Guess Who?

 “I’m like a lot of other Catholics,” he says. “I don’t agree with everything that the Vatican says. But I admire this Pope intellectually and suspect he’s rather more open to dialogue with the 21st century than one or two of those who advise him.”

Guess who said it?

The answer will appear in small writing below...

We all know that Pope Benedict XVI is clever, learned, scholarly, intellectual, wise, highly intelligent and in possession of an IQ so high that he could beat the entire Tablet editorial team at 'Scrabble', 'Cluedo' or even 'Guess Who?' within minutes.

Even more importantly than all of this, however, he is the Successor of St Peter, in whom Christ invested His Authority to teach the Faithful, or in His own words, to "feed My sheep".

We are not called to believe that Pope Benedict is a 'great intellectual'. Indeed, we are not called to believe Pope Benedict XVI is anything, other than the Successor of St Peter, with Petrine Authority to teach Faith and Morals, with whom we are, in mind and indeed in heart, to be in communion, both in this life and the life of the World to come.

If we are not in communion with Peter in this life, then it certainly raises questions as to whether we shall be in communion with him in the life to come. After all, Peter is the man with the Keys.

I am not sure whether those who have decided to indulge the Faithful with 'liturgical entertainment', otherwise known as 'liturgical embarrassment' are in communion with our beloved Pontiff either.

I've been advised that Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, appointed a Member of the Congregation for Divine Worship the other day, is the man to write to, to warn Rome of the living nightmare that is liturgical dancing, being inflicted on His Holiness at Hyde Park.

If anyone can provide me with Archbishop Raymond's email, I will be only too happy to write to him to warn him and encourage others to do so.


Patricius said…
“I don’t agree with everything that the Vatican says."

Is this code for "I like using contraceptives" or "I am very wealthy and don't like the idea that I have a responsibility to the poor"? I wonder.
My feeling is 'Liturgical Entertainment' is probably 'contemporary' Christian-Catholic music/Taize and maybe Gospel dramas as opposed to liturgical dance. It a youth vigil isn't it? Liturgical dance is not cool with da' kids....

But hey, I'm ready to be surprised/dismayed!

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