Monday, 10 May 2010

Thank You Fr Tim!

I have been overwhelmed, absolutely bowled over, by Fr Tim Finegan's generous offer to donate towards providing George and Diane with a new mattress.

Both do suffer back pains and aches as their plastic covered, old, sagging mattress is atrocious.

The 'one bed flat' (room) arranged through a Green Party Councillor also fell through, when George and Diane turned up to meet the landlord, only to be told by him that George couldn't stay there, that they must sign the tenancy agreement immediately if Diane wanted to sit down to rest her legs and her asthmatic lungs, having walked all over town, before tearing up the tenancy agreement and telling both to get out.

The Council say that a 2-bed flat may become available for them in the next month but they refused to confirm this in writing. The Green Party Councillor is, we are led to believe, trying his best, but the Council is a notoriously clunking machine at the best of times. Hopefully, he will come good, otherwise we'll have to busk for a deposit for a flat as well. Well, anything is possible!

These things, however, should not be too difficult for a Council to manage, but housing is, as we all know, the issue which affects many, many people in the UK and we know there is a massive shortage of decent, affordable housing due to a decimated council housing stock for which the most vulnerable can thank Margaret Thatcher. Funny, isn't it, how that issue didn't get much of a mention in the election debate or indeed during the election at all?


Michelle Therese said...

You guys should move to Orkney!

tempus putationis said...

So how do we send a contribution, please? And how about 'Starry, starry night' ?

NHS help direct said...

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Anonymous said...

Can I ask why you deleted my previous message stating that people on income based social security benefits are exempt from NHS dental charges, and the attached factual information?

If you are asking for donations, should you not make it clear why they are necessary and warranted when the treatment is available free.

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