The Bones's Catholic Store

Following a suggestion by a well-known Priest, I have started a new, online, second hand Catholic shop selling religious items, imaginatively called, The Bones's Catholic Store.

As well as selling items that I find in charity shops, second-hand stores and donations, as well as stuff I find around my flat, I can act as a seller for readers of this blog who wish to find a devout home for Catholic devotional items which they no longer use.

Many of us have more Catholic items than we really want. As pilgrims we pick them up along our journey - books, statues, prayer cards, medals and some of them end up in a drawer somewhere. Some people have religious objects which belonged to other members of their family that they do not want, but may wish to find a home for them with someone who would use these items for their Catholic devotion.

If you have any Catholic items that you no longer want, that you would like me to sell then you can either leave a comment in a post or contact me at I will sell it online for you and I can then send you the address of the buyer. If you would like to buy anything, similarly, contact me either via the blog or at my email address and I can send you the item, or, in the case of another selling on my website, send that individual your address.

For the time being, I have not set a price for any of the items. Imagine, if you like, that this is an online car boot sale and that I am asking you to make me an offer.

10% of any money I make from selling will go to the Building Restoration Fund of St Mary Magdalen's Church, whether I sell something that I have found, or whether I sell something that I have sold online for someone else. 10% of the money goes to me, for my living expenses. If I sell for you, the remaining 80% of the money is yours. If, on the other hand, you wish to donate this money to the Building Fund of the Church, to a charity of your choice, or even to me, then that is your choice and it can certainly be arranged.

As well as browsing the items that I have posted so far, let me know if you would like to buy anything from my new Catholic second hand store. If you would like me to sell something for you, icons, statues, crucifixes, rosaries, medals, books, traditional missals etc, then send me a picture of the item, I will post it and then we'll take it from there. In the case of selling your items, you can set the price!

So have a dig around your house, see what you'd like to find a home and spread the Catholic faith!

God bless you, readers!


Jane said…
Excellent idea Laurence. Bonne Chance.
Downsizing my house and have lots of items, including vestments, statues, other chapel furniture etc. Will be in touch by email soon.
Jane of the French Oasis
All the best ideas are never mine...

Look forward to hearing from you! Vestments! Old or modern?
Annie said…
This is great! Hope it goes really well :D
Jane said…
Old Roman vestments of course! Sure that doesn't surprise you!
Will be in touch by email early next week.
Faith said…
...ah, I thought you weren't suppose to sell blessed objects?
When I went up to stay at a certain Abbey I bought a Rosary blessed by Pope Benedict. I was told that I was buying the 'prayer pack' that came with it. It didn't feel like that was what I was buying, but in their eyes, that was what I was buying. I don't know if there is anything I can do that is similar.