Egypt's Ambassador to the Vatican Recalled in Protest Against Pope's Appeal Before Cop Kills More Christians

Egypt has recalled their ambassador to the Vatican, presumably because the Government is gravely affronted by the Holy Father's outrageous appeal to Egyptian authorities to secure protection for Christians in the land where 21 Copts were recently killed by a car bomb parked outside a Church while they worshipped at a New Years Mass. Gosh! He's got a nerve, hasn't he, the Holy Father, trying to meddle in their 'internal affairs'! How dare he!? The ambassador, speaking in the video above, doesn't seem to quite 'get it', with regard to the plight of Coptics in Egypt. "They have all the protection," she says, in the clip above, in a manner in which it becomes more and more obvious that even she isn't particularly convinced by what she is saying.

"They have all the protection." Of course they do, love. That's why, as Fr Z reports this evening, an off-duty Egyptian policeman has just gone and shot four Christians on a train, killing a 71-year-old man and leaving a fifth person wounded. Of course, when he's on-duty, he's protecting, respecting and not persecuting the Christians as his benign, just and fair Government demands of him as an Egyptian citizen.

“This lunatic went up and down the coach looking for Christians,” said Coptic Orthodox Bishop Morcos of Shobra El-Kheima, who had spoken with witnesses to the shooting. “Seeing a group of girls and women who were not wearing the [Islamic’ veil, he took them for Christians and fired, shouting Allahu Akbar [Allah is great].”

So, there we have it. When an Egyptian man (I pray it is only one) whose job is to 'protect and serve' goes off-duty, he decides not to go home, or go to a meeting place and have a game of chess and a smoke with friends, or go back to his wife and kids, but to instead be Allah's holy warrior and go and use Christians for gun target practise on a train. And he's a cop! God alone knows what plans are being made by other Muslims, who are not cops, in Egypt who want the heads of Christians on spikes for daring to believe in Christ! It was truly heartening and encouraging to see Muslims standing in solidarity with the Coptic Christians on Christmas Day, even at risk to their own personal safety.

Of course, not all Muslims want to slaughter Christians. Some Muslims love their Christians brothers and sisters enough to even stand up in solidarity with them and use themselves as human shields. God bless them! It is, however, becoming abundantly clear that there exist a percentage, even if is a small percentage, of Muslims, in Egypt, who will stop at seemingly nothing in order to drive Christians away from the land or to kill Christians in cold blood, at seemingly any opportunity. All the Holy Father is asking is that the Egyptian authorities admit that there is a problem in this particular area and please take some action to ensure Christians are protected.