Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Bishops Issue Pastoral Guidance for the Faithful at the Last Judgement

The Bishops Conference of England and Wales have issued pastoral guidance for the Faithful concerned about how to respond on the Last Day, when the dead will rise again in the flesh to be judged by the Lord Jesus while those still alive shall see He through whom 'all that is made', was made, coming in great power on the clouds of Heaven.

While the rest of nature trembles in fear of the decrees of the Just Judge, the Bishops Conference recommend that...

"In England and Wales it is through this action of walking solemnly in procession that the faithful make their sign of reverence in preparation for receiving..."

...our eternal judgement, reward or condemnation.

The Congregation for Divine Worship have recognised a request from the Bishops Conference that our judgment...

...in the Dioceses of England and Wales is to be received standing, though individual members of the faithful may choose to receive it while kneeling. However, when they receive it standing, it is recommended that the faithful bow in reverence before receiving it.

The recognition, according to Fr Tim Finigan, has already led to the Archbishop's Council in Westminster deciding that it can see 'no place for the re-introduction of altar rails in the Diocese, and has informed the Historic Churches Committee of this decision.'

Interesting. The Bishops Conference can receive their judgement standing if they wish. I'm quite certain I'll be making that final Pilgrimage on my knees. Of course, I'll stand up if the Lord should ask me to.

We should practice kneeling more if only for our Bishop's sakes! This is one Day that we know that the Bishops Conference of England and Wales cannot move to the following Sunday, though if that Day were in our generation, they'd probably give it a try.

We'll be crying out "Dominus est! Kyrie eleison!" What will the Bishops be crying out? "Everybody, now, form an orderly queue, single file, in procession, and now...er, give a slight bow."


santoeusebio said...

Is there an obligation anymore to attend the Last Judgement?

georgem said...

It looks to me as if the request to the CDW was designed to spike the Historic Churches Committee and specifically to apply to the Cathedral. Remember how CMOC wanted to wreckovate the sanctuary, a philistine move opposed by many, including the Historic Churches Committee.
I love the little bit about bowing reverently; like everyone still does during the Credo and as they enter and leave the pew. Note the small "s" for Sacrament.
Death by a thousand cuts.

georgem said...

Obviously, we shall all be bowing reverently.

The Bones said...

I would imagine that when that Day comes the Bishops will almost certainly desire to move it to the following Sunday.

georgem said...


Physiocrat said...

A propos of altar rails: sanctuary steps constitute a health and safety risk.

If no guard rail is provided, the change of level should be indicated by yellow and black marking.

Are the clergy of the Westminster diocese to be informed of this?

John Kearney said...

There is something more disgusting at work here. Ou may remember the deceit and dishonesty when altar rails were removed - it was all Vatican II. Then they asked for England to be a country whre people could stand and receive in the hand. Why? It has nothing to do with processions. People who go to an altar rail forma procession down the ailes. It is about an ADult Faith. Have ou heard this expression, I am sure you have. Adults do not kneel before God, they stand. We even have adults who stand during the Consecration. From now on I will kneel at Holy Communion because I am receiving my God. If you love Jesus then show the bishops you are not their puppet. Kneel and receive in the mouth.

pelerin said...

Physiocrat - don't give them any ideas! Actually it's not so far fetched. I have been in a basilica where the edges of all the changes in levels were illuminated with rows of tiny 'fairy' lights. This actually proved useful as the basilica was particularly dark inside but still looked odd and I don't know what the resident Saint thought of it!

pattif said...

If ours is an adult faith, and our bishops want us to receive Our Lord like adults, how come they always sneak these things through without a whisper to anyone (Careful! Mustn't mention it in front of the children!)?

santoeusebio said...

Physiocrat: I may have dreamt it but I think I have seen the black and yellow tape in Westminster Cathedral and thought how awful it looked.

Nicolas Bellord

me said...

Philippians 2:10

Therefore God exalted him to the hi9ghest place
and gave him the name that is above every name,
10 that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE should bow,
in heaven and on earth and under the earth,
11 and every tongue acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord,
to the glory of God the Father.

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