"Okay, nice stairway...

...but where's the disabled access?"


Coffee Catholic said…
Whoa. Better get in extremely good shape before I attempt that monster!

P.S. Did my email reach you?
Not sure, what's your email address?
shadowlands said…
No disabilities in heaven, of any sort! We'll all fly up those stairs!!
Coffee Catholic said…
Oh... I don't want to publish my email address here on the web. Had my fair share of creepy stalkers. (Folk don't like Catholics that speak the truth...) I'll try to re-send.
Physiocrat said…
That looks dangerous and most certainly does not comply with building regulations.

The maximum number of risers (steps) in a single flight should be 12 with resting places between successive flights.

Step nosings should be in a contrasting colour.

Where are the handrails? Hhandrail height should be between 900mm and 1000mm measured to the top of the handrail from the pitch line or floor.

Guarding should be provided such that a 100 mm sphere cannot pass through any space.

What alternative means of access have been provided?