The Tablet Knifes Faithful Bishop

Well, it didn't take long for The Tablet to stick the knife into a Bishop who is resolutely faithful to the Magisterium and who is open to an honest assessment of the Church's problems over the last 50 years. Fr Ray Blake, Protect the Pope and Fr Tim Finigan have already produced excellent blogposts on the Bishops statements which have caused some offense to be taken in some quarters.

It is a little concerning that His Lordship the Rt Rev Bishop Kieran Conry is publicly contradicting his brother Bishop. A little concerning, also, that the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton does not seem to appreciate the valuable insights made by Bishop Davies.

A little sensationalist perhaps, but the introduction of a faithful Bishop who is truly loyal to the Pope and the Faith was always going to put strain on what, in objective assessment is a rather liberally dominated 'coalition'. Hopefully Bishop Mark Davies's honesty will win him more friends in the Bishops Conference, than enemies. The Bishops must be able to see that something has gone drastically wrong in England and Wales. It is, after all, the Bishops Conference who are instigating a campaign, Crossing the Threshold, to win the 5 million Catholics who don't attend Mass in these isles, back to the Faith.


georgem said…
You know he's on to something when people start jumping up and down and misquoting him.