Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mary's Meals

Yesterday, I attended Catholaity at Hove Town Hall, where, under one roof, there was perhaps the largest collection of Catholics and fruit preserves ever seen in the same room. Apparently, Christine, who was running the St Mary Magdalen's stall, selling chocolate cake and polish donuts raised £310 for the Church. I hear that the Diocese takes all the money and then gives 95% of it back to the parish or something.

I spoke to the chap in the video below about Mary's Meals and was really impressed by them. 92p of the £1 donated to Mary's Meals goes to the meal of a child who needs education. It seems to be one of the few modern charities which do not employ an entire sector of bureaucrats in order to function, relying on the good will, generosity and self-giving of the volunteers who offer their time and energy to raising money for feeding school children in developing nations, in order for them to receive an education which can help them out of poverty.

If you have concerns about CAFOD, as so many of us do, then Mary's Meals certainly appears to be a safe alternative.


pelerin said...

What I have read about Mary's Meals certainly seems an excellent charity to contribute to rather than the large ones which seem to employ well paid managers. I saw a documentary on Mary's Meals once but cannot remember where.

I intended to go to the Catholaity Bazaar but was unable to owing to a gas leak at home which unfortunately lead to the front garden having to be partially dug up! (Happy to say Laurence that it was all put back again as it was!) Hopefully I am not going to get blown up now.

Jackie Lynn said...

If I were given the chance to be Jesus Christ , my Mary Magdalen would be Jona Mae Carbajal, my cousin. Because I believe that Jesus and Magdalen are cousins. And that royalty are like that since they are royal descendants of king David. I believe in true love and that Jesus deserved to be loved by a beautiful woman like Mary Magdalen because God said that man should be fruitful and multiply. I believe in Da Vinci Code and stuff like that.

The Bones said...

I see. All that sounds very heretical. Are you are a Catholic? Are you Cherie Blair?

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