Interesting Video on Same-Sex Marriage in the US

An interesting video this, one that I have been alerted to by a reader. It covers the story of same-sex marriage in the US, covering such issues as the education of children on homosexuality (regardless of what parents would wish their children to know) and the silencing and imprisonment of one Massachussets man for questioning the status quo. It has interviews with men and women who have led the gay lifestyle only to reject it and find love with someone of the opposite sex and it highlights the grave threat to religious liberty which is already apparent in the US in those states which have accepted same-sex marriage. Confirmation, that as the Bee Gees sang, for the US, 'the lights all went down in Massachussets...'

RIP Robin Gibb. RIP religious freedom and the parental moral education of their biological children.


Amfortas said…
Sexuality is undoubtedly a fluid thing. Men who are basically homosexual in orientation may fall in love with women, become sexually aroused by women and so on. But the notion that having a homosexual orientation is a 'lifestyle' to be overcome is to peddle a lie. I am not saying that a man with a homosexual orientation and a woman cannot find happiness in marriage. But if he 'lapses' it's not likely to be with another woman.
The Bones said…
I agree with you on that one.
muriel from seaford said…
You sound like you're speaking from personnal experiences lawrence?!