannabis

That way, while they're getting stoned, they won't be too worried when you take away their freedoms. They won't be too bothered or motivated to be active in the political sphere.

They might not even notice. Didn't Aldous Huxley warn us of this kind of thing? People are under the illusion this drug is not addictive. If that's true, how come people seem to smoke it really rather regularly when they're into the habit?

In the Brave New World, all manner of chemical escapism, feel-good stuff and drug-taking is encouraged because it keeps the masses happy, or at least passive enough not to realise the nature of the prison being erected around them.

It is at least worthy of discussion why, at this point in history, powerful leaders want the people to get stoned and be sedated, lacking in motivation and high. Smoke the arguments for legalisation by all means, but don't inhale. It does alter your mind and not for the better.

I'm sure that, as well as studies linking cannabis to schizophrenia, depression, inertia (see, I don't need pot) and lack of motivation there must be at least one Catholic study linking the smoking of pot to a sudden decline in Mass attendance, abandonment of the praying of the Rosary and of a decline in the frequenting of the Sacrament of Confession. Oh, and perhaps a more laissez-faire attitude towards sin in general. I believe it was the drug that inspired a whole generation forty odd years ago to 'chill', 'lose their inhibitions' and 'go with the flow'.

From what I know from people who have been in prison, I know that a certain amount of certain drugs are allowed inside the prison walls. It stops them from rioting, you see and makes the prison population more 'manageable'.


Left-footer said…
Spot-on! Comparing "Brave New World" and "1984", Orwell's novel is less terrifying, because brutal Stalinist terror keeps the flame of resistance burning.

When Huxley's "Savage" scourges himself in expiation for fornication, the soma-ridden onlookers take it for sado-masochism,, and have an orgy of flagellation. Any sense of reality has been lost.

Which is just about where we are now. I think that future resistance will be from Islam. There certainly seems little hope of it from the Church. I pray that I am wrong.
James said…
Eh? Hang on, the electorate in those states managed to get a legalisation mandate placed on the ballot after 20 years of struggle and it was subsequently passes by popular vote. And it still might be thrown out by the federal government since it violates national law. How on earth is this an instance of 'the state' forcing something on the people? If anything it's the opposite, the government are potentially refusing to allow something the people wanted by popular vote. In what sense is a state deciding something should be permissible (and by the way, the 'for' votes approach a million, this is in a voting area with a population of around 7 million - take the underage and ineligible out of that and you've got some pretty convincing case for popular demand). It's a bit daft to connect this to some evil big government enslaving people. I mean, a lot of people choose to get pissed to alleviate the pain of unemployment or homelessness, so according to your logic the state should make alcohol illegal, no? After all, if drinking is used to pacify pain, preventing it would lead to that pain being expressed in direct action (revolution and violence?). But wait again! You disagree with smoking bans, right? But why? Why is it sinister if the electorate WANT to smoke pot and are not forcibly prevented by the state (though they still might be) but also sinister if the state does the opposite with a different drug?

Answers on a postcard people
BJC said…
America is gradually turning itself into a laughing stock. Any claim to moral leadership around the world is ebbing away. The Chinese, Russians, Africans and Asians are not so stupid and will see it as evidence of a civilisation in decay (and they are right).

The liberal secularist model has lived parasite like on top of a Christian civilisation for the past 50 years but now its coming into full bloom or rather full ugliness. The only thing that kept it stable all these years was its Christian base but that is now crumbling and America is now busily exporting this mess to us and the rest of Europe.
Anonymous said…
I'm in Colorado. Big mix out here, but we have a large number of independently minded people, both left and right. So it's the perfect place to legalize pot, so that folks go with the adolescent "You can't tell me what to do, I'm going to get stoned" instead of the grown up "I'm going to be self-sufficient and not rely on the government for anything" when they are of an ornary mindset.

They legalized medical marijuana already, and it's been awful. Now instead of a pawn shop and liquor store and lottery outlet and check cashing joint (but no grocery) in poor areas, you have all that with a medical marijuana front. Degrades neighborhoods.

Mike Cliffson said…
I should stick my neck out on my own blog,mebbe,but I need a better communicator than I am myself.
I have long argued, and scandalized people, as Spain turns to the UKmethods to close bars and price out alcohol:
That Christendom has a beer and wine and alcohol civilization
Islamic societies outlaw alcohol , but have cannabis and hemp and quat.
Im attacked re alcoholics, homebreakup etc.I reply
Alcohol is socially useful.
Even alcohol abuse.
Wine was given to gladden men's hearts at feasts, and he who goes beyond that is not wise.
Nonwisdom + alcohol makes things visible.
Sin , problems, plus alcohol: a neon sign : something's wrong with this guy.
Whole generations , dare I even say Ireland as was?
A neon sign.
But what happens with quat, cannabis, hemp, ...? Poverty, desperation, the lot, it's all under the carpet.
And sometimes explodes.

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