Monday, 10 May 2010

How to Send Donations

You can make a contribution to George's dental treatment and mattress fund by sending a cheque to the Presbytery of St Mary Magdalen Church, 55 Upper North Street, Brighton BN1 3FH and mark it for the attention of George and Laurence. I'm the secretary and I can then put the money into an account.

Make the cheque payable to 'Laurence England' and I can put it in an account in order to establish a fund. I don't know how to set up a Pay Pal, but I have a friend who does, so, in the meantime, if you want to contribute send a cheque.

At this stage there is a lot of trust involved in this. If you feel concerned about it, I may be able to come to an arrangement with St Mary Magdalen's Church or alternatively set up a new account with a bank for this explicit purpose. Any excess from this fund will go to the Church Building Fund, if people are agreeable to this.

If anyone has any suggestions as how best to operate this fund, I'd be grateful for your advice. Bob?

If anyone wants to 'wire' money over to us, then you can email me at and I can email you the relevant bank details.


Michelle Therese said...

Drats. Can't send checks because even though I live here, my bank is American.

Any chance I can do the send-stuff-through-online-catalog?

Michelle Therese said...

(Er... "live here" = live in Britain.)

The Bones said...

If anyone wants to 'wire' money over to us, then you can email me at and I can email you the relevant bank details.

Anonymous said...

I'm a supporter of your blog and Fr Ray's......but set up the account right from the start as a separate account - it's so important to always set things up from outset as very clear cut for charitable giving. Whether you get 1pence of £10000 don't do anything that could lead to lack of clarity about the exact place where the money will reside before its final destination.

NHS help direct said...

Who gets help with NHS dental charges?
You can get free NHS dental treatment:.

•If you are aged under 18.
•If you are aged 18 in full-time education.
•If you are pregnant, or have had a baby in the 12 months before treatment starts.
•If you are an NHS in-patient and the treatment is carried out by the hospital dentist.
•If you are an NHS Hospital Dental Service out-patient (there may be a charge for dentures and bridges).
•If you (or your partner) gets one of the following:
◦Income Support.
◦Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance.
◦Income-related Employment and Support Allowance.
◦Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.
•If you are entitled to, or named on, a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate.
•If you are a war pensioner - if treatment is connected with the pensionable disability.
•If you are named on an HC2 (or HC3) certificate because of low income (see below).

Anonymous said...

Can I ask why you deleted my previous message stating that people on benefits are exempt from NHS dental charges, and the attached factual information?

If you are asking for donations, you should make it clear why they are necessary and warranted when the treatment is available free.

Michelle Therese said...

The treatment might be available free but **is it being given?** That's what matters.

Anonymous said...

Coffee catholic...
Yes, there appears to be a discrepency between the situation as it is being presented and George's entitlement to free treatment if the circumstances of his illness and disability are true.
As George is on benefits and is said to be 'disabled' then it would seem that he is in fact entitled to free treatment so why are we being asked for donations? Would it not be better to act as his advocate in ensuring he is recieving the right social security benefits and/or help with accessing free NHS treatment?

I am not being unsympathetic towards his plight but I question the critical tone of the posts saying there is inadequate social and health care in this country (especially for the poor) when this is clearly NOT the case.
Further explanation would appear to be in order. Otherwise I am considering referring the details of the case to the police for investigation since it appears the money may be being solicited under false pretenses which could be considered fraud.

The Bones said...

Oh, for goodness sake.

As yet, anonymous, we have received no money.

George is on incapacity benefit, not income support.

His income support was removed by DWP since he is living with Diane.

He was told by an NHS dentist that under no circumstances could he have his teeth done on the NHS.

If you want to call the police, call the police, but be assured, according to the advice George received from his dentist, there was no way the NHS would pay for dental implants.

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