Tesco to Sponsor Gay Pride March in London

Tesco have decided to sponsor Gay Pride in London
In terms of lower prices, though it has to be said the cost of living in general appears to be skyrocketing, the major supermarkets have us over a barrel.

Catholics, those Catholics who do not agree with Gay Pride marches and the political homosexual agenda, may in futur.e decide, however, to boycott Tesco due to the supermarket giant's decision to sponsor the Gay Pride march in London.

To read more click here.  H/T Chrysostom


AndrewWS said…
Just got me a Nectar card, so will be doing more shopping at Sainsbury's anyway.

But thanks for the info; I don't use Tesco very often, and now won't be using them at all.
AndrewWS said…
BTW, what on earth makes Tesco think that there will be a need for facilities for families attending a Gay Pride March? Do they expect proud mums and dads to turn up and watch, or they know something about sperm donation and the use of turkey basters over the past decade that we don't?

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