Friday, 14 May 2010

What is 'Green' about the Green Party?

Green. Not my favourite colour but an interesting colour for a political party.

The 'Green Party' as a name makes one think of among other stuff, greenery, nature, natural beauty, conservation, life, fecundity, ecology, earth, maybe creation itself.

So why is respect for these rather lovely ideas not made manifest in their manifesto? The Green Party would be much 'greener' if it were Catholic or Christianised.

Think about it. What is 'natural' or 'organic' or 'wholesome' about choosing abortion? Abortion is the direct intervention into the most natural things in the World, childbirth and motherhood.

What is 'natural' or 'organic' or respectful of nature about gay marriage? Gay marriage goes against the Natural Law, against nature. Gay marriage is sterile, not fertile. It cannot produce children. It is not fecund. It does not produce fruit. Adoption for gay couples is one suggestion which is already in operation, but doesn't adoption often also entail the removal of children from their natural birth mothers and fathers. What is natural or 'green' about that?

What is 'natural' about artificial contraception? Surely, Green enthusiasts should want to see sex being as natural and life-giving as possible, since respecting nature is about not allowing mankind's selfishness to over-rule something so natural as conception?

Pouring all those pills down your throat so as not to get pregnant? Doesn't sound particularly 'green' to me. Allowing all those chemicals, most notably oestrogen, to get into the water supply and lower the sperm count of men? Doesn't sound particularly 'green' to me. Surely the 'greens' would want to let nature take its course, rather than master it and use chemicals to kill new life or prevent new life from forming.

If its good enough for the farming community to be asked to go 'organic', then why is it not good enough for humanity in general?

All in all, the Green Party are riddled with contradictions. They want to conserve the planet, save the planet, protect all the species, seemngly apart from ours. These are all questions I'd like to ask Caroline Lucas, new MP for Brighton Pavillion. Perhaps I can one day get an interview with her.

I guess that is just one reason why the Holy Father condemned gay marriage and abortion as being the most "dangerous and insidious threats" that face humanity.

Pope Benedict XVI. Now there is a real ecologist, a real humanitarian and a real 'green' activist.

I think that somehow we need to convince the Green Party and its leader in the UK that in order to be truly 'green' you should want to not only protect nature, but respect nature and the Natural Law.

For no other species is as bad at respecting nature and Natural Law so much as we human beings. One would have thought that the Green Party would be at the forefront in the battle to respect nature.

Also, I don't know what they think of smoking, but tobacco comes from a plant. Every time I light up, I'm smoking a plant. You can't get much greener than that. I guess some people like mint tea and some people like the tobacco plant and the cocoa bean.


Physiocrat said...

Condoms are bad for the environment. The thick bits get in the sea, fish think they are worms, dive after them and get them round their necks or choke.

The Pill is very bad for the environment as it gets into the water supply and all the fish turn female.

Patricius said...

Some interesting meanings of "green":

"colloq said of a person: young, inexperienced or easily fooled. said of someone's face: pale; showing signs of nausea. extremely jealous or envious."

Patricius said...
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Mike said...

Just one small point of correction: Caroline Lucas is not the leader of the Green Party in the UK. There is a totally separate and independent Scottish Green Party so Ms Lucas does not lead a UK party.

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