Sunday, 25 July 2010

Be Persistent!

"Lord, I am dust and ashes but allow me, if You will, to be bold with You.

If I can find only ten just Bishops, will You spare us from liturgical innovations and 'Shine Jesus Shine'?



Roger said...

Ha, that's brilliant. To paraphrase
Hanns Johst, whenever I see an acoustic guitar I release the safety catch off my browning. Or shout out "I don't want to be a happy clappy Christian - that's why I go to the Roman mass you idiots!!!!"

Anonymous said...

But who is that one now that PO'D has retired? (and he was only visibly one towards the end...)

paramedicgirl said...

I haven't heard Shine, Jesus Shine at Mass yet, but I'm placing it down there with On Eagle's Wings. Way down there, by the sounds of it.

georgem said...

Dear God, I have a suggestion. Abolish all the dioceses in England & Wales and create one big diocese for each nation.
In terms of acreage, oops, sorry, hectarage (must keep up) we are quite small and lots of churches are being closed and parish communities disappearing before our eyes.
So one good bishop for each nation should be enough and wouldn't be too difficult to find.
Would it?

Anonymous said...

How about this for 'the one'?

Bishop Tartaglia of Paisley, Scotland. wrote to Cameron saying:

You and your Government need to be aware from the outset that the Catholic Church will not register civil partnerships nor celebrate same-sex unions: not now, not in the future, not ever, no matter what legislation or regulations your Government enacts or endorses.

At last, a Bishop who says: we'll disobey this unjust law. Very refreshing.


Apologies if you'd seen this and it's further down your blog - I've been away. If not - would you write a brief note of encouragement to him? I did - and GOT A REPLY!! I've NEVER had a reply from our BIshop - not even an acknowledgement - and I don't know anyone who has.

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