Monday, 29 November 2010

Impassioned Muslim Speaks Out in Defence of the Poor of Brighton

At the BUCFP today, I met Mohammed Asaduzzaman, a Muslim and former manager of 'Goa Spice of Life' restaurant in Brighton. He has decided to volunteer at the BUCFP to cook once a week for the poor and unemployed of Brighton, which is a marvellous thing.

I had my video camera on me and he was very interesting to talk to so I decided to interview him on video for the blog. He says he wants to make a documentary about homelessness in Brighton to 'shame the Council'. I think that's a very good idea.  With all the stories we hear about Islamic militancy in Iraq, Pakistan and other countries around the World, it was wonderful to hear what Mohammed had to say about love, justice and peace. May God bless him.


Fr Ray Blake said...

Good! So many of the Muslim cafe owners round here give free food to the homeless after midnight.

me said...

Fantastic testimony!

fearless said...

thank you your support to have me at utuve.we need lot to do,pl donot hesitate to contact with me if i can help more.
best regards
mohammed asaduzzaman

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