"It'll be Lonely this Christmas..."

I'm doing some research on Gumtree at the moment, looking into local community events and goings on and noticed this advert.

'So I know it's only just November but I figure I should probably get this show on the road!

Here's the thing:

This is my first christmas in five years without my partner. I don't have any family (or at least any that I would care to spend christmas with) and all of my friends are either visiting relatives who live a billion miles away or spending it cosied up with their spouse and probably don't want somebody like me hanging around.

So, I propose a lonely christmas club, because there just HAVE to be other people out there like me. I'm thinking that we should meet up a few times before the big day, for drinks and pleasantries and what not, and then spend the 25th together doing something wholesome and fun instead of spending it alone, passed out drunk in front of a bad christmas movie.

If you're with me, get in touch and we can get this thing moving!

Season's greetings x'

Very Brighton! I think that people think Brighton is fun-time paradise just because its got a pier or something. The reality is that Brighton contains a very large population of desperately lonely souls. I wonder if he or she will get any replies.