Hey, Dave, what's the rush?

MPs are set to vote on 'gay marriage', within weeks. This is, by all accounts, a monumental shift in UK Government policy. What's the rush? Are the lions in Britain's zoos hungry due to the rising price of meat or something?

It's a big decision, Dave. You're rushing into this and its a decision you may live to regret. Take some time out to think about it. You know, it could upset a lot of people - voters even. People could lose their jobs not too long after you've 'taken the plunge'.

I don't know. Maybe Dave's just a misunderstood biblical Christian who has seen the words of Scripture, 'What thou doest, do quickly,' and has decided to take Our Lord literally.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor, George Osborne (of Bilderberg participation fame) has also publicly committed himself to the drive for same-sex marriage. Quite what the issue has to do with the Treasury or the City of London is a mystery, but there we go. On the face of it, I suppose the policy has as much to do with the Chancellor as the CoE's Synod vote on women Bishops has with Frank Field. Perhaps Britain risks losing 'foreign investment' if we don't go ahead and legislate for 'same-sex marriage'. I suppose it is not beyond the realm of possibility. Obviously, were that the case, it would be economic and social suicide not to go ahead with SSM...

Still, despite what people say - that the nature of the same-sex marriage legislation to come is inherently totalitarian - it is good to know that there are other members of Dave's cabinet of an even more liberal persuasion (and of Bilderberg participation fame) who are campaigning for other liberal measures like secret courts to try those who protest against same sex mar-...sorry, I mean those who are a threat to 'national security'. 

Praise the Lords, of course, but for how long will they hold out? It's no wonder they want Lords reform. Britain would be a happier and more democratic place with a bunch of bankers and estate agents in the second chamber as well as the first, wouldn't it? As a nation, we've fallen into something of a spiritual abyss. Perhaps, therefore, it's really not surprising if our elected leaders behave as if they are members of a satanic international network building the kingdom of darkness on Earth. But hey, Dave, what's the rush? Rome wasn't built in a day, so I don't know why you think Babel can be built in a few weeks. Or is that Babylon? I'm not so hot on the Old Testament.


pelerin said…
I understand that this wasn't mentioned in the Queen's speech. How can the Government suddenly add something like this without the consent of the electorate?

Conservative voters are by nature conservative so I am sure Cameron will lose a lot of votes next time round especially from what is called the blue-rinsed brigade.
Genty said…
I suspect that Dave was sitting back waiting for the yes vote for CofE women bishops. Most likely he was relying on women bishops to be the Trojan horse for SSM church marriages.
After all, if women prelates were in the vanguard of sex equality, they could hardly deny it to others and so SSM marriage would gently slide into normalcy without the government having to take the flak.
Except it didn't work out that way, for God works in mysterious ways. Predictably, the SSM fundamentalists are now piling on the pressure for legislation, causing wibbly-wobbly Dave to hyperventilate. His "outrage" over the CofE vote has nothing to do with equality for women but everything to do with his being wrong-footed.
John Kearney said…
The touble with Dave is that his party is now being squeezed by UKIP on the right and Labour and Liberals on the left. He wants to win votes but his thinking is poor. When at the last election the selection of the candidate for Ayrshire was dropped because he dared say he did not persoally agree with same sex, I at that point changed my vote from Conservative. I am sure many others did and it did have a bearing on the election. Will someone tell Dave to take his blinkers off and see that far from winning votes he is actually losing them.

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