Thursday, 19 April 2012

"Ale Mary" Bar in Baltimore in Sacrilege Storm

A Facebook page has been set up by a Catholic to protest against a bar in Baltimore, USA, called "Ale Mary's".

A Catholic themed tavern, at first, doesn't sound particularly offensive. Done tastefully, it could even be a good thing. In Spain and Italy, for instance, you'll find many cafes and bars with a pious image of Our Lady or a particular Saint. However, it is obvious that in the bar in Baltimore, there is a serious lack of devotion.

Pictured left is an image of a Monstrance standing in the bar. At the bar, drinkers can order alcoholic drinks in Sacred Chalices. I think we can assume that these folk are neither priests or nuns and that this bar makes even the sale of Sacred Vessels at auctions pale in comparison in terms of sacrilege.

The Facebook page, '500,000 Against "Ale Mary's" Abuse of the Sacred and the Sublime' has attracted the attention of the local press in Baltimore for standing up and criticising the tavern that uses sacred items once used to reserve or contain the Sacred Body and Blood of the Lord in Churches.

I shudder to think that one day the vessels that are used for the Consecration of the Body and Blood of Our Lord or to house Him at Benediction at my local parish could find their way one day to be used for such blasphemous purposes in a Brighton bar. Could anyone actually do anything more disrespectful of the Catholic religion? The Facebook page introduces the reasons for the protest and what Catholics would like to happpen to the vessels.

'Why the Protest?: We're protesting the abuse of consecrated vessels and religious items of the Catholic Church. If American Indians can successfully protest place names or the use of the sacred lands for other purposes, we can certainly protest the use of our sacred heritage for commercial purposes.

We propose simply that the owner sells the items back to a representative of the Catholic Church, or an individual who intends to return them to the Catholic Church for their intended purposes.
 Appealing to Free Speech obviously doesn't allow you to slander, threaten or libel individuals or institutions and we're prepared at this point to state our case, pray a Rosary at Ale Mary's at 2pm this Saturday, the 14th of April.'
This group has been formed to protest, and make known, the deeply offensive and blasphemous use of sacred objects used in the Catholic Church in Her most profound rituals and liturgies by the bar Ale Mary located in Baltimore, Maryland.
In this establishment Chalices that contain the precious blood of Christ are being used as common drinking cups, and a Monstrance that is to be used to display the Sacred body of Christ for adoration is being used as a kitch decoration sitting on a bar where patrons while their time over drinks. A holy water font is also used as a simple candy dish.

The owners and patrons of the bar, many of them professing Catholics, are not concerned about the deeply disrespectful ambiance of this place. It is part of the purpose of this group to educate people, especially those who patronize and profit by this establishment, about the beauty of the Mass and the Sacraments, and why it's wrong to utilize holy items in a blasphemous and careless manner (even if it isn't malicious), by using these objects in profane ways is wrong!

It is no exaggeration to say that such use of these Sacred objects is hostile to the Catholic Faith. In any other circumstance, no one would have thought about taking sacred furnishings, objects or writings and using them for profane purposes, decorations, and their intended purpose mocked.

This group has been formed to object to this obvious contempt for these beautiful and sacred things, and to effect change in this establishment so it may celebrate and uphold the genuine beauty and grace of the Catholic Faith in it‘s walls, or respectfully remove it entirely.

Ale Mary's contact information is as follows please do voice your concerns respectfully and prayerfully.

1939 Fleet Street Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 276-2044

Let's lend this group some prayerful support, join the Facebook page and increase their membership, pray that the vessels will be restored to the Catholic Church, that the owners will see sense that the use of such sacred objects is a grave scandal and that the Catholic Faith and the Lord God, though rarely revered in pubs and bars, will at least be shown the respect that these sacred objects do not belong in such a place, since these have contained the Precious Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Lynda said...

How, on earth, did they get custody of those sacred objects? They should never have been allowed out of the Church's hands in the first place. Was there an illicit sale/disposal or were they all stolen?!!

Chrissy said...

I sent a short , polite message , asking that they show some respect for Jesus , and consideration for the many people who are offended by their actions . I received the following reply .
Sorry you feel that way.The archdiocese of Baltimore doesn't have a problem with it .I don't shove my beliefs in your face . It's a shame you can't say the same .Have a blessed day .
Nice people !!!

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