Gay Gospels Author in Waterstones Booklaunch

St Dominic: "You show me yours and I'll show you mine..."
Well done to the Bishop of Paisley!

I also read that the The Gay Gospels author who defended the practise of homosexuality on Fr Ray Blake's blog, and who deems that he is a higher authority on matters of Sacred Scripture than the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, will be launching his heretical and rather scandalous book on Thursday 22nd September, 2011 at Waterstones in Brighton.

The 'controversial' book, The Gay Gospels is written by Keith Sharpe, a chap who is Chair of 'Changing Attitudes Sussex' and he will be launching his book in Brighton at one of the leading national chains of bookshops.

Hmm...very interesting. I wonder if he will be taking questions? I do sometimes wonder whether those who seek to change Church teachings while rewriting Salvation History and draping it in a Gay Pride flag so much as to consider even 'enlightening' us about Our Lord's 'sexual orientation' are open to their own attitudes being changed. I do so hope so because I would like to attend his book launch and ask Mr Sharpe by what authority he makes the claims that he makes in his book which is said to be a hit with at least one MP, Ben Bradshaw, who said:

'As a Minister in the Government which introduced civil partnerships in the United Kingdom, and as a committed Christian in the Anglican Communion, I believe it is important that Christians have the evidence and arguments to rebut the anti-gay approach of Biblical fundamentalists. Everybody involved in the debate over the place of gay people in the Church and in society generally should read this book. It is a faith - and life-affirming book for the LGBT community, it is a terrific read and I recommend it wholeheartedly.'

So, anyone who holds fast to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church is a 'Biblical fundamentalist'? I doubt very much whether it is so much a 'life-affirming' book for the LGBT community as it is a lifestyle-affirming book for the LGBT community and I can't see how an endorsement from one of our MPs is such an honour either, but there we go. The Changing Attitude Sussex website includes a survey of the local LGBT-ness of local Sussex's Anglican churches. I wonder if they are considering doing something similar in Sussex with Catholic Churches. It wouldn't surprise me, you know, but, thanks be to God, it is highly unlikely any Catholic Priests would take the bait. It is interesting really, how much Mr Sharpe has in common with Protestant biblical fundamentalists, if you think about it. Both he and they reject the Catholic Church's role as Sacred Arbiter and interpreter of Holy Scripture and hold their Bibles close to their chest saying, "It's mine and it means what I want it to mean!" I wonder if someone had, say, written a book concerning Catholicism and homosexuality that supported the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, whether that person would get a book launch at Waterstones. I doubt it myself.


Faith said…
I object to your using St. Dominic to illustrate your post. This holy picture is depicting the burning of the books. The heretics challenged St. Dominic to throw his Bible in the fire to see if it would burn. It didn't.
Next time, do me a favor and use some Jesuit as an example. ;-)
Rashid Karapiet said…
Apart from obedient faith, what authority has the so-called Catholic Magesterium to deny others what it claims for itself i.e. the right to promulgate its interpretation of Scripture in contrast with everyone else's? I hope those rushing to comment on Dr. Sharpe's book will have the common courtesy to read it first.
The Bones said…

The Catholic Church is the only Church founded by God Himself. Jesus Christ promised that the Holy Spirit would guide it into all truth and promised He would be with it even until the end of time. He founded it on Peter, the first Pope.
The Bones said…
I don't publish heretical comments. Its nothing personal.
georgem said…
And to be fair one should also read this:

The Gay Gospel?: How Pro-Gay Advocates Misread the Bible
by Joe Dallas.

Available on Amazon
P├ętrus said…
Dr. Sharpe is wasted in Brighton. Surely he should be in Rome proving to the Holy Father where the Church has been going wrong for the last 2000 years.

Why have no other scholars taken the interest in studying the Bible in that time?
Anonymous said…
I hope you will take every opportunity to highlight that this man has no love of God. That is the only conclusion you can reach on a book that speculates that the Father himself was guilty of the sins of sodom against Jacob. It is shameful the number of people who claim to be christians wh have lauded the book. The guy really needs to live, but he is dead in his sins. No one who haad any love of the Father - or even belief he existed could say such things.