Is this Licit?

One for the great Fr Z, perhaps. Gloria TV has posted a video of Cardinals receiving Holy Communion at St Peter's.

All are kneeling and in a row until the camera gets to one Cardinal who decides to "dip in" to the Ciborum and place the Blessed Host into his mouth.

For lay persons to receive Communion standing and in the hand is regular, if far from the ideal, but I must say I would be surprised if even in such a high Office, Cardinals were allowed to just grab Our Lord from the Ciborum and consume Him in such a manner! It certainly sets a bad example! How can he 'feed his flock' when he himself refuses to be fed?! If I'd tried that, my hand would be slapped as if I'd tried to raid the World's most expensive and illustrious biscuit tin! Well, at least he got caught on 'CCTV', that's all I can say!

Fr Zuhlsdorf is asking his readers for the biggest Catholic stories of 2010. My winner, other than the exhilarating visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom, would have to be the 800th Anniversary of the Pope Honorius III's Approval of the Rule of St Francis, in St John Lateran's Archbasillica, Rome, where over 2000 friars were present to thank God for their vocation and the life and witness of the founder of their order(s!). This was a huge Catholic story because, for one day, at least, these Franciscans were able to put their differences aside concerning which Order is most faithful to the Rule of their founder and be united in devotion to Christ, His Blessed Mother and His glorious and blessed poverello, in what was a stunningly reverent and beautiful Traditional Latin Mass in the Mother Church of all Churches in the entire World. Part 1 of the Mass is below, for Part 2, click here. Let's watch that one more time...


Brian McMahon said…
It is indeed sad that one cannot 'communicate' without a camera up one's snout to catch any non-compliances for judgement by the Liturgical Cops! At least he's kneeling!
Liturgical cops. A good idea that never got off the ground.
Dev Thakur said…
It is indeed sad that one cannot trust a cardinal to receive properly as an example to others.
Anonymous said…
Well, That's Cardinals for you!