Only those who worship money believe that it can redeem them...

According to the BBC...

'Former Prime Minister Tony Blair is to donate the profits from his memoirs to a sports centre for injured soldiers. A spokesman said Mr Blair would hand over the reported £4m advance payment plus all royalties to honour "their courage and sacrifice".'

So it was when Judas threw back the silver at the high priests in the temple saying, "I have betrayed innocent blood."  Does Mr Blair really think that a sports centre is going to help these people? Let Mr Blair be an example for everyone that power corrupts the soul and that money deceives it into thinking that it is safe.

"Hey, I see my diasterous friendship with George W Bush and ill-judged war in Iraq against the advice of Pope John Paul II has led to your legs being blown off, having seen several of your friends blown up in roadside bomb, leaving their head and limbs in different parts of the road...but, nonetheless, don't worry, because I'm going to build you a swimming pool, tennis court and a football pitch." 

I could go on, but really we should just pray for this poor man whose conscience must eat away at him nightly. We've all made big mistakes and I guess we're just lucky that when we screw up hundreds of thousands of people don't die in agony, nor do thousands watch their children die as a result, a million people having marched on our doorstep to advise us not to launch a dodgy war on the grounds of an even dodgier dossier.

By the way, Tony, Our Lord told us that when we give alms in reparation for our sins we shouldn't let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. He explicitly told us not to broadcast it! Oh my! Who on earth instructed this man in the Faith?! This one's for you 'Tone. Bread!? For crying out loud! I must be getting old! I'll bet Tony secretly wishes he'd stuck with Ugly Rumours and stayed out of politics!


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