Thursday, 1 December 2011

Updated: Ecclesia Dei/Open Letter to Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Updated: By no means a great recording, but here it is...

If you agree with the sentiments of this er, letter-song, sign it in the comments section. I've got the melody but the vocals aren't necessary yet. I've no time to lay the track down at the moment.  If you agree with it, sign it and we'll send it as an email.  It is just a letter that rhymes...well, just about...

Ecclesia Dei/An Open Letter to Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Dear Archbishop Vincent Nichols, Your Grace,
We would like to make a plea, today
So here it is an open letter
We really hope you get it
Please help to bring about a change

We're gravely concerned
By some issues, Your Grace
And we would like you to listen today
Holy Church
She needs a mission
Some are falling into schism
Put these heretics please back in their place

Because this is the Ecclesia Dei
Ah yes and this is what you need to say, say:
“Holy Church is a Hospital for sinners,
Our Lord didn’t come for winners
But She’s also the School for Saints”

Yes, Her enemies assail Her everyday
But now the LGBT train’s on its way
Please tell Government ministers
"The Church is back in business!
This gay marriage plan’s a total disgrace!"

Because this is the Ecclesia Dei
Ah yes and this is what you need to say
“Come back to the Sacrament of Penance
Choose the narrow road to Heaven
Come on, brothers and sisters, be brave”

Resist them with every fibre of your being, Your Grace
Because we all will face our Judgement Day
We all pray you’ll be His Eminence
So bring Souls to prayer and penance
Don’t give any of God’s enemies sway

There’s another issue we’d really like to raise
These Soho Masses are a terrible shame
How can His Grace condemn the situation
Of public reparation
For the sacrilege that’s being embraced?

You see Our Lady’s tears keep falling!
Tears keep falling!
O from her Heavenly face!
All because Her Son’s Church is now ridden
With schismatic, hardened villains
Leading poor, lost, confused souls astray

Tell them that this is the Ecclesia Dei
Ah yes, and this is what you need to say
"We proclaim Christ and His Salvation
To a sad, desolate nation,
Where morality’s been laid to waste!“

Tell them that this is the Ecclesia Dei
Ah yes and this is what we have to say:
"Replace this Soho Mass commotion
With traditional devotion
Through Our Lady’s hands comes all Grace"

Cos’ Our Lady’s tears keep falling
Tears keep falling!
All over England and Wales!
But now this envelope is open
You’re in a good position to
Put the smile back on her face!

You have our prayers, your Grace
Our prayers, your Grace
We all truly long for the day
When you are called up for a ‘red hat’
Because you do deserve that
‘Cos you stood up for the Catholic Faith!

You have our prayers, Your Grace
Our prayers, your Grace
Please help to make a change today
We don’t want to send this to the Congre-
gation of the Doctrine
of the Faith or to
"Ecclesia Dei"

We hope this letter finds you well, Your Grace
Your loyal, humble servants we remain
p.s Please ban The Tablet’s liberal evil
being sold in the Cathedral
Put those heretics please back in their place
Because you're the Catholic Archbishop
Feet firmly in the stirrups
Ride that horse
 Restore the Church, please, Your Grace


Anonymous said...


Beryl said...

Rather difficult to read!

++V is part of the problem not the solution.

Better write to the Nuncio and the CDF or Congregation for Bishops.

D. Nicholls said...

Signed: D. Nicholls.

umblepie said...

Well done Laurence.Count me in.
Brian Crowe.

On the side of the angels said...

Buh-loooooody brilliant!

Don't suppose there's any chance you could add a couple of verses regarding abortion [+Vin's memorial lecture to the RCOG where he praised their conscience rights [which don't exist] & later said the Church had no right to interfere in their surgical/clinical ethical decisions. Also the ongoing fiasco at the St John and Lizzie with its abortifacient provision & abortion referrals; PLUS Connexions in catholic schools]

and euthanasia [via the Liverpool Care Pathway - signed off by a Conference which has +Vin as president]

Scout said...

Please can we have a video of you singing this? :)

Ttony said...

"Because you are the Catholic Archbishop
With feet firmly in the stirrups
Ride that horse
Restore the Church, please, Your Grace"

Amen, bro.

We need a Plan B, however, in case the nasty meanies don't let ++Vin see this.

A tango for the Nuncio ...

Mi Arzobispo querido,
cuando nos vuelva la fe
no habrá más pena ni olvido.

La lucecita del altar donde te ví
fue el centinela de mis promesas hacia ti,
bajo su inquieta lucecita yo te vi


Raymond said...

Agree with the sentiments totally Laurence.Thankfully we have a strong leadership here in Scotland thanks to Cardinal O'Brien and other bishops who don't mince their words.

Westminster Priest said...

I strongly advise you not to send this strange passive aggressive loony song letter, especially since there's only 4 of you signing it.

JamesP said...

Count me in

You studied John Fisher so you know Henry's plan to wed,
Was impossible like the marriage of Bob and Fred,
Fisher stood in the way,
If he were here today,
Perhaps he would be more than "dissapointed"

Lynda said...

Thank you. You say it as it ought to be said. I agree wholeheartedly, as my assent to Church teaching, as a Catholic, implies. God bless your great work.

epsilon said...

Grrrrr8! On the Side of the Angels' suggestions should definitely also be part of the letter/song for me to give a resounding YES

@ Westminster Priest:
You are sadly out of touch with the Faith and the mood of the Faithful - we're not going to watch idly by while the Faith is attacked from within any longer. Deal with it or leave - you're doing yourself no favours by being in a Church that you don't agree with!!

Thomas Windsor said...

Put my name down! and family!

Good to meet you today,

Tom Windsor

Mulier Fortis said...

And you can add me to the list of signatories... I'm in the process of putting up a video taken of you singing the premiere in Blackfen...

Richard Collins said...

My name to be added also Laurence.
Keep up the great work.

philipjohnson said...

laurence.very good piece of writing-as always.keep up the good work.i was appalled at what archbishop nichols said about his agreement on same sex people having civil unions occasion of sin if ever there is one!needless to say i wrote to him via westminster cathedral ,and ,to date --no reply.why doesnt the man leave the one true church and join the many heretical sects out there who would only be to pleased to have him.?i will continue in prayer anyway .god bless you. philip johnson..

A Catholic Comes Home said...

Oh count me in!



Count me in and sign me up!

Michael J. Carroll

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