'Promoting True Marriage? That's Just Not On!'

Do read Dr Joseph Shaw's latest post and the Cranmer promotion of the Coalition for Marriage advert that elicited mouth-foaming from the Advertising Standards Authority decrying its 'offensive and homophobic' content.

Anyone would have thought the gay marriage law was already in operation and the thought police had been given the go-ahead for the round up already. It looks a little big for my sidebar, but it's a neat little ad. If this is the most offensive advertisement out there in the big bad media, then I'll eat Cardinal Arinze's turkey.


Anonymous said…
I'm sure the LGBT/Stonewall crowd have assigned different people to different Catholic and Christian blogs to harrass blog owners, put the frightners on people and generally silence dissent from the liberal line. My advice is just ignore it. Its just threats from a bunch of wimps.